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We have a natural lake nearby and they have started to clear all the farmland around in order to build houses.  They have started to fill in the lake which is used by many birds, including migrating Egrets (over 50 at a time). How can we stop them from filling in the lake totally.  Please help this is urgent.
The lake is in Ayia Triada, Paralimni, next to the Paralimni Sewage Pumping Station.

On the 15th of April 2018, we come together to march for the protection of our natural and cultural heritage! The 'Save Akamas / Save Cyprus' movement, is calling for yet another gathering where all of us, who care about the protection of our coastline and the sea, our mountains and the forests, our nature and the landscape, as well as the cultural (archaeological and architectural) elements lying within them, we will bring our voices together for our commons. We will meet at 14:30 outside the EU House (Vyronos Avenue, near the Ministry of Interior) and we will march to the old city of Nicosia, finishing at the square of the Old Town Hall (Municipal market). 


The local bands Monsieur Doumani, JUΛIO, Averta Liberta and Windcraft Band (plus some surprise performances) will raise their voices with all of us! 

It is crucial for all of us to be there to show that we will not tolerate continuing with the degradation and destruction of our common, natural, and cultural heritage. Common goods belong to all of us. We expect that the provisions of the EU Directives and the Cypriot Legislation on nature and wildlife conservation will be respected without any rebates, deviations, and loopholes.

All projects and plans, which are situated near or within Natura 2000 sites and are likely to have significant negative impacts, should be properly assessed so that their impact is assessed properly, in a sufficient and timely manner, before granting planning and building permits. In addition, in the context of environmental liability and compliance with the environmental acquis, competent authorities should enforce legislation to prevent and remedy any environmental damage. 

Finally, Conservation and Management Orders should be issued for all Natura 2000 sites (Sites of Community Importance / Special Conservation Areas and Special Protection Areas). These Orders should include binding measures and essential terms for the conservation and management of all sites listed in the Natura 2000 Network in Cyprus.



- Bring your 
banners, placards, whistles, percussion, etc.

- Feel free to dress up (seals, turtles, birds, plants, etc)


* With the participation of Averta Liberta, Julio, Monsieur Doumani, Windcraft and Almyras Beats



I am not at all surprised at the problems you encountered with Greenpeace.
They are little more than a global business.
London Greenpeace encountered the same problems.

But my main reason for writing is the dredging at Protaras.


i live in a nice place in lakatamia. We were the first family that decided, despite all difficulties, to build our house there. That was twenty years ago.
the first thing we did, before even our house was completed, was to plant trees                       Now after all these years people from the local municipal decided for their own convenience and some others like CYTA, CABLENET, EAC and WATER BOARD to cut all the trees that are on the pavement in order to install there wires. I believe they can do their works there finding some other ways instead of the easy way of cutting twenty years old trees, the oldest in the area.
Is this the Cyprus we want to live in? We like to call ourselves nature loves and on the other hand we destroy nature, we abuse animals and we litter all over the place.
E N O U G H.


I was in Cyprus in January, and I was much impressed by the natural beauty

of this magnificent island. On the other hand I was astounded by the

mass-littering that goes on in the place.

On the shores of Kato Paphos, just outside the "tombs of the kings"-site,

the cracks in the rocks are filled with waste, of which some items seem to

have contained toxic materials (paint, cleaning products, etc.). Moreover,

the rocks are soiled with oil, hard patches of tar, it seems, and that, I

found quite disturbing. A little further to the south, on the coast near a

building site in the designated "tourist area", a rusty "Exxon" oil barrel

was lying on the beach. I was only in the area for a short while, and I felt

very frustrated that I couldn't do anything about the situation. I'm hoping

some people in Paphos read about this, and decide to take action themselves.

Best of luck,


Hello, My name is Sarah and i am currently working on my Honours prject; 'Environmental impacts of tourism on Akamas Peninsula' (and particularly the Anassa hotel). If you have any articles or information on the Akamas Peninsula and its environmental condition i would very much appreciate it.

Thank you for you time and help.

hello best peace send it to you from north of Africa exactly Algeria . yes I'm young man have 23 years old i have enjoyed with this site i was wishing to know some information about green peace so here i am , we know the everybody wants to discover the grieves of life but the proverb has right when said the life gets more and more difficult so i want to know what is the prove our living in the world without knowledge happiness??? thank you

hello, my name is Stephen Poyiatzi, My dad was from Lyssi and my mother from pyrga and I am trying to trace my family history. My greek name is Stefanos. My Dads name Kyriakos and I noticed your name is poyiatzi also, are we related. My email is 

Subject:The reconstruction of old Nicosia-Limassol road in Latsia village. Due to the fact that in Cyprus and in Nicosia started the widening of the old Nicosia-Limassol road in Latsia village and with the issued plans by the government and I think that environment is affected due to these works. Trees must be cut, the bus stops are shown to be very near to the family houses and affect the whole environment. Please give us a visit to see for yourself what is happening and how family homes can work. I am waiting anxiously your visit and bear in mind that the works already have been started. Thanks Andreas Kyprianou E-mail: 

Whilst fishing at Germasoyia Dam yesterday (14.3.03)we noticed alot of rubbish from people having had bbqs; glass, paper cups etc etc.

Good idea - of course we are interested in seeing anything that is good for the environment being done in Cyprus, and are not really interested in the politics of how that happens - Any ideas welcomed gratefully.

Re: Cyprus environmental activity agenda 

Sad story with ex Greenpeace Cyprus, but I think there's a lot of other work to be done with your wonderful page (congratulations for creating and keeping it). There's many bodies dealing with environmental issues in Cyprus but which are not in co ordination with each other. Do you think your page could function like an agenda of all the different environmental activities in Cyprus?

Hello! This is Lena from Berlin/Germany. I would like to know more about your actions and your work in Cyprus. I would like to make a practical training for some weeks and work with your group. The reason why I am interested in the environmental issues especially in Cyprus is because I have studied last year at the UCY in Nicosia. So please give me some information! My mail- address: 

Dear Sirs, Could you supply us with the information about Greenpeace in Cyprus. We would like to write an article about your activity for Russian newspaper “Vestnik Kipra” published in Cyprus.

Natalia Kardash Manager Cyprus Advertiser Ltd. Tel. 25-590530 e-mail: 





Please call mr yiannis krystallis which he is a legal advisor for green plus ltd uk, a company that thay have discover a new liquid catalyst for petrol and diesel that reduce emissions nox,co up to 70% and economy on fuel up to 40% and is unbelievably cheap. This product is epa us approved. As he told me he will like to introduce this product in Cyprus but due to the slow motion of the government officials in matters of environment will prefer not to ,though he tall me that they have conduct tests here in Cyprus with ipiresia perivallontos and they where really incredible. if you can talk to him as Greenpeace i thing that he might really help Cyprus and the environment. his tel no :99 416646 MARINOS P.

To all who want or are coming to Cyprus and are green minded it's best to read on. Now I'm an English expat and this is a fantastic place to live but our lovely Cypriot friends here cannot translate the word environment into their dictionary, if they see a hillside, they will tip rubbish down it, your more than likely to get stopped by the police if your car does not emit smoke and waste disposal means throwing into a pond/ravine, but they are a lovely bunch of honest people and we would not live anywhere else!

12/9/2002 My friend and I were walking down the beach at KOT (dasoudi- Limassol ) when we found a baby sea turtle I'm pretty sure it was a karetta-karetta. It was walking in the opposite direction of the sea, towards the lights of a restaurant. We picked it up and put it in the water were it swam away. We searched for more baby turtles but we found none so we left. I had no idea that sea turtles nested in Limassol-especially dasoudi!! I believe that we should find out if there really are any sea turtle nests here and if so, take some action to protect them i'm not visiting this place very often so please email me maria evripidou 

Although I love Akamas area very much, from last summer I said I wasn't going to go there again. Why? because in almost all area near sea is full of rubbish dead animals plastic and sometimes even human stools, especially were I happened to be. A good idea would be to organize some people to clean the beaches, on weekends, what do you think? In this case you will find me on my e-mail: . Thanks.

It is nice to express concerns about nuclear power, but ramming sailing vessels and endangering peoples' lives is no different than terrorism. The war on terrorism should include stupid protestors that endanger lives and give a bad name to the cause. Nuclear power is a debatable topic. It is a volatile fuel, but it does not slowly kill off whole populations like coal or oil fired plants. Endangering lives with protest boats is a great idea. Not only can you kill people, but you can also eliminate all credibility. Great job Greenpeace!!!

can you tell me what do you do with all the used car tires?

Mistress' comments As far as I have seen, we mostly dump them in areas of beauty!

Hello Friends. has anyone of you visited the beautiful and unique spot of the CAVES at Cape Greco this summer? I am sure you were all amazed by this wonder of nature that took millions of years to get to perfection. But did you also notice something else on the short route down to the Caves? The amazing work of the humans and more specifically the Ayia Napa Municipality? The huge DUMP PLACE of The whole Town is Just 200m from the Caves!!! ,in the heart of the National Park of Cape Greco. If the situation continues like this in a year or two you will have to walk through the dump to get to the Caves!!! For Gods sake, this country is a candidate and wants to enter the EU. Not that some EU countries are better when it comes to environment, but at least they have some more efficient dumping principles and they do some recycling. However, i think some pictures of the spot should travel to the ministries and government organizations "responsible" for the environment, because i am sure they are well aware of the situation there but they sit tight on their chairs like they do with many other matters. I may be talking long but i feld like saying all this to someone. Ending i want to say that we must do something about it very soon because it has already taken too long...but is not late yet.

If i can contact someone from Greenpeace i would like to talk to them. My e-mail is 


The Cyprus Society for the Prevention of Cruelty to animals will hold a demonstration to protest against the sale of pesticides without control, on Thursday 25th October 2001, at 9:00am outside the House of Representatives (opposite the Nicosia General Hospital).

The poisoning with the use of pesticides kills hundreds of pets and wildlife daily with serious effects on the environment. Also the excessive use of pesticides on fruit, vegetables and other produce, constitutes a serious danger to public health.

Two days prior to the demonstration the President of the Agriculture, Environment and Health Parliamentary Committees will be given a petition requesting a stricter control for the sale and use of various pesticides. They will be asked to address the gathering and to state whether the House of Representatives intends to put an end to this serious problem which constitutes a scurge for animals, the environment and of course, the people of Cyprus.

The demonstration will last 2 hours and we urge as many people as possible to participate.


We appeal to all people concerned with animal welfare, environmental protection and for a genuine civilised, compassionate community, to show their support to Mrs. Toulla Poyiatzi, a candidate for the ecologists/environmentalists in the forthcoming local MP elections .

The situation on the treatment of animals is appalling. For many years now, Mrs. Toulla Poyiatzi (President of the Cyprus Society for the Prevention of Cruelty to Animals - CSPCA) has been dedicated to help end the plight of animal suffering in Cyprus, end the ignorance, the apathy and indifference shown by individuals and authorities (state vet. dept. police, MPs). Mrs. Toulla is striving towards amending ineffective animal welfare legislation, to education in schools and to enlighten the public in villages/towns on the ethical treatment of animals. A call for compulsory thorough registration of animals by municipalities, complete prosecution of persons who commit acts of cruelty, a ban on certain pesticides widely used to kill animals are some of the many issues Mrs. Poyiatzi is working for implementation.

The rosy picture portrayed by the authorities is false. Friends of animals are witnesses to widespread animal abuse in Cyprus -atrocities perpetrated on the innocent, defenceless sentient animals who feel pain, fear, loneliness.

Mrs. Poyiatzi has also expressed her concern and recommendations on matters on environmental protection, public health and education.

Maria Andreou

I have visited Cape Greco quite a few times and have seen Cypriots hunting but now I find that they are hunting little birds with mist nets to serve in local dining establishments as a delicacy? I find this to be a disgusting thing to be happening when the Dove is symbol of peace so all birds should be safe and free to fly in safety, do these people feel brave and clever when they have spent the day catching these little creatures just to feed some arrogant little tourist the evening meal. (what kind of person eats these little things anyway) Is Cypriot food not good enough?, When I have had the local dishes they have been fantastic as are the Cypriot people in general. So stop it now.

Mistress' comments Amberopoulia as these tiny birds are known are very popular in Cyprus. I have heard that the biggest nod/winkers are members of parliament, who say that it is only illegal to catch them... not to eat them ! Please write to the president, the papers etc.

Just to put a proper prospective on it. These great hunters also blast swans, (7 pairs of black footed swans were stupid enough to rest here this year) flamingos and anything else that moves.

I think that if you have seen something that is a serious environmental issue you should also contact the Cyprus Green Party, web address 

Removed as no web site longer exists.

Mistress' comments. Well I must comment and say that the woman who is allegedly standing for the greens has seen fit to ignore the fact that we sold her yacht for her, wanted to argue about the paltry 4% we charge, and when I said ok , do what you think is fair ---- paid nothing...hmmm, doesn't bode well for the planet. By the same yardstick, rumour has it that the greenpeace main mover has been offered, and accepted a job from the government - well if you can't beat them join them... we tried to contact anyone from Greenpeace to comment -----but everyone seems to have disappeared ! Hope this brings them out of the woodwork.

The Anassa Hotel, had a sewage problem last night, and a huge amount of water with detergent has been dammed in to the sea. The area from where the water has been dammed, is on the right hand side (facing the hotel from the sea) though a plantation of "Kalamies". Employees have been asked to cover up that area with sand.

I like greenpeace, love nature... :)

I would like to know more about the Municipal dumping grounds in Cyprus. I have a piece of land in a ktinotrofiki area (an animal zone, where people have farms, kennels etc) There is a municipal dump there where they burn the rubbish, it is a very large area and half the rubbish is continually burning and smouldering (day and night) the other half is just left as it is not dumped in the right place. I have been down to the dump and found dead animals there, I have reported this to the Veterinary Dept. and they are keeping a check on it.

I would like to know how the law stands with municipal dumps being so close to buildings, this dump is very close to my piece of land and I will soon be building there. I would appreciate and advice given. Thank you in advance.

Thanks for the arrangement of this page. I have been in Cyprus in 1962 and loved the beauty of the green and the blue of the sea. Hope you have preserved it well. Fondly L.Alvandian E.mail HAVAMASIRATSAMA.DPI.NET.IR   Tehran Iran.

Hi I was wondering about these Municipal Rubbish Dumps. There is one close to my piece of land in Agios Trimithias - Nicosia, this dump is practically in the ktinotrofiki area (animal zone), I will soon be building there. How does the law stand with these dumps being close to buildings? Thanks in advance.

In 2 weeks in my road alone over 10 cats have died as a result from poisoning one of which was my 5 year cat Lucy, I've called the police spoken to the vet clinic, its an impossible situation, nothing can be done and the person gets away with it, there has to be more we can do now we are in the European union to stop the illegal poisoning of animals in Cyprus, my kids are heart broken and so am .

I'm a Cypriot, currently doing my Masters degree in the UK. I am so sad to hear how my fellow citizens treated the prospect of forming a Greenpeace group in the island. On behalf of them, I would like to apologize. I have recently got involved with Greenpeace in Preston and I plan to continue this activism when I get back to Cyprus. There are certainly a LOT to be done about the environment, locally.

The ravine in Mesogi ( Paphos area ) is full of old washing machines, mattresses, builders rubble etc.
Can something please be done to clear up this rubbish.

I am putting together a dossier on first hand account by birdwatchers or especially tourists on illegal bird hunting or trapping on Cyprus.

If you can contribute with a short personal statement, story or commentary please contact me on

Contributions can remain anonymous if you wish but country of origin will be included in the report unless you specifically exclude it.

The accounts need not be recent.

Many thanks,


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