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You will find a wealth of informative text and pictures about the Republic of Cyprus. Again we thank everyone who contributes, your pictures are much appreciated and posted in the your pics section. Your comments on our lovely island are posted throughout the site in the relevant sections. We also have user friendly sections for free classified adverts - nice to meet you - environmental issues - events - projects - educational positions - pen friends in Cyprus - various forums including UFO sighting which were not Cyprus Airways scheduled flights - The Cyprus food forum - The Stoic Forum - and even yacht crew lists for the adventurous wanderer.

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We serve Cyprus and all good people with an interest in Cyprus & the Cypriot people.

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The island of Cyprus is also known as Chyphre, Zypern, la Cipro, Kubris, Cypress, Cypus, Кипр, 塞浦路斯  塞浦路斯  
  キプロス   사이프러스   Κύπρος, Ciprus, Cypern, Kypros, Cipru, Xipre, Chypre Chipre and the copper island. Not to mention home.
For information about Cyprus,
Cyprus Flowers, florists, plants, flower and gift deliveries throughout Cyprus A Window on Cyprus Chat room - No staff in there, if you want to contact us, look further daowm Cyprus car hire from a window on Cyprus
All the information you could want on Cyprus is probably contained within these pages. Categorising it is difficult as it has been called a guide, a directory and a travelogue, although we consider it to be a growing, living being and none, yet all of the above. Many people have contributed to our window, and so this is both a tribute to them and an index for you,
Information about Cyprus

It is a very child friendly place and there are plenty of things for you and the kids to do , Safari Tours and adventure trekking ,Fishing in Cyprus - The Anglers page is very popular, we have a guide to the dams as well as day excursions for you to enjoy with an expert angler,  history and also botany and archaeology tours covering Byzantine churches, copper mining, mosaics, prehistory and more, bird watching and special interest tourism is on the increase, where to find water parks, playgrounds and even hotels which cater for kids in a big way with animators and clubs running throughout the summer. If you are coming here to live, we have a section on Education in Cyprus in both English medium schools, which are fee paying here., home education and now childminders. The schools which are covered by theCyprus has plently of adventurous activities for you to enjoy whilst on holiday - or take a break on your business trip - riding to kayaking, mountaineering to diving. Safari tiurs & water parks, special interest tours and more taxes we pay, are Greek medium and the high academic standard reflects the Greek Cypriots ambition for their children.

We started out in 1997 with the The History of Cyprus pages, which branch into the historical writings about Cyprus of such sons as Zeno of Kitium, the philosopher who was from Larnaca, to conquerors such as Alexander the Great and even St Paul and St John the Almsgiver who are reputed to have visited the island and conquered in a completely different way. Then of course instead of moving forward, we went back into the pre historical and to the myths and legends of Cyprus..
The island of Cyprus has a very long history, and before written history to the Neolithic times, we still had it going on ! Never quiet for long, our la isola de Cipro - Chypre - Kibros - Zypern but not to be confused with Cypress, as that one is in the United States. There is an interesting phenomena currently raging with spellings and pronunciations, these include, but are certainly not limited to; Paphos (pafos or even pathos) whilst the main towns of Limassol (lemessos) Nicosia (lefkosia) Ayia Napa (agianapa or just plain Napa now that the young have found it) Larnaca (larnaka), Vavla, Ayia Anna and Lefkara well the list is endless and can be difficult for the newcomer to understand. Why so many ? Well it is a long story, but if you have time we will be pleased to cast some light upon the answer in  Mistresses monthy meanderings. The more laid back destinations of Troodos and Polis are covered to, as well as many small villages, like Protaras which seem to be growing under the weight of development almost as fast as we are.

As we have evolved over the years, we listened to what you wanted and  one of our most popular offerings is a full Weddings service for those of you who wish to regularise being in love. You can get info on getting married in Cyprus as it is both quick and easy, not only that but much cheaper than a wedding in mainland Europe.

weddings in Cyprus and how we can help your dream day
After the wedding we can organise a lovely honeymoon and include such goodies as mini Cruises to Egypt or another nearby destination, a stay in a luxurious hotel or villa  even a kayaking course for two !

Check out the weather in Cyprus today and everyday

We digress, back to the subject in hand. The only topic we do not really cover in this treatise is party politics  we have a small section on political opinion, but true politics is by the people, and we are of the opinion that people are at a point in their development where the true decider of our fate will be the planet herself. We live on an island which has been in and out of the water a number of times it seems, yes, you will find shells on the top of the Troodos mountains, the country has been invaded many times, the last major invasion was in 1974 and the current one, by the European community, which incidentally will not all fit, is a slower and more insidious one.  Judging by the latest development figures, we will either sink under the weight of the new buildings soon or will at last have again sold the island to outsiders, but this time with title deeds.
We have a property & business section for both buying and renting (commercial property is also covered ) but if you are not going to move here just yet and want to actually see the place first, we also have everything for your Holiday in Cyprus, including hotel accommodation - villas and apartments, Agrotourism and camping. Car Hire and Motorbikes hire along with Cycling (cycle maps and rambling maps ) and even disabled scooter hire so you don't have to bring your own.
There is a Ferry to Cyprus which comes directly from Italy or the UK although it is a long trip at 7 days from Italy and 14 from England.

Cyprus yachts offer charter yachts from Cyprus
We even have ships for sale as well as many Yachts and boats for sale from small dinghies to ocean going yachts in
Larnaca Marina and now you can register on our yachts wanted form.
We give out all the general information about Cyprus such as emergency numbers and things you should know from local nasties from Cyprus to where to find Cyprus embassies or legations around the world, you can wander through the experiences of those who have done what you are thinking of doing, from moving here permanently, with all that entails, with our Cyprus Newsletter - Moving to Cyprus to booking your Holiday in Cyprus direct with people who care about your experience on our island. Those who want you to understand why Cyprus has the reputation of being one of the friendliest places on earth to spend time, and time does tick away here in a very much less hectic way than where you may be coming from. Time is catching up Your guide to whats on in Cyprus - art - concerts - theatre - cinema - events - dance - poetry - music and more with us all and the pace is of course accelerating here, as it is everywhere, but we still have time to dance and drink and enjoy life and hope we can show you a little of our world through this, our Window.
cyprus villas working to find you your perfect villas in Cyprus
Then we have the various water sports, ranging from diving to Waterskiing & dingy racing with the Yacht clubs in Cyprus. The youngsters are doing well and developing their sailing skills, in keeping with their heritage,  we also offer Sailing lessons and we wish them every success in the international events they are beginning to shine in. Our Sailing News in Cyprus section welcomes local sailing stories. Visit any beach near the tourist resorts and you will find a plethora of water paraphernalia to keep you and the children occupied for weeks. When you have had enough of the water there are plenty more activities for you to try ranging from horse racing and riding to Skiing on mount Olympus. There is both deep sea Fishing and Fishing excursions in Cyprus as well as sweet water angling, and as long as you don't mind throwing them back in the carp are allowed to grow to a gigantic size these days.

What else A Window on Cyprus offers the visitor:

Back to the more mundane offerings within, we give information on water ! no diving, the best Cyprus dive sites to visit, how you can help stop over Fishing in Cyprus  by signing our fishing petition for our waters, or do your bit for the underwater environment, there are very few Mediterranean fish left in the sea as a whole, but around Cyprus there remain a few sanctuaries where they can breed in peace, a situation not helped by the local fish tavernas. Being an island, sailing and boats are a traditional pastime, in fact the remnants of the Kyrenia ship was found off the coast in 1967, and that is dated at a rough 1800 years old. There are still only a couple of decent marinas in Cyprus, Larnaca marina being our favourite, but over the years many people have visited on their way round the world or on a trip to or from Australia and the far East. It was a traditional stopping off point for winter mooring for many years until the gin palaces of the bourgeoisie forced the yachting community into the arms of the waiting Turks. We are told it was the work of the Cyprus tourism organisation, but we put it down to business interests. You may see the Yacht clubs here and the Yachts and boats for sale locally as well as post to friends Chat on our Garboard or even catch a boat as a crewmember on the Crew list.

Although there are restrictions surrounding small plane flying, we have a section explaining your options, which include very competitive pilot licences which you can achieve in a holiday, or just take a sightseeing scenic tour, there is information on the directorate of civil aviation for those wishing to fly in to Cyprus in a private plane.

Goodfood is contributor to a good life and in Cyprus we have the mixing of some of the great cuisines of the world. We are a fertile island, most things grow, and so with fresh Cyprus food we can offer you some great recipes as well as a section on eating out without advertising, just see our Cyprus food forum where we publish readers and our own experiences of where to eat Good Food (and bad!) Vegetarians fare very well here if they learn the things to look out for, Cyprus food has some of the names which can be difficult to pronounce at first. Don't be put of by the fact that it is a mainly Greek speaking island, nearly everyone speaks English. Wholefoods may be ordered and delivered and Wines of the island must be tried.

a window on Cyprus offer you information on Cyprus and much more - this is a map of Cyprus

A Window on Cyprus is a comprehensive guide to Cyprus for lifestyle, travel, history, tourism, regulations people and much more. A Window on Cyprus is packed with information for tourists and locals alike, with The History of Cyprus, archaeology and the Myths and legends of Cyprus,to skiing , good food, weddings, Cyprus Embassies, holiday activities, Driving in Cyprus, accommodation, Property , Education in Cyprus, classifieds, chat, forums and reviews, akin to a travelogue or directory but so much more. What to do in Emergencies or if you need medical treatment, Equipment Hire in Cyprus, of all kinds of useful things which you may have forgotten whilst packing to visit Cyprus, Cypern, Chyphre, Zypern, la Cipro, Kubris, Cypress, Chiphre, Cypruss, Isola di Cipro or simply the Republic of Cyprus, all these words are used internationally to describe or define the island of Cyprus and the number of spelling changes and mistakes made for the main towns are very confusing. For example Paphos is also spelt Pafos locally but nearly 50% of visitors perceive it as Pathos, which is completely wrong.

Special Opinions and letters on subjects ranging from Cyta, The directorate of Civil Aviation, customs, bureaucracy, Cyprus Embassies and public holidays to the treatment of animals, free range chickens, nasties from Cyprus and the newsletter experiences of ex pats who have moved permanently to live amongst ' real Cypriots ' Immigration control in Cyprus has a whole new perspective since we joined the European Union. The Euro came into use at the beginning of 2008 and you can see the banking section for details. We welcome all feedback and contributions are gratefully examined.

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