Akamas in Cyprus

The Akamas, as it is  known, is an area on the west coast of Cyprus which has not been developed.
It was quite recently designated as a nature reserve, hopefully meaning that hunting restrictions will be rigorously enforced. It runs from the baths of Aphrodite up to the other side of Paphos, where it used to start before Coral Bay, but as the last 20 years has seen too much development there, now ends slightly before Peyia.



Years ago, when no one was bothered, we went camping on the beach at the Akamas. The unbelievable amount of flotsam and jetsam on the beach, mixed with plastic bags, thousands of flip flops and the occasional oil slick, made it a memorable trip. The tides on that side of the island seemed to behave in a completely different way than on our 'clean side', but now with hind sight, we realised that it was probably just that 'our side' gets cleaned by municipalities touting for tourism, whilst no one bothered about the forgotten coastline where the pebble beaches are not as enticing to holiday makers as the more commercial beaches on the east coast.

Thank goodness, we say, as the area which had no commercial desirability compared to the rest of the coastline has now been saved for posterity to enjoy the last unspoilt area.

Lets help keep it that way.


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