Public Holidays in Cyprus


Here you will find the Public Holidays in Cyprus.
The most important is really Easter, which is bigger than Christmas here.
New Years Day was also historically more important than Christmas day, however that is changing fast in our more consumer society. Easter is still a mainly religious festival, and although chocolate eggs are now present in the shops in greater quantity, the traditionally dyed hard boiled eggs and the flaounes (a special pie) and midnight mass, after which the fast ends and all proclaim ' Christos Anesti ' (Christ is risen.)

Public Holidays

1 January         New Year's Day
6 January         Epiphany
25 March         Greek Independence Day
 1 April             EOKA Day
 1 May              May Day
15 August        Assumption of the Blessed Virgin Mary
 1 October       Cyprus Independence Day
28 October      Ochi Day
25 December  Christmas Day
26 December  2nd day of Christmas

Moveable Feasts  Religion: Orthodox Paschal Calculator until 4099






Clean (or Green) Monday
(start of Lent)
Mar 11 Mar 02 Mar 15 Mar 07
Good Friday (except shops) April 19 April 10 April 23 April 15
Easter April 21 April 12 April 25 April 17
Easter Monday April 22 April 13 April 26 April 18
Easter Tuesday* April 23 April 14 April 27 April 19
Pentacost Jun 16 June 07 June 20 June 12
Holy Ghost (Monday after Pentecost)* Jun 17 June 08 June 21 June 13  

* Some shops may be open.

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Holidays falling on a weekend (Saturday or Sunday) are not moved.


   Time Zone

GMT+2. The clock goes forward 1 hour at 1:00 on the last Sunday in March and back to normal time at 1:00 on the last Sunday in October.

The time zone data above is from the tz Database, an explanation of which can be found at Sources for Time Zone and Daylight Saving Time Data.

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