CYPRUS & Politics

The Cyprus problem.

Will hopefully be solved at some point.

We are not personally interested in party politics as we believe that the problems of the planet as a whole need to be sorted before we can have the luxury of factional squabbling and that such divisionary tactics are purely to confuse, as all politicians everywhere belong to the same club.

Who shall guard our guardians?

We do think however that Cypriots should get together and talk about the issues as Cypriots, and not as Turks or Greeks.

There have been good and bad actions by both communities, but if good will can exist through all the bad times, then there is hope for good times in the future.

One of the  only things we will add is a small series of letters we received in November 2001 which went as follows:


 I would like to know which countries do and do not require a visa to travel with the Republic of Cyprus Passport.
 Looking forward to your reply. Thanks!

Dear *******,
Please ask the embassy (:o))
            Best wishes

Thanks for the reply. Sorry, I can't because I live on the occupied part of Cyprus. Thanks anyway!!!!!

Oh, sorry too, but I don't know the info you want .
Interesting that you call it the occupied part of Cyprus too.
            Best wishes

Since you've touched the topic, i now feel responsible to brief you on this topic.  Firstly, i would like to say that i am a turkish speaking Cypriot. Because the only connection i have o the Turkish culture is my language.
There are only around 60 000 cypriots left on the occupied area of Cyprus. The remaining 150 000 are immigrants from Turkey. We have been assimilated from our own land. So this gives us little power to speakout and protect our rights. We are always out-numbered by Turks. Thus any referandums or elections done in Cyprus does not reflect any Cypriot will power. I can go on for hours on this topic. Sorry to have wasted your precious time and good luck with your work. Thanks. *******

I am sorry.
I would love to have your permission to post your letter on our site. I would make it anonymous and not let anyone know from whom it came, but to hear such words might help to make some here realise that you suffer as much
as they think they do.  
It is a pleasure to talk to you , and you are not wasting my valuable time, it is mine to do with as I choose (:o))
            Best wishes

It's nice to hear from you again. Yes, please do. I would be glad. It's a bit late but everyone should understand that we as true Cypriots have no conflict among our selves. It's the big powers outside that's creating all
this chaos. If they only leave us alone....

Thanks alot for your concern and warm approach!
Take care.

So, If there are any people reading this who have any say in the matter... it seems Mr Denktash is not quite as concerned with his peoples wishes or welfare as he likes to make out... but after all... he is a politician so why should he be different !

Amazing update from
 our Newsletter section May 2003

A thesis from Michael A Zachariades, JD., LLM.  was here on request, but he seems to have dissapeared, anyone know why ?

Politics in Cyprus - or anywhere - better to have or not to have ?

We wonder about the root of that word - Poli in Greek is many - tics are blood sucking creatures. Are we wrong ?

What is your definition ?

March 2006

We have joined the EU. As expected butter is 3 times the price and whisky is 3 times less. The elderly are finding it very hard to make ends meet. They are confused and upset by the change of values. A mother of 2 children below 16 receives Cú250 a month widows pension. The rent (now considered cheap after the influx of foreign renters is Cú275 a month. Since her husband died 5 years ago she has never received a visit from the modernised ' social services'. The young couples who once had a pricka system now cannot afford a mortgage on a flat let alone a house. 

English, once spoken by most is now neglected by the young who leave school hoping for a 'rich marriage' if female or ' make it rich quick' for the boys. Their parents have worked hard through nouvaux riche birthing pangs from land owning peasantry to indebted servitude to the 'low interest loans' obtained to maintain the facade of well being portrayed by the new car or university education for the lucky middle classes. Unrest will follow when we discover that we have indeed sold out, sold the land to the influx of the holiday home brigade and the cold searching for a new life in the sun - those ready to work at the reduced wages they believe will sustain them in a land where the cost of living is lower. Was lower.

I see another Cyprus problem looming. Pessimistic ? I do hope so.



Up Citizens Charter

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