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We have been asked so many times for information for those of you researching projects you are doing at schools and universities, so this is the place to do it.

The general info is below. At the foot of the page there is a feedback area so you can let us know which school you are from and also to ask any questions and share info you may have found. Let us have it, and we will put it on.

Emblem of the Republic of Cyprus

 This is the emblem of the Republic of Cyprus, the dove with an olive branch in its beak. Independence from Great Britain was achieved in 1960.

In 1974 Turkish troops invaded, following a coup by the Greek Junta, in this way the island was effectively divided in two, one half is populated by mainly Turkish Cypriots (The North - mainly Muslim ) the other by mainly Greek Cypriots (The South - mainly Greek Orthodox)

The Southern Greek side is recognized worldwide as the legal state of Cyprus, the Northern side is only recognised by Turkey. 
So 85% are Greek Cypriots (including Armenians, Maronites, Latins) 
12% are Turkish Cypriots and 3% are foreign residents 

Population Density: 82 persons per sq. km.

Birth Rate 12.8 per thousand 
Death Rate 7.6 per thousand 
Growth Rate 0.4% (1999) 
Life Expectancy (for Men) 75.3 (1998/99) 
Life Expectancy (for Women) 80.1 (1998/99) 


The total area of Cyprus is 9,251sq. km. She is the third largest Mediterranean island. Positioned in the Eastern sector at 35 00 N  33 00 E
Dimensions (maximum) :  North to South 97 km    East to West 241 km
Shaped rather like a guitar or double bass with a thin neck.

A map of Cyprus showing the major towns and some other areas of interest.

Click on the town names to go to the information page for that town.
A map of Cyprus showing the major towns and some other areas of interest such as Nicosia or Lefkosia, Larnaca, Limassol, PaphosProtaras, Ayia Napa, Cape Greko, Lefkara, Arsos, AGROS , Akamas,  Latchi, Argaka, Akamas, Polis, Pissouri, Troodos and Ayia Anna

The following figures are taken from the Hellenic Bank publication, Cyprus in Figures 2001 edition.           

Socio Economic Indicators

Year   1980 1990 1995 2000
Population (mid year) Thousand 611,0 680,6 732,7 757,0
Population in Government controlled areas (mid year) Thousand 508,6 579,4 641,7 669,1
Annual growth rate of population


1,0 1,0 0,9 0,5
Persons aged 65+(as a percentage of total population


9,9 10,1 11,1 11,4
Density per km2   66,0 73,6 79,2 82,0
Urban population   63,5 66,6 68,6 70,3
G.N.P. Per Capita


1.547 4.483 6.312 8.242
Per Capita Private Final Consumption Expenditure


1.000 2.644 3.713 5.603
Persons per Private Saloon Car


5,1 3,4 3,0 2,6
Telephones per 100 population   13,1 42,7 53,9 64,8
Mobile Telephones per 100 population   n/a 0,6 6.9 32,0

To see the original table that this statistical information was taken from click here

Cyprus Gross Agricultural Output At current market prices (2001)

    1997 1988 1999 2000
Agriculture and Livestock CyŁ min 287,7 310,3 312,4 308,0
Crop production   152,1 172,2 174,1 161,7
Livestock Production   135,6 138,0 138,3 146,3
Forestry   2,5 2,2 2,3 2,4
Fishing   14,6 14,9 16,7 17,5
Hunting   3,4 4,5 5,6 5,6
Ancilioary Production   19,0 12,1 13,3 14,2
Other   7,7 7,8 6,7 6,8
Total   334,9 351,7 357,0 354,6

To see the original table that this statistical information was taken from click here

Tourism, Education and Health

    1997 1998 1999 2000
Tourist Arrivals


2,088.000 2.222.706 2.434.285 2.686.205
Tourist Arrivals - UK   846.309 1.015.234 1.155.623 1.362.913
Tourist Arrivals - Germany   250.053 208.356 238.763 233.687
Tourist Arrivals - Russia & CSI   221.854 197.356 134.238 146.044
Tourist Arrivals - Switzerland   95.256 83.720 88.134 78.978
Tourist Arrivals - Greece   67.749 70.768 83.134 100.105
Tourist Arrivals - Scandanavia   225.018 242.440 265.338 264.169
Bed Capacity number 84.368 86.151 84.173 85.303
Income from tourism CyŁ mio 843 878 1.022 1.194


Illiteracy rate (15)


7 7 6 n/a
Males   2 2 2 n/a
Females   12 12 9 n/a
No of Pupils per School   182.2 211 132.1 135.3
No of Pupils per Teacher   19.1 15.9 15.8 14.1
3rd level students per 1000 persons   27 27 28 34


Persons per Doctor   908 483 404 357
Infant mortality per 1000 births   13.0 11.0 8.5 5.6
Life expectancy at birth   1978/82 1987/91 1994/95 1998/99
Males   72.3 74.1 75.3 75.3
Females   77.0 78.6 79.8 80.4

To see the original table that this statistical information was taken from  click here and for part 2 click here


Mediterranean: mild, wet winters (10-13oC), hot, dry summers (26-29oC).
(For more detailed information regarding the weather in Cyprus, including the Coptic winds calendar, click

Export and imports

Cyprus' main domestic exports are: pharmaceutical products, citrus fruit, (oranges, lemons and grapefruit)  halloumi cheese, potatoes and cement. Industrial products account for 65%, while agricultural products for 30% of domestic exports.

Imports, intermediate inputs and consumer goods are the most important categories, accounting for 29% and 31% of total imports, respectively.

About 80% of Cyprus’ gross foreign exchange earnings are derived from tourism, the export of goods, transportation and international business and shipping companies. In 2008 Cyprus gave up the Cyprus pound and joined the Euro, so foreign currency is no longer an issue.

Trade, hotels and restaurants is the economy's most important sector. In fact, earnings from tourism have, in general, grown faster than domestic exports. Almost 80% of tourist arrivals originate from the European Union.


The legal tender in Cyprus is the Euro. Its price was set on the 1st January 2008 at

1 CYP = 1.70860 EUR   1 EUR = 0.585274 CYP

In addition to the Central Bank, the banking system consists of 10 domestic banks, 30 international banking units, 2 administered banking units, 3 specialized financial institutions and a number of leasing companies. These generally follow the British model.

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Hi, I am a student at Bristol Uni and need some help finding information on the population data for the Northern occupied territory. It has been easy enough to find info for the Republic of Cyprus, but as I am comparing the two sides for a uni project I need some more info. help will be much appreciated!! e-mail me at  . thank you.

Hi, my name is Stefanie and I'm a year nine student at Keilor Downs College i recently had to interview someone who had migrated from a country. I did a family member who had migrated from Cyprus we have know been asked to do an assignment on that country. we have to make up eight questions on Cyprus relating as close as possible to migrating so i went to typed in Cyprus and spoke to an assistance and he/she said that you have a project site so hopefully you will have all the answers for me. I've just had a browse through your site and it seems that this may be the only site with all the answers. Yours Faithfully Stefanie

please email me at  if you have any pictures and information on Pafos/Paphos/Cyprus ... email me if you have any useful website with information plus pictures! please this website is good but not what i am looking for! can you please help me??? if you can email me! NOW PLEASE!!!!!! my homework needs to be handed in soon! t thank you for your time and a special thank you if you help me in any way possible! from lozza

Mistress says - For pictures of the Paphos area , see the photos at  for info see Paphos

I am a university student from Hertfordshire in England and I will be visiting Pathos soon to carry out a research project on the effect on architecture of the various civilisations that have, over the past, colonised the island, such as the Ottoman empire, Byzantine, English etc. I am wondering if anyone could provide me with any relevant data for Pathos. I would be very grateful if people could contact me if they know of any regions which characterise these civilisations in the Pathos region. My email is: 

Just a quick note to say that your first job will be to name the place correctly, Pafos or Paphos will do, but Pathos (a VERY common mistake) is actually defined thus in Wikipedia;

'Pathos is often associated with emotions, but it is more complex than simply emotions. A better equivalent might be appeal to the audience's sympathies and imagination. An appeal to pathos causes an audience not just to respond emotionally but to identify with the writer's point of view - to feel what the writer feels. In this sense, pathos evokes a meaning implicit in the verb 'to suffer' - to feel pain imaginatively. Perhaps the most common way of conveying a pathetic appeal is through narrative or story, which can turn the abstractions of logic into something palpable and present. The values, beliefs, and understandings of the writer are implicit in the story and conveyed imaginatively to the reader. Pathos thus refers to both the emotional and the imaginative impact of the message on an audience, the power with which the writer's message moves the audience to decision or action.'

I am British guy thoroughly taken with Cyprus and all the history surrounding it. I study the history as a personal thing and am following the progress of entry to the EU. As a side issue, I am a musician and will be travelling to Limassol for the St.Patricks celebrations. 

We are getting married in Paphos in July and we are taking a laptop to send emails. We have not travelled to Cyprus before and are the phone connections the same as UK. Please do we have to supply proof that we are both divorced but free to marry.

Mistress' comments : yup phone connections are the same - yes you do need to provide proof. See for all the rules.

In the event of a united Cyprus, how do you think both sides, Greek and Turks will get on? Given the years of propaganda by both sides. Me Selwyn Jones High School, UK

Mistress' comments : We are optimistic that the kids of both sides will put aside what they have been taught, and understand that it was all part of the game. (By the way - a proper gander - would be a real male goose - I presume you mean propaganda - although a real male goose may be a better way of explaining that particular concept (:o))

Hi, I am 10 years old and in the fifth grade form Sydney, Australia. My grandparents are from Cyprus. I have been asked to do a project on 5 celebrations of Cyprus of about one page each. I have had difficulties in finding information. Please help with useful websites. Regards H.T PS I love Cyprus!

Mistress' comments : Well, the most important celebration in Cyprus is Easter, followed by the New Year possibly, then we have name days, which are the names of the saints, Green Monday, or clean Monday, which is the start of lent, Greek Independence Day on the 25th March and Cyprus Independence Day on the 1st October. That should give you something to work on - to see more have a look at

im looking for when this country was founded, the 3 larges cities and the population, and an important land mark and why its important. im from avonlake ohio

Mistress' comments : Well, the first time it was 'founded' was about 7000 years ago, according to current evidence, however you possibly mean when it last gained independence, that was only about 50 years ago on the 15th December 1959 - it is however celebrated on the 1st of October.  The three largest cities are the capital, Nicosia, Limassol and probably Larnaca or Paphos. I would say Larnaca, but cannot be sure as they have both grown considerably in the last few years. For an important landmark, check out the town sections in this site and pick one.

i don't think this page is good. it should have list of projects for a student to do that are at a easy level

Mistress' comments : The idea was not that we do the work for you, it was that you could put down what you need to know and we would try to make it easier for you to find throughout the site in the relevant places. If we do it for you how do you learn?

I want information about sports and I cant find any can you give me information like pictures and stuff

Mistress' comments : Try the sports page !

pretty good stuff, but it didn't have anything bout the religions!

Mistress' comments : Good point. Well the Greek Cypriots are Greek Orthodox Christian. The Latins are mainly Catholic, the Turkish Cypriots are mostly Muslim,  Maronites tend to be Maronite, the British are mostly Anglican, the rest are split between Jehovah's witnesses and bush baptist. Then there are the ones who are not religious at all.

Dear friends! thanks for your work- the most stylish site i have ever seen... Your country ... been there 3 times last year..... nothing compares to it.... Best wishes... Natie.

Thanks for the info we are looking at moving to Cyprus in the next year and would like as much info as possible, also my youngest son is do his school project on Cyprus. You can contact me on Any information will gratefully received


good job!

I moved here (Cyprus) on march 15th 2004 with my husband who is in the army and trutherly ive been home twice already its just to hot for me, very expensive no transport apart from taxis which don't come cheap, i want to start my driving lessons but because its so expensive we can never afford it, so it would be a much better place if they made more pathways and had more transport like buses, yes they have a couple of buses but u could be waiting for hours. to come here as a holiday is great friendly people and pataras is beautiful especially fig tree bay, also if u drive and smoke then move here u will benefit from it then. vicki xx

Hi, i am Chloe derby and i come from market Harborough-Little Bowden Primary School and i am doing my yr 6 project on Cyprus because it is an interesting place and i have been there on holiday so it will be easy for me to do my project on this. this is a good website and very useful for my needs

Hello, I'm looking for information on how to book a motorcycle test in Cyprus. I know it can be done when you are in Cyprus as I knew a few guys in the RAF who did it when we were on detachment. I'm looking to take my sister and brother-in-law to Cyprus (can't believe they've never been!!) so he can pass his test. If you have any info can you please mail me Thanks

Hi, i visited north Cyprus with my family last year and this year we have decided to see what the south has to offer, however i am slightly worried. I have heard rumours that as we have stamps in our passport from the north they will not let us into the south. Is this true or is this just a rumour after all! Thanks a lot

Mistress' comments : If you ask, they will stamp a piece of paper instead of your passport, that is if you go across from this side to the other. If you fly into the North and then try to cross I do not know the situation, except that most people do it the other way round, which leads me to believe it is a problem.

I am doing an island project and im doing it about Cyprus i am from plympton, Plymouth, England and my school is called yealmpstone farm primary school. My name is SAVANNA and i am nearly 10

Does anyone know the distance between marlita beach hotel and Louis nausicca beach resort in Protaras. ie walking distance, taxi required. Anyone any ideas on what the hotels are like. Our holiday brochure says marlita beach is quite near to Pernera?


This is Daniel Cassar from Malta. I attend De La Salle College, and am doing an assignment on Cyprus and need to have information about Cyprus's natural features and a pictures and also about your country's typical dress or national costume and a picture too. Is it possible to send me the relative information and pictures to me

Thank you so much.

Mistress' comments : Here is a national dress of Cyprus photograph for you. Note that the man is wearing what looks like trousers, however they are in fact a long piece of material worn in a way that makes them look like trousers called vrachas (pronounced vrachkas).

  Original bread baking oven tended by a Cypriot couple wearing Cyprus national dress
Click the picture to enlarge it.

Hello, I am a student from St. Rose of Lima CAtholic School and I am doing a Report on Cyprus.

Please put the important fruits and crops help!!!!!!!!!!!!


Ok, the most famous Cyprus crop is the potato. Cyprus potatoes are prized the world over. They grow mainly in the agricultural area near Ayia Napa, Paralimni and Larnaca where the red soil is perfect.

Then there is citrus fruit. Cyprus grows wonderful oranges, lemons and grapefruit. Actually Cyprus seems to be able to grow anything it puts its mind to. Bananas are a recent point in question. They were planted in the Paphos area about 10 - 15 years ago and now you would think they have always been there.

Then there are grapes, olives, carob, almonds, apples, cherries, Alfa Alfa, and a variety of vegetables and fruit to keep your mouth-watering all year. See Cypriot food for some pics of vegetables and some local food explanations

Money. Cyprus Pounds are no longer. Cyprus now uses Euros.

Since January 1st 2008 in fact, so we thank you for pointing that out. See the Banking page

my name is Darryl Scott i am 11 years old i go to kings oak primary school in Scotland i am writing a project on Cyprus and i find most interesting i think myself and mum and dad are going to Cyprus on our holidays this year i think its September i thank you very much for the information Darryl Scott xx

It's a pleasure Darryl, thanks for the thanks :)

Hi, I'm from Australia and doing my year 7 project on Cyprus.
Does any-one know what the national sport is????

Good question. After quite a bit of pondering we have decided it is a toss up between football and hunting.

Hi, I'm doing a commonwealth countries project and one of my countries is Cyprus. [even though it's independent]
I'm having trouble finding native animals and imports.

 See Animals here - the Mouflon is probably the best known Cyprus species. As for imports, most things that everyone else imports I suppose, plenty of 'stuff.'

hello, I'm a student from Malaysia. I'm doing a research on Cyprus's climates, musical instruments and traditional clothes. this research that I've been doing is for my subject presentation where my group going to make an exhibition base on your country. i need the information...please.

Hi, this can all be found by reading the site - see Weather here - the national dress of Cyprus is shown above and the bouzouki and violin are both used extensively in local music.

Hi, As part of their project for their world badge, I'm trying to find a traditional game from Cyprus that my Brownie pack can learn and play as a group or groups (24 girls).  I can only find marbles and throwing a long/short stick. Can you suggest a more suitable one - with instructions and word translation - if it has a rhyme or words?
Many Thanks
Brown Owl from Liverpool, UK.

Dear Brown Owl - The best I can currently suggest is Tavli - played in all the coffee shops, otherwise known as backgammon. There are however 2 forms of the game popular in Cyprus, (there are many variants the world over) the ' ladies game' and the men's game'. The ladies version is the traditional game found in most game shops. The men's version begins with all the pieces off the board, a and instead of blocking your opponent by throwing them back to the beginning, this version sees you trap single pieces on the board until you need to move off them. You will find all of the various games on the net. another possibility would be the card game Bastra or Pilotta - both popular in Cyprus..

Good luck and happy playing.

My name is Lily, I am 8 years old. I am from Liverpool, England.  I am currently doing a project in school on Cyprus and it's plant life.  Any information would be a huge help.  I love Cyprus.  Me and my family are due to visit again in August.


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