Not a Green peace subscription.

It has been suggested that we should still be collecting money for the preservation of the environment. My own view on the matter is that;

a) I was quite surprised at the amount of money we collected for Greenpeace from our little corner of the world,

b) Rather than spending money on 'charity organisations ' (We had our own direct cause here) and all the bureaucracy that supports, (Did you know that any charity was only obliged to spend 5% of the monies it collects on the cause itself, 95% tends to go towards the infrastructure and bureaucracy - that 5% has now been removed!) we suggest that monies should go in to direct action. i.e. if we want to save the rainforest, lets buy it.  Buy it and leave it alone, for our grandchildren to still have a set of lungs for the planet.

If you would like to know why, we stopped collecting funds for GreenPeace please see here.

If you have an interest in 'saving the planet' and would be willing to support that interest financially, either with cash or a promise of funds after your demise, please do so directly, just buy a bit of rainforest and leave it alone.

If you provide the following contact information: We will not pass it to anyone else, sell it , loan it or other. Promise.

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There are several ways we envisage this working

a) - A monthly subscription - the amount to be decided by you. Give up smoking and save how much a day? Half of that amount will be considerable over a year.
b) - A one off payment of whatever you feel you can afford
c) -  A willed amount, or property or effects, which will be sold after your demise and the funds used to purchase land, which possibly could be borrowed against with the banks and the wish that you live long and happy.

I envisage the value of my land to be in the region of:


  Thank you - there is no reason why, if we all act together, we cannot achieve miracles.

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Last revised: October 26, 2022