Greenpeace ( -NOT- ) in Cyprus


This page is no longer a home for Greenpeace in Cyprus .

Save this beautiful planet

It did contain articles, news, updates and much important information that could have
enabled you to protect and care for our planet and our children.

However the world is a strange place, In 1998 we were asked by the then representative of Greenpeace, Irene Constantinou to do our bit for green peace, so these pages were born. We started a forum for local environmental issues and also collected subscriptions and donations for them using this online form.

In 2001 the subscription forms we were trying to forward came back as address unknown, and so we tried to approach the Med Media office to know what to do with them. We has an auto reply on the 17th of Dec 2001 stating that ' I am out of the office until Jan 17' then Never got a reply.  We then signed up to receive the monthly Activist news in March 2002,  snouted around locally to see why we couldn't get hold of anyone here (none of the phones or faxes worked) and the story on the ground was that Irene, allegedly, had been offered a job by the government (classic sell out - allegedly (:o))) and the local chapter had fallen apart.  We found that the nearest office that had anything to do with Cyprus was now Malta, so we phoned them. The chap there asked us to send in an e mail, which we did explaining the situation - the subsequent correspondence culminating in the threat of legal action will now replace the content... the helpful to the planet content ... that now all seems to come down to a registered trademark ! Green peace is the registered trademark of Stichting Greenpeace Council (incorporated in the Netherlands),

We have been asked to cease and desist from hosting material in the name of Greenpeace.

Here (where there used to be an Article about the foundation of Greenpeace and it's work in Cyprus which we were asked to put on,) is now the letter in the spirit of the lawyers of Esso !

Here were news items relating specifically to Cyprus

Here is our feedback area, please use it to tell us of anything environmental you may have noticed on our island that may need action, as we will not stop caring about the island because of petty political nonsense from an organisation which should know better. I wonder if those who endanger their own lives by throwing themselves in front of whaling ships and other such brave actions knew what the pen pushers were up to, would continue to do so under the auspices of Greenpeace, or if they too might change their name to pinkpeace too ?
Greenpeace forum - now Pink peace in Cyprus

Latest environmental news

We have been told on 17th December 2002

December 17th, 2002

Dear Jayne, 

We are replying to your correspondence in October, wherein you refuse our request to remove Greenpeace content from your web site: 

You are using the name Greenpeace in connection with your activities that include the running of a web site that claims to represent Greenpeace, “This is a home page for Greenpeace in Cyprus”. I remind you that Greenpeace is the registered trademark of Stichting Greenpeace Council (incorporated in the Netherlands), both internationally and in Cyprus, and that you have not been provided with either a license or permission from the trademark owner to use the name Greenpeace.  

We therefore request you provide written confirmation that you will immediately cease and desist from hosting material in the name of Greenpeace. Failure to provide such confirmation will prompt Greenpeace Mediterranean, the authorised licensee of the name "Greenpeace" in Cyprus, to appoint lawyers to pursue this infringement of our trademark through legal channels. 

We would therefore strongly urge you to abide by this request, and send your written confirmation within 14 days to: 

Berto Hullu
Executive Director
Greenpeace Mediterranean
6, Manol Mansions
De Paule Avenue

Fax: +356 21 490 782

 Trusting in your immediate co-operation in this matter.

Yours sincerely,

Berto Hullu

Click here to read the full correspondence

( I love the internet ! The public does have a brain, and we do not remove or censor to cover the tracks of nonsense. )


Thank you for Voting for us in the top Cyprus Sites .

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