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Cyprus is a great place to learn to fly. It is cheaper than in mainland Europe and in order to get in your hours or to even keep up an existing license you can combine pleasure with pleasure as you explore the Island from the Air.  If you want to see how you would like it, take a test ride with the experts below. You may also clock up flying hours, renew your PPL or take a full course from start to finish, non stop or as it suits you.

If you are not a flier yourself but just love the feeling, you can take a sightseeing trip with one of our experienced pilots.

The photo's below were taken along the Paphos side of the Island

arial pictures over Paphos in Cyprus   Pictures over Paphos in Cyprus from the air   Pictures over Paphos in Cyprus from the air

Flying in Cyprus - Scenic flights, learn to fly in the sunshine, PPL.s and flying hours
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Helicopter Flights

Helicopter and plane flight prices.

Ayia Napa

Helicopter Rides from Ayia Napa have now been discontinued. It is still possible to fly from Larnaca, see below.

Fly round to Cape Grekko - Suspended
Protaras flight and see the Ghost Town of Famagusta -

Hourly rate for private hire from 650.
Range without refuelling - 3 and a half hours
For filming we need 10 days notice to get the relevant permits.

E mail us

Flights begin at :
Euros 245 a Plane for 1 person, 2 persons Euros 345 +vat

Scenic helicopter ride from Larnaca for 2 people

first hour 650 Euros, second 600 Euros and for the third hour 550 Euros.

A note to TV and production companies, for shoots and filming we need 10 days notice to get the relevant permits.

All helicopter flights

No 1. For one person with hands on the controls approx 1 hour including ground school 650 Euros

No 2. One hour flying towards Limassol (will be able to see Stavrovouni, Lefkara and Ayios Mamas Monastery up to Yermasoyia dam) or towards Nicosia (able to see Stavrovouni and flying towards the Troodos mountains) for 2 persons 650 Euros

No 3. Flying to Paphos airport for touch and go (landing and continued back) to Larnaca for 2 persons approx 2,30 min 1450 Euros

No 4. Flying to Paphos airport for touch and go and continued to Akamas to see the landscape and Avakas area, fly low over the sea and if lucky to see turtles, approx 3 hours for 2 persons approx 3,5 hours 1950 Euros

No 5. Flying direct to Akamas area and able to see Kykko monastery and other monasteries plus the most Westerly Akamas Fontana Amoroza, Baths of Aphrodite and Blue lagoon, Anassa Hotel. (those can be seen in No 4 also) for 2 persons approx 3 hours 1700 Euros.

E mail us

We can and do arrange air transfers from Larnaca airport to Paphos and vice versa, however, it should be noted that the hoops we have to jump through require a fair amount of notice. No amount of money will get you to your hotel today, we need at least 3 days notice and preferably over a week. Be warned, bureaucracy here is the best in the world!

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      Constantinos.A.Vrachas.   BA. C.Eng.Eur Ing. FRAeS. FCIT. FBIM.AFAIAA 

 Accredited Aviation Consultant

Member of  Cyprus Astronautical Society, Cyprus Professional Engineers Association, Accredited Aviation Consultant with the Cyprus institute of Technology. Member of ETEK

  For all Services connected with aviation

     Aviation Consultants is a group of highly experienced consultants and in association with other companies, offers expertise in almost all areas of Air Transport.
Aviation Consultants offer you the benefit of a co-ordinated service and advice based on in depth knowledge in the following areas:

Air Transport Management
Fleet planning
Airport Operations and Customer Service
Flight Operations
Air Transport Training
Light Aviation

  please contact through :

            Phone (00357 24) 665408              

Fax  (00357 24) 627489

Or E-mail us

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Hang Gliding in Cyprus

Bill Hillman's Hangliding site

North launch

If you are a hang gliding enthusiast, or wish to try
or even see about hang gliding in Cyprus, then this is
the  place for you.

Click here to launch.


Flying in Cyprus - pilot lessons - flight training - air ambulance - helicopter rides - scenic flights and private plane hire or charter    We are listed in the Cyprus Directory   Cyprus has plently of adventurous activities for you to enjoy whilst on holiday - or take a break on your business trip - riding to kayaking, mountaineering to diving.

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