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(UK BASED STOICS ONLY) Hi, hope everyone is doing well! I'm Geena - a journalism masters student currently working on a documentary about the growing appeal of Stoicism.
I was wondering if anyone would be willing to do an in-person interview in December/early January 2024 concerning the impact stoicism has had on them personally? Our documentary will feature renowned professors such as Dr. John Sellars (author of "Lessons in Stoicism") and it would be great to have a more human, more personal and less academic reflection of Stoicism alongside this.
Please email at: geena.dhillon AT if you would be willing to participate! I'm happy to answer any questions about the documentary and will ensure that your wishes are respected throughout the whole process.
Thanks  - Geena Dhillon


If Stoicism involves mastery of self gained through self-restraint, then I recommend Tolstoy and Gandhi as two authors anyone interested should look into. For Tolstoy try any of his non-fiction written after 1880 and for Gandhi try 'My Experiments with Truth (Autobiography)'.

I am interested in hearing from anyone who wants to discuss self-improvement as a way of drawing closer to a natural state of goodness, selflessness and fulfilment, not as an academic subject to be researched but as something that should be experienced and lived by.

Send me a message at

26 year old from Melbourne, Australia

I only recently found my way to Stoicism.  I have practiced yoga for almost 25 years; however, I only recently had the revelation that Yoga is far more than just Asanas.  I was recently studying Patanjali's Yoga Sutras when an acquaintance mentioned the word "stoic".  As if hit by lightning I recalled reaching for my MacBook and looked up "stoic".  I literally felt as if I had found the mother load. 

For over 25 years I have tried to find I have been on a quest to find out what "drives my train",  I know the classic Greeks, nor my Paternal Grandfather would quite understand my description but that's alright. 

I am busy buying books and look forward to learning everything I can.

Morton Hurt

Hey people, I have recently started reading the works of a few stoics, first Epictetus and now I am working on Marcus's mediations and some Seneca. I really felt like I connected with the handbook of Epictetus and would love to read more like that, anyone have any recommendations for works to read?

Hello, all, I heard it is possible to receive a daily quote by Epictetus via e-mail....Any one heard of this? Lowell Miami Beach

Mistress' Comment - There did used to be such a thing but it seems to have gone. Chin up :)

I am not a world leader, but rather an humble Evangelical Lutheran pastor living a modest life. But I would like to endeavour to live more accordingly to a Stoic understanding of life. I have one misgiving. I believe in a transcendent creator. Yet, this is a belief for me, not yet proven to be fact. However, I do espouse Stoicism, especially a willingness to learn the virtues. I have difficulty with controlling emotions and would like to learn and practice apathea more readily in my life. ALETHEIA The Reverend D. Mitchell Evans 119 North Oak Street Batesburg-Leesville, SC 29006-1962

Ha!.........Always knew i was a stoic. some of the best conversations I have ever held were with a Notre dame philosophy major up here, we seemed to be on the same page, he sent me the Bronk (see last). IN November I'll be at the Green Living Expo, as an attendee, seems an appropriate venue, if any of you STOIC mid-westerners want to meet up for lunch. nepenthemassageATgmail I want to tell my friends how beautiful the world is. Not but what they know it is terrible too—they know as well as I; but nevertheless, I want to tell my friends. Because they are. And this is what they are; and because it is and this is what it is. You are my friend. The world is beautiful. Dear friend, you are. I want to tell you so I thought that you were an anchor in the drift of the world; but no: there isn't an anchor anywhere. There isn't an anchor in the drift of the world. Oh no. I thought you were. Oh no. The drift of the world

Greetings Forum,

I am looking to start an active Stoics Society or reading group here in Chicago. If there is currently one in existence I am having a difficult time tracking it down; I have even asked old Philosophy Profs. from my undergraduate study.
Any advice, or links to other, active, stoic forums would be of benefit.

Peace and Progress,
Andrew Breen

Knowledge without learning, is like a boat on dry land 

hello everybody im from Oregon, United States i came across this site researching stoicism trying to learn more about it, i have read a little bit about it and so far think that it's something that i could benefit from it would be great to talk to someone about it, i don't know anyone in my community that practices stoicism. im mark my email is

I do not know if I am yet to call myself a stoic as I just came across the philosophy last night; however, I can tell you that much of its basic philosophy are ideas that I have concluded on my own. I was amazed at their fascination with fate. Most people look at me like I have three heads when I talk about predestined coincidences occurring to me. The only reason I began to believe there was anything special about them is that I noticed that if I had a specific question in mind these events seemingly spontaneously answered this question. I weighed the mathematic probability of the likelihood of one of the few conversations I have in a given day relaying to me the answers I need, often when I do not even lead the conversation in that direction, and I think it is highly improbable, especially when it happens several times within a given week. That leads me to believe that either my consciousness is willing events into existence, people, places, and events are somehow attracted to one another, or another entity or force outside of ourselves is driving things, anyway you look at it, it has the same end result... fate. I am from Pittsburgh, PA, and would love to learn more about stoicism and how it is truly practiced today. What end results does its practice have on individuals. My email address is Feel free to email me at anytime; however, I will try to get back to this forum to check for any responses. I have begun reading as much as possible on the subject to make sure there are no hidden ideas that are deal breaking for me, but so far, it is a pleasant surprise.

I am curious about the idea that the "cosmopolitan" idea of value developed by the Stoics was in part a response to the experience of empire, which forced the Greeks and Romans to come to terms with the valuation of others--specifically people who had been alien, foreign or barbarian. I am looking for material on this and other cultural and historical conditions related to development of this idea, and later the idea of natural law, and would appreciate comments or references to useful material. William R. Jordan III

For the first time i found a society that keep alive the old spirit of the stoicism thanks

My name is Wes Hardy, married 36 year old father of 3. I am interested in finding other stoics philosophers and artist in my area, Greenville, South Carolina. Email -

To whom it concerns, My name is Thomas Hardy, but you can call me Wes. 36 year old father of 3 married for 9 years and a devout believer in Stoicism. Self educated philosopher, amateur poet, and a leader among the men I work with. I had never heard of Stoicism, until I finished a year long search for where I fit in. Being a Stoic, in a society that is definitely non-stoic drove me through years of depression and the eventual rebirth of my faith. It became a goal of mine to find others like myself, to organize my life again, and conquer my mind again. During my spiritual journey, I unearthed the roots of all religions, driven by an experience that changed my life. Only to discover bits and pieces of my religion mixed with different philosophies. History became my journey, putting the puzzle of life into a gigantic mosaic of time. Becoming an amateur historian. I believe Stoicism has a definitely role to play in the upcoming future of a regrowth in Spiritual development in America. Also in government, stoic principles need to be instituted. Im currently trying to decide what direction to take my life in, im currently unhappy with my current occupation, and am ready to lead. Many ideas have come to mind, but I definitely have goals for this world, and cannot let many more days pass before I act upon my beliefs. Currently I cannot decide to open a business based on my spiritual journey that will connect to many people in many forms, or to start a Stoic Christian Church, basing Jesus as the Son of God, as a real man, a man of perfect reason. Another wild idea Ive been developing is the use of stoic belief to help cure and heal addictions. Ive already seen it work, by helping a few of my loved ones overcome their trials and tribulations. I also have encountered what is called World Vision. Seeing the world through God's eyes per say. This is how I base decisions on right and wrong for the overall good of this world. Im different, considered close to insane by some, for my views upon the fit-in philosophy that is entrapping those inexperienced in reason. I encourage people around me on a daily basis to overcome doubt, to become self motivated thinkers. Im a teacher through caring for other people, not for my own needs, but for themselves. I liberate people around me, and many have told me they have never felt more alive than when they have spent some time discussing life with me. I practice my art, and resist temptation. Constantly considering everything in my world. Im a constant source of information, and a friend to those who seek my advice. I have a very interesting style of thinking, almost describable as adding fractions. Reducing a problem to simplistic terms, using metaphor or analogy as needed to explain a problem and create a solution. I wish to be a part of the stoic movement, the beginning of the golden age, as we develop a world based on religious tolerance, common views, and structured organization to reduce impact upon the environment. I believe in coexistence with nature and that science plays a part in the role of man obtaining this goal. Enough said I hope about me, Thomas W. Hardy Jr

Salut, My name is Nicolas from Brisvegas in Australia. I am a student of philosophy and Reason, writing a dissertation called "La Loi Naturelle entre la Philosophie de la Raison" and i am interested in the way in which stoicism binds logic into its ethical framework. To give fair warning, I am a cynic and an egoist, so if there is call for debate in this forum that is the source of my perspective. Contact: Sincer, Nic

Hello all !!! I'm Siosiua Lafitani Tofua'ipangai from the Catholic University in Canberra, AUSTRALIA. I posted a message which shown below a year ago about my PhD thesis on the topic, 'Obligation since Classical Greece up to the 20th century', and I will submit my thesis early next year. I'm glad to share with you all some from the first three paragraphs from my Evaluation of the Stoics and their views on virtue in the form of obligation in one of my Chapters. Regards, My webside with an associate of mine is

Greetings Forum, I am looking to start an active Stoics Society or reading group here in Chicago. If there is currently one in existence I am having a difficult time tracking it down; I have even asked old Philosophy Profs. from my undergraduate study. Any advice, or links to other, active, stoic forums would be of benefit. Peace and Progress, Andrew Breen Chicago

To Whom It May Concern:

I have recently become aware of your society and I would like to express an interest in the steps required to be admitted. Any information you could give to this end would be greatly appreciated. Thank you for your time. 
Jason Freese

Mistresses Comment's : Just drop us a note requesting membership, that's it. Nice and simple, you may not notice that you are even a member.


I am a 17 year old stoic from the UK! I am studying Classical civ at 6th
form and my CW is on the ideal of apatheia and its influence on ones
relationship with other people, and the state ( cursus honorum. i am looking
at the works of Cicero and Seneca for my work.
Always looking to meet new people, tried emailing the founder but no luck
:( would be great if this site set up an actually stoic online forum, for
debate and general what not.
I have MSN people, so feel free to add me Yutis AT

Greetings from South Africa!

If there are any of my fellow countrymen or anyone else out there who wish to discuss the totally non-Stoic way the ANC government and its politicians have conducted themselves in this beautiful land of ours and the damage it has done, please drop a line. Issues of public morality will obviously be prominent (following Deputy President Jacob Zuma's rape and corruption trials, which weren't even featured on CNN or Sky News i think)

A South African Stoic. (my e-mail address is

hello to everybody from Turkie, from mersin city,

i meet new people from Greek, Cyprus. i am 25 years old, i am an engineer,. iy you write me i will be very happy.

best regards

Dear Stoic Forum,

My Latin name is Galerius Apollonius Diocletianus Constantius, and I am a 16 year old junior-Roman Stoic and Quirite. Raised from a Western Catholic family, I later converted to the Religio Romana and Roman Stoicism. I am in affiliation with the Nova Roma and my local Pagan Pride foundation. Deeply religious, I having been writing a book, the "Compendium," which is my personal work based upon a perfect synthesis of the Religio and Stoicism. I have dedicated my life to the the world restoration of the Religio Romana and Roman Neo-Pagan Philosophy, and would have no greater pleasure in my present life, than to have contact and be in affiliation with you, and once apt in age, become an official. If it is fine, I would also like to send you what I have written thus far,( 7 chapters) of my Roman religious philosophical work, the "Compendium," for advice, and to receive feed-back, and so that we may come to know each other, a step further in the promotion of Stoicism. I would appreciate it with all my heart if you would E-Mail me in return.



I'm very interested in the aim and work of the society. I live in Canberra AUSTRALIA and doing a PhD on the topic: THE IDEA OF OBLIGATION SINCE CLASSICAL GREECE. One of my Chapters is on the Hellenistic Periods where I look into the doctrine of stoicism and other related philosophies at the time.
I plan to do more work on stoicism and put in some publications soon into the society's website. If you think I can help with the development of the society by doing some works from here in Canberra please let me know. I will be happy to contribute to this very crucial development.
Siosiua Tofua'ipangai

Hi everyone. I'm from Canberra AUSTRALIA, a PhD candidate of the Australian Catholic University (Signadou Campus), writing a thesis on 'The idea of obligation since Classical Greeks'. My Chapter III is on the Hellenistic Period, discussing the philosophies of the Epicureans, Stoics and other related doctrines regarding such an idea.

I'm so glad to find this website, so to share with you some of my ideas on the stoics and this very important period, and to learn from you too.

I'm also glad with the work of this Society in reviving and refining the best and lasting contributions of stoicism in Hellenistic Period, which most scholars and students are un-aware of or have overlooked due to several un-academic reasons.










hi are there any practicing stoics out in southern California?

greeting, people of sto... i live in Chicago, Illinois, u.s.a. i would love to befriend someone from chicago, or any stoic, to talk, meet, or hang out. e-mail me a

Hi everyone, It seems that no one tends to write in this page. I have found this site while searching on net. I was searching about stoicism, and I have found what I wanted. But I still have some doubts about the subject stemming from not directly from the absurdity of subject but my ignorance about it. So to know people who are practising stoicism in their daily lives would be great for me. So I am awaiting for your mails. Good Bye.

Stoic Flowchart:

[1] Worried?: Is it your responsibility"

No : then stop worrying about it----->go to [4] YES : then do something------------------->go to [5]

[2] Bored? : then you forgot to do something:---------->go to [5]

[3] Depressed: Then you need to set some goals. set short range and long range goals then go to ---------------------->[5]

[4] Epictetus says that since political affairs and health matters are usually not in your control, you need not worry about them. --->go to [5]

[5] The three step program:

[5.1]Work at least 30 minutes a day on some project (see [3] or [2])

[5.2]Exercise at least 30 minutes a day. Walking works.

[5.3]Read at least 30 minutes a day. (Libraries have free books)

[6] If you have a problem with any of the three parts of step five, then consult your physician or warden.

----------(inspired by the Enchiridon by Epictetus)

-------------------------------version 1.0 ----11-30-2004-------------------- by Captain Nemo

This, Do you have any suggestions on how the Allegory of The cave relates to everyday life?

Dear All, Does anybody actually use this forum? I was hoping to try and prompt some kind of response, but the airwaves seem to be asleep. If there is anyone there, can we try and keep the discussion going? I think it's so important to keep the debate moving. I hope that I can encourage you to keep this forum active! Regards, Lee Hughes

Remote Name:

I think it's great to meet other Stoics in the world to discuss how we can apply Stoicism to modern day life. Many people today seem to be driven by only materialistic cravings - it's important for these people to learn that true happiness comes from inside you, and not from only the external world. The power of the mind is a wonderful thing, for it can give you great courage and strength in times of emotional and mental hardship. I think Stoicism provides us with the wy to live a virtuous and happy life, provided we hold a strong sense of perspective. Do any of you have ideas how to apply these maxims to everyday people? Lee Hughes -

Hello, I am writing as İ am a practising Stoic (after having read the works of Marcus Aurelius, Seneca and Epictetus), who is interested in meeting and communicating with other Stoics. Especially on the subject of how to reach the message out to other people, when it seems many do not have a clear message to guide them. I feel that Stoicism can bring so much to an individuals happiness from a simple life. I am currently resident in Istanbul as an EFL teacher, though next year İ am going back to England (İ am a native of Manchester) to study History. Is there anybody in the Istanbul area interested in Stoicism? My e-mail ıs Regards, Lee Hughes.

I am serious student of stoic philosophy. not many books are available on the subject in India. I would like to understand the ideas and thoughts propounded by Great Stoics. My e-mail address is lmgorATindiatimes .com

I am a college student that wants to do a paper on the Platonic theories of justice and the allegory of the cave concerning the movie The Passion of the Christ. If anyone has any suggestions or places to get cites, please email me. I love suggestions and criticism. Thank you.

Send responses to: COXDPATSLU.EDU

Did you know Socrates taught by asking his students questions and debating with them if they were wrong until they got the key concept. I'm studying Socrates and doing a project on him and can you send me some info I can use? Please. Well my E-mail address is e-mail me with some info so i can get an A+

Remote Name:

Rand is to G.W. Bush what Nitche was to Hitler. Remote Name 24Feb04

Remote Name:

Hello, I am from Liverpool in England. I am part of a group that meets regularly to discuss philosophy in Pubs ( P.I.P) I am frequent visitor to Cyprus and I will be there at the end of. I am staying in Ayia Napa and then travelling to the Mountains April/May this year. I would like to know if there are any groups that meet to discuss philosophy in Cyprus that I could appreciate in when i am there

Best wishes, Alan Hall

Remote Name:

hello, my names Christian, and im trying to find out what to read because im doing an essay based upon Plato's concept of "true justice" and im currently un-aware of what to read. his ideas interest me and i was just wondering if anybody knew what books to read? thank you for the help, if any, and my email address is

Remote Name:

This is just a brief note to announce the creation of a new e-mail list entitled "Thus Spoke Epictetus." Members of this free list will receive a daily quote by Epictetus beginning December 1st.

For further details, please visit my subscription page at:

Kindest regards,

Richard H. Lewis

Remote Name:

Hi Alan, It might help to consider that the word 'arete' actually means 'excellence,' though it is often translated as 'virtue.' So to Plato, everything can have arete, not just a human. For example, the arete of a knife would be to cut well. So the arete of a human does not really depend (to Plato) on his individual desires or circumstances, but to a universal standard of ideal humanity. A person gains 'arete' through knowledge and the goodness Plato believed came along with knowledge. I don't know of other writers who talk much about arete. This explanation is mostly what I learned from an ancient phil course. In Plato's writing, as I remember it, the clearest explanation of 'arete' (again, in translation it will mostly be 'virtue') is in the first book of the Republic. Hope this helps some! Erika Myers,

Remote Name:


I am looking for further reading material on a topic that Plato described as Arete or "The integrity and strength of character to behave in accordance with ideal goodness". I suppose I am really trying to understand the term ideal goodness. i am new to the study of philosophy and although I am aware of Plato's thoughts regarding right and wrong being driven by your location or more correctly, I think, your environment.

However, surely all people act in accordance with Arete by virtue of the fact that we would perceive ourselves as living a life of ideal goodness when measured against our own standards. Is Arete therefore some ideal created but unattainable by virtue of our differing standards, wants and needs or is there an acceptable level or description of behaviour that could be described as achieving Arete.

maybe I have missed the point completely !

help, gratefully received at

Remote Name:

'what the Greeks call 'eupatheiai' and Cicero renders 'constatniae'. De Civitate Dei Bk. xiv, chap. viii. I found the answer, by chance, while looking for something in the writings of St. Augustine.

Remote Name:

'apathaeia'is mentioned on some of the posts. Where in the writings of Cicero or Seneca is the word used and what is the Latin word they use, if any, for the same word in Greek.

Remote Name:


Remote Name:

I find the stoic philosophy interesting and I'm trying to apply it's teaching to my everyday life. 

Remote Name:

I am a graduate student in philosophy. For those who are familiar with the book "The Ethics of Star Trek," does anyone believe that the concept of Vulcan logic derives, at least somewhat, from Stoicism and/or the teachings of Epictetus?T.H. 

Remote Name:

Ok, just a little more, Rand was a complete supporter of property rights, self-ownership, and production. The instrustrialists, to Rand, are the men of the mind, the heroes of the world. Stoics tend to demonize them. Rand would never be indifferent to either criticism, or praise. She saw a clear objective difference, of both degree and kind, between them, and judged their motives and purposes individually for their relevance and sincerity. To Rand and most Objectivists, it isn't simply enough "to have the courage to be", its more "to have the courage to be more", or rather, "to transcend your own existence" through productive achievement sourced from the rational inventive mind of man.

Any answers as to what the poster might have meant? Please let me know at  and thanks for your time.

Remote Name:

Me again ;) To continue my inquiry, other than the fact that Objectivism is treated as a way of life -- a full all-encompassing world-view -- by those who follow and study it, what are the stark and undeniable similarities between Rand's Objectivism and Stoicism (either ancient or modern)? Perhaps I don't know as much about Stoicism as I thought I did.

Remote Name:

I wanted to chime in here because of a post I read on this page. Why would Rand's philosophy be compared to Stoicism, a philosophy whose epistemology has more in common with Plato's ideals of primordial meanings and definitions, and inner essences. As far as Rand's metaphysics is concerned, it has much more in common with that of the Epicureans. As far as Rand's epistemology is concerned, it has more in common with Aristotle's, but takes it even farther by claiming that individuals can understand objective knowledge through human perception (something that Nihilists flatly, and foolishly, reject). In fact, it is the fundamental epistemology of Rand, and her ground-breaking work therein, that gave her philosophy its name -- Objectivism.

Remote Name:

"War is an ugly thing, but not the ugliest of things. The decayed and degraded state of moral and patriotic feeling which thinks that nothing is worth war is much worse. The person who has nothing for which he is willing to fight, nothing which is more important to him than his own personal safety, is a miserable creature and has no chance of being free unless made and kept by the exertions of better men than himself." John Stuart Mill (1806-1873).

Remote Name:

I am an American Citizen opposed to this war. Do not judge me or my fellow citizens by the actions of our government. I sent this message to the international community in an effort to persuade the world that many of us hope for peace and to prevent war. I am not alone. If you too are against this war, spread the message.

Remote Name:

Hello everyone. Given: The Universe is constructed of a definite number of indestructible atoms. Given: A belief in eternity. Given: According to mathematical probability, the continuous rearrangements of a given set of objects will result in those objects repeating a definite set of arrangements. Example: If I drop ten marbles into the dirt, they will form a very definite pattern. After several tries I probably will repeat that pattern again. After an unlimited series of tries (eternal) I must continue to repeat that exact pattern again and again, albeit with uncountable failures between successes spread over a countless expanse of time (eternity). Proposition: The universe, we, our earth, existence itself is continuously changing its shape by rearrangement of atoms. This universe, etc. is constantly ceasing to exist and re-existing right before our eyes. However, based on mathematical probability and the belief in eternity, we must, sometime in the distant future, be re-assembled again exactly the way we are assembled at this moment, atom for atom. And, consequently, it must be assumed that we, and our existence, our earth, etc. have actually been here and done all of this uncountable times in the eternity of the past, as in the eternity of the future, ad infinitum. Therefore: We should all live a dutiful and responsible life, and so we will again and again for eternity. That is virtue, whatever else other people think, do, don't do, don't think is meaningless. If this is enough virtue for us to continue living our lives, then may be it is our enlightenment. Read or re-read Meditations by Marcus Aurelius and then re-read this writing and give your comments to this website. Take your time responding, if I am correct, we have lots and lots of time. Casimir (the Carpathian), 15 March 2003.

Remote Name:

Hello everyone, I am interested in the Stoic concept of self and would like to discuss +share views. My email address is 

Remote Name:

speaking in riddle only hurts the one your trying to inform!

Remote Name:

ok here it goes the stoics Socrates and Plato came about by observing their world and weeding out the things that were harmful that they could grasp like alcoholism they dropped vanity they dropped they wore the most basic clothes they had and they all so rebelled against the rich land owners in Athens who had a dictator hold on the population the only thing they had as in luxury was a house that was clean and airy and sparse and comfortable they even reduced down to one wife and respecting their a novice inane philosopher stoicism/Christianity they also dropped their friends that were acting disrespectful in home or on the streets also they were quite elitist about the common people only letting a few in their views on slavery was of that time tried to help their local citizenry not being family centric ya know like now

Remote Name:

hi everyone, im very interested in joining the society. how?

Remote Name:

I am a novice Stoic. I have studied only the ancient Stoicism and haven't looked at the modern version so I'm not sure how its different. Just decided to post a little message. If anyone has aim and is interested in discussing Stoicism, my aim s/n is Good ol GreenMcd

Remote Name:

I'm writing an essay on : "Critically evaluate the Stoic idea of the best way of life. Is this a good approach to life in the 21st century?" And I wanted to listen to others' opinions on this. If you have any constructive commentary , please communicate with me soon as possible. Thanks! 

Remote Name:

How does one apply for membership in the ISS. I have been interested in the Stoic way of life after picking up a copy of Marcus Aurelius' Meditations in a second hand book shop about ten years ago.

My e-mail is 

Remote Name:

It may be a good idea for the International Stoic Society to honour virtuous leaders.

However I get the impression that a true stoic is indifferent to either praise or blame.

As a result such honours might not be appreciated. Indeed, they are almost a threat to virtue, as honours tempt you to congratulate yourself.

On the other hand it is a great idea to encourage stoic values in everyday life.

PS I think the Forum would be more useful if posting were automatically dated. I sent this one on 1/11/02.

Remote Name:

Negative/ positive factors and WE

Extreme of positive gives effect of negative and when negative reaches its extreme some one comes to change negative wave to positive.

Role of negative and positive factors in our life is as truth as birth and death. We are controlled by their influence during our entire life span. When we are borne our energy field is narrow. Expansion of energy field is by the environment around and experience we gain. EXTREME OF NEGATIVE IS FOR BEGNNINIG OF POSITIVE AND EXTREME OF POSITIVE FOR BEGNNING OF NEGATIVE !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Negative environment can be minimized and changed to more positive environment but that depends !!!!! More the number of positive thinkers grater the strength of positive environment. So, number of positive THINKERS has to be more than the number of negative THINKERS for dominating environment.

Negative and positive are two different aspects of our universe with two different objectives, if one is night the other is day yet they are linked to each other because without night there is no day. Two features opposite to each other have to join together to form a shape. So relation of negative and positive is imperative for creation and its evolution.


Remote Name:

Iris Murdock is the man.

Remote Name:

Can anybody provide any authority discussing the common roots of stoicism, Buddhism and Christianity?

Remote Name:

Hello all, I've been a Stoic for the past 5 years, and each day, for me personally, has been one of improvement: both in how I feel, and how I act. The real benefit of Stoicism is the attainment of virtue. Virtue, I have learned, is the highest good. Through my personal experiences, I have also had an opportunity to share Stoicism with others. I have become, almost unknowingly, a sort of Stoic missionary, spreading the "gospel" with religious zeal. Currently, a group of Stoics meet at my home, and because the demand became so great, our little group had to split into two, then into three. (We just couldn't fit anybody comfortably, anymore.) With the growth continuing as it is, we hope to be able found a Stoic academy, a building where Stoics can meet, study, and speak on how best to advance the philosophy, and guides to practical living. Currently, we have speakers that travel in between the "congregations" that we've set up. Others have submitted they'd like to start giving public discourses as well. I simply though I'd let everyone know, not only is Stoicism alive, it's growing in leaps and bounds!

Remote Name:

The Shandarism : Ecologist and scientifical doctrine from Northen India Founded by Sir James Singh Shandar url :  email :

Remote Name:

This is Pradeep Gnanaprakasam. There is a lot I want to say...but nothing that you will not know, so I better be crisp.

I am 24 years old, and had been through different situations and have been developing a philosophy on my own, only to find out that my ideas have been already pondered through thousands of years ago in the name of Stoicism.

But it was only recently i came to know of this website, so I would like to be a member of this group and explore more on the philosophy.

Pradeep(  )

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I NEED HELP TRACKING DOWN THE SOURCE OF A QUOTATION FROM ZENO! The quotation is in Ingersoll's essay, "Why I Am An Agnostic," but Ingersoll does not mention the book in which he first read the quotation. I have not yet perused A.C. Pearson's classic collection, The Fragments of Zeno and Cleanthes (1891), so if anyone has that work, please check to see if a quotation like this one appears in it:
"No matter whether you claim a slave by purchase or capture, the title is bad. They who claim to own their fellow-men, look down into the pit and forget the justice that should rule the world. "HELP ME FIND THE SOURCE OF THAT QUOTATION! PLEASE! AND E-MAIL ME AT BOTH and at 
Edward T. Babinski (author of Leaving the Fold: Testimonies of Former Fundamentalists, Prometheus Books, 1995), editor of Cretinism or Evilution? (on the web), and author of chapter 12 of The Jury is In, "The Uniqueness of the Christian Experience(?)" (on the web)

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I was wondering if anyone has heard of leaving your body while meditating. I recently experienced something intense after checking out a web site on meditation. I have meditated before but consider myself level headed and did not expect to experience leaving my body, or how vivid the experience was. The technique they gave me was different then what Im use to and I wanted to know if anyone has heard of them and if perhaps this meditation triggers hallucinations? If anyone knows anything about this please e-mail me with your experiences. Thanks. E-Mail: 

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In a world so driven by materialistic desires, I am having a hard time remaining true to my Stoic ideals. Everyday I ask myself what am I doing in college. Why am I wasting my life in pursuit of career ambitions? Why do I constantly feel the desire to prove that I am smart and accomplished? Should I not be more content just to live each day to the next in a virtuous manner, not fearing my ordinary nature, but embracing it? I tell myself that my problems arise from my desires so I try not to desire, but it is so hard. My friends and the people I associate with do not see things the way I do. I would love to communicate with others who are going through the same things as I am! Please e-mail me at .

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Hi, Im a college student and I am doing a paper of Stoic ethics. What I need to ask is does anyone know what five Values of a Stoic are. Any help will be very helpful. Thank you, Ericka 

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I would just quickly like to let you know about a new site that i have been setting up for a while now.. its called and explores the art of self-destruction, as well as breaching subjects such as self-harm.. either mental or a community it is just taking off...but already has loads of reviews, poems, and articles to keep you interested, as well as a forum and a guestbook...its well worth a look and we would love you to drop by, maybe even submit or join! Thank you very much and remember...
'You've only got'

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Hi, My name is Jim. This is a simple concept that I have been considering for the last year. I believe it could have a highly beneficial effect on everyone and everything. What do you think ?

SIMILAR TO THE DANIEL QUINN / ISMAEL THEORY In both theories, it is believed that a change in our attitudes would solve or reduce many world problems. The main difference between these two theories is that I believe that absolute truth, (the only truth that can pass a polygraph test) would tend to humble all of us and cause a change in our attitudes that would benefit the entire world. I believe that defining and practicing absolute truth is the one theory that offers the greatest potential for all of us. Absolute truth begins with each of us admitting that none of us are consistently honest with our selves and therefore not able to be honest with each other. Because of our pride, to admit this, can be a difficult first step but it is well worth the initial discomfort. Our lives are largely built upon opinions that we have untruthfully labelled as facts. We have allowed these pleasant sounding untruths to give us security, and very similar to the attitudes of those who were on-board the Titanic, we believe that we are more secure than we actually are. Absolute truth, (the only truth that can pass a polygraph test) will create greater awareness, understanding, wisdom, responsibility, humility, and integrity. These things will lead us to the only way we can hope to have a healthy perspective in our lives. Without absolute truth becoming a priority for all of us, we will continue to put too much importance on the wrong things. We will continue to rob ourselves and our families of our full potential for happiness and peace. We will continue to over populate and destroy the planet.

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I know this question has been repeated several times yet I'd like to phrase it in matter that gives me a more precise answer.

What degree does stoicism suggest to suppress emotion?

Do they mean if your country was nuked and everyone in your family died, you should be just as happy as if i had found the woman of my dreams, won the lotto, and had all forms of success? or Do they mean one should always act in accordance to man's nature, that is with reason. One should not be dominated by their feelings but instead act in the most rational manner, even if the most rational manner to act, is with feelings. This would also advocate in the name of reason that one should envision every situation in their mind so that when a bad or good one happens one would not congratulate or berate oneself to much. I understand without the darkness their can be no light yet still it seems a bit extreme to think the first of the two options. That is why i think the second one is right. I am also curious to know if this works on micro scales as well, can a stoic have a preference between going to the movies with a friend and doing math homework? Please send me any comments that would clarify what stoicism stands for. My email is 

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Hello! Well, first, I have to confess being new at the material of stoic philosophy, and using a very bad version of English. But reacting with apathaeia at the WTC attack is, i think, not stoic. I think a stoic reaction would be thinking about both sides, think logically and not to bomb a few Afghans, which "crime" was receiving money from the suspected (!) attack leader and treating humans and human rights the same way like the other party (Northern Alliance) when they were in charge. But that is off-topic. Back to my thinking of stoic philosophy. I wanted to declare, why I think, that it is not apathaeia. I think, everyone, whether he's stoic or not, whether he preaches or not, whether he has just begun to follow the steps of wise men before, or he yet is a wise man, felt something. But letting the feelings decide, what to do, or how to react, conducts to another war. Perhaps, this is not human. But what does this word, human, really mean. Does it mean, to feel the pains of others and try to help them, to heal them, if they want to. To help the Next. Or does it mean to cheat the Next, to fight eye on eye, tooth on tooth, not to let you be hitten another time, on the other side. One side is, to react, the other side is, how to react. Both sides are decisions, and, especially if they concern human lives, these should be thought over rationally. Under the aspects of the virtues. If not, the violence will find not an end, it will just make a break. If this is inhuman, then please, I beg, call me inhuman. It's like making fire in the forest. The cold wind makes you getting cold, you want to make a fire really quick, especially, if your life is depending on this. But, if you don't do it rationally, using the knowledge you have, and think logically, the fire wouldn't start, or, the other possibility, the fire grows and soon the whole forest will be burning. Or you are a lucky one, and nothing happens an you get your tea at time. And, following the virtues, would also mean, "Ero amicis iucundus, inimicis mitis et facilis" (Seneca; De vita beata / Vom gluecklichen Leben. Lateinisch / Deutsch"; Stuttgart 1990; S. 56 (or 20, 5 Sentence 2) I hope, I made my point of few understandable. If not, I'd be glad to get criticized or receive comments. Either here, at the forum, or at my Mailbox  Thank you for showing such condition, and, wishing you the best, th4355

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Which philosopher said: "I'm not scared of death, because when death arrives, I'm no longer here" ? Which book did he say it in ? How did he say it ? Answers to any of these question would be greatly appreciated, I need them to open up some people's eyes ... 

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More than two years ago I posted some comments on Stoicism. With the terrorist acts that occurred a few short months ago this year, the question I must ask is this: is it really HUMAN to suppress emotion and cultivate apathaeia? Personally I would find it rather INhuman not to feel at least some anger and sorrow in the aftermath of such things as this. That is all I have to say. 

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I am interested in the idea of having a Stoic Foundation to reward virtue in public life, but it seems to me this would be very difficult. Would it be possible to have such a foundation without the foundation having a particular political ideology? Isn't only rarely possible to tell whether anyone, especially a politician, is acting from virtuous motives? If the foundation were to last a long time, wouldn't there be a danger of it's being taken over by self-aggrandizing politicians and their partisans, as has happened to so many religious institutions in the past? If anyone wants to discuss this with me I am open to it. I am a college student at The University of Georgia in America, majoring in Philosophy and Biology. 

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stoicism is a powerful philosophy whereby it teaches true happiness comes only through sharing and giving which we find is the meaning and purpose we are seeking in our lives. It helps us recognise the short amount of time we are on earth and the urgency to utilise every moment with zest with love and giving.

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As a self-styled philosophy student, my knowledge of Stoicism comes through the writings of Marcus Aurelius, Seneca, and various scholars who have translated their work into English, e.g. Maxwell Staniforth. I would appreciate suggestions anyone has for further reading. Or if you would like to ask me any questions, I will do my best to answer them. Feel free to e-mail me at  Thanks, Martin

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Greetings, My name is Elisa. I'm thirteen years old, and I would like to know more about Stoicism (It's part of a project for school). I found it kind of hard to understand. If you can help me in any way, I would appreciate it immensely. Thank you. Sincerely, Elisa M. Lazzarino 

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Those we cannot contend are those we do not. Ours is the repletion of reality.

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I was asking around if any one know the the name of the belief in which you think that the world was made for you, as if everyone that surrounds you is programmed to do things. They came up with stoicism. So I was trying to find something specifically about that idea through stoicism websites but I was having trouble. Can anyone help?

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I'm doing a paper on Marcus Aurelius and how his stoic beliefs impacted his ruling and way of life. I don't know much about stoicism and if anyone could help me with any info on stoicism or Marcus Aurelius it would be greatly appreciated. thanks. My email is 

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I was wondering if anyone could tell me Seneca's view of friendship. What characteristics did Seneca expect to find in all friendships? 

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I would like to introduce to you. The site deals with important philosophical issues in epistemology, ontology, neuroscience, and science overall. Also, there is an ongoing competition/discussion regarding the nature of self-knowledge. (280 Entries posted)

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im atal in India i found it s vary interesting send me some more information about this my E-mail id:  

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Questions concerning the Bible.

DT 6:5, MT 22:37, MK 12:30, LK 10:27 Love God.
DT 6:13, PS 33:8, 34:9, 111:10, 115:13, 128:1, 147:11, PR 8:13, 16:6, 19:23, 22:4, IS 8:13, LK 12:5, 1PE 2:17 Fear God. 1JN 4:18 There is no fear in love.

PR 30:5 Every word of God proves true.
1KI 22:23, 2CH 18:22, JE 4:10, JE 20:7, EZ 14:9 God deceives some of the prophets.
JE 8:8 The scribes falsify the word.
2TH 2:11-12 God deceives the wicked (to be able to condemn them).
(Note: Every word of God cannot prove true if God deceives anyone at all; the Bible cannot be trusted if the scribes falsify the word. The first reference is mutually exclusive with the other three. Thus, the Bible cannot be the perfect work of a perfect and loving God since one or more of the above references is obviously untrue.)

(Note: Some versions use the word "persuade." The context makes clear, however, that deception is involved.)

EZ 20:25 God says that he intentionally gave out bad laws. (This means that God-given laws or commandments are sometimes suspect.)

LK 1:26-38 The angel who appears to Mary to foretell the birth of Jesus says that Jesus will be given the throne of David, that he will reign over the house of Jacob forever, and that his kingdom will never end. (None of this took place nor can it now be fulfilled.)

MT 16:28, MK 9:1, LK 9:27 Jesus says that some of his listeners will not taste death before he comes again in his kingdom. This was said almost 2000 years ago. (Note: This and many other passages indicate that Jesus was to come again in a relatively short period of time and not just "quickly" as present day Biblicists assert. All of his listeners are now dead, yet Jesus has not come again in his kingdom. All of the alleged words of Jesus recorded in the Bible are therefore suspect.)

MK 16:17-18 A believer can handle snakes or drink poison and not experience any harm. (Note: Many unfortunate believers have died as a result of handling snakes and drinking poison. This kind of assertion negates the Bible as a useful guidebook for life.)

GE 1:3-5 On the first day, God created light, then separated light and darkness. GE 1:14-19 The sun (which separates night and day) wasn't created until the fourth day.

GE 1:28 God encourages reproduction. LE 12:1-8 God requires purification rites following childbirth which, in effect, makes childbirth a sin. (Note: The period for purification following the birth of a daughter is twice that for a son.)

GE 1:31 God was pleased with his creation. GE 6:5-6 God was not pleased with his creation. (Note: That God should be displeased is inconsistent with the concept of omniscience.)

GE 2:4, 4:26, 12:8, 22:14-16, 26:25 God was already known as "the Lord" (Jahveh or Jehovah) much earlier than the time of Moses. EX 6:2-3 God was first known as "the Lord" (Jahveh or Jehovah) at the time of the Egyptian Bondage, during the life of Moses.

GE 2:17 Adam was to die the very day that he ate the forbidden fruit. GE 5:5 Adam lived 930 years.

GE 4:4-5 God prefers Abel's offering and has no regard for Cain's. 2CH 19:7, AC 10:34, RO 2:11 God shows no partiality. He treats all alike.

GE 6:4 There were Nephilim (giants) before the Flood. GE 7:21 All creatures other than Noah and his clan were annihilated by the Flood. NU 13:33 There were Nephilim after the Flood.

GE 6:6. EX 32:14, NU 14:20, 1SA 15:35, 2SA 24:16 God does change his mind. NU 23:19-20, IS 15:29, JA 1:17 God does not change his mind.

GE 6:19-22, 7:8-9, 7:14-16 Two of each kind are to be taken, and are taken, aboard Noah's Ark. GE 7:2-5 Seven pairs of some kinds are to be taken (and are taken) aboard the Ark.

GE 17:15-16, 20:11-12, 22:17 Abraham and his half sister, Sarai, are married and receive God's blessings. LE 20:17, DT 27:20-23 Incest is wrong.

GE 19:30-38 While he is drunk, Lot's two daughters "lie with him," become pregnant, and give birth to his offspring. 2PE 2:7 Lot was "just" and "righteous."

EX 3:20-22, DT 20:13-17 God instructs the Israelites to despoil the Egyptians, to plunder their enemies. EX 20:15, 17, LE 19:13 God prohibits stealing, defrauding, or robbing a neighbour.

EX 20:4 God prohibits the making of any graven images whatsoever. EX 25:18 God enjoins the making of two graven images.

EX 20:5, 34:7, NU 14:18, DT 5:9, IS 14:21-22 Children are to suffer for their parent's sins. DT 24:16, EZ 18:19-20 Children are not to suffer for their parent's sins.

Mistress' comments : I  have removed the other 168 seconds of loading time, as it was quite obvious you had taken this from another site, and e mail address for others to get further details would have been more appropriate, and if you send it to me I shall post it.

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I'd like someone to give me input as to whether Stoicism and Christianity are compatible or not. My email is . Thank you.

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Hello. I was wondering if anybody could please assist me in a thesis I am writing. I am studying Roman Stoicism, and why the Romans found it such an appealing philosophy.

If you could assist me, please send an email to  with Roman Stoicism as the subject.

Thanking you in advance,

Christian Stenta

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I'm looking for literature on how to apply Stoic philosophy to modern life. Any suggested readings or comments? Please respond to  Thanks

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how did the stoics approach the gap between the study of human nature and the study of physical nature?

Would like to receive responses at

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hello. I am a beginning philosophy student, and I find this subject to be very interesting. I am writing a term paper which will tackle the question "who has the obtained the best life, the handicapped person who has no $, yet indulges in the finer pleasures of life and has a very virtuous character, or the movie star who indulges in the spuratic pleasures of life but is an air head?" Can any one help me to figure out how to start this. My e-mail is . Thank you, Anne

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In response to our Christian friends ( . ), "Men exist for each other. Then either improve them, or put up with them." (Aureilius - Meditations). Why not seek to follow you religion and practice tolerance.

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Bible Prophecy unfolding before your eyes in Israel - The Middle East Peace Process - Read the entire first page (interesting - the author was an atheist) and then click into hyperlink - Bible Prophecy

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Sorry, but it's a bad idea. The result of Stoic beliefs may be virtue, but the Stoics are also 1.) evolutionists 2.) pantheists (also sort of a combination with polytheism) 3.) in Hell. Listen. Stoicism is a religion. A false religion. I don't mean to be preachy but you can't just pick and choose what your going to believe about God or in your case gods. Truth is there and so is God. It is your DUTY to know it and Him the result of which will also be virtue. You can't make up your own god and worship it. If God is there, which he is, then you'll very soon look back on this message from Heaven and wish you had listened. PLEASE RESPOND. .

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I need info on how stoicism is related to mental disorders, for a report. If you can help, HELP. 

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I believe that i have the fire ignited by Zeus in me. In my view all the dualities of pleasure & pain, sorrow & joy etc. cease to exist if you detach yourselves from the actions you perform. thus you come out of give & take & thus are able to perform your duties that you set yourselves for in confirmation with your ideals. SUYASH 

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I have been studying the Stoics in my humanities class and find it interesting. I assume that when you talk about virtue, that you mean the nobility of helping others and not the sexual chastity that Christianity has come to make it mean. I'm a little confused about the philosopher Epicurus and how he fit with the Stoics. That seems a little fuzzy. But I enjoyed your website very much. Gloria

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Recall something of the Stoics from my old high school Latin class. Thought nothing much more of them except for the adjective stoic as a description of behaviour as opposed to epicurean; that was until I read Tom Wolf's A Man if Full. I was delighted to rediscover the concepts in his work. So delighted in fact that I've begun to search the internet for news. Alas here I am. Will welcome correspondence.

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I'm interested in reading your forum comments but can't make them out against the background. Good luck with your site. I'll be back.TKM

Comment * Just made it bold for you (:o))

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For all of you asking about how to apply Stoicism to your everyday life, I'd like to recommend "A Guide to Rational Living" by Albert Ellis. He doesn't delve into the religious aspect of Stoicism but acknowledges that he developed his theories after studying the Stoics.

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After studying the moral letters of Seneca, in both Latin and translated I have bonded with a Stoic state of mind. All religions are based on morality, and that is for me the only important and true aspect of them. I learnt this after looking over parables etc., and the comparison of that to the text about miracles and the New Testament (life of Jesus) seems all nonsense. Please send me information on how to life as a stoic, and how I may take it further. As a Roman Catholic I have realised that the truth about God is so dim, so unsolved and proof less, however stoicism is the way for me. My name is Harry Eagle and my e-mail is  thank you

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I was just wondering about Stoicism. What is virtue? How does one gain 'virtue'? Please, if anyone is not to busy to respond and help me, I would really like to talk to a stoic. Thank you.  

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Dear Forum,

I am a travel writer based in Boston, USA, who will be visiting Cyprus at the end of April. I will be exploring numerous aspects of Cyprus and am keen on incorporating aspects of Zenon and Cyprus as the birthplace of Stoicism. I am especially interested in arranging a meeting with a member of the International Society of Stoicism or a knowledgeable historian who lives on the island. I would enjoy either getting together for a lunch or dinner, or tramping around Larnaca or elsewhere on the island to any locations helpful in illuminating the life of Zenon. Ideally, a Wednesday would work best, as I will be in Larnaca on that day in conjunction with another event. Of course, I am open to any suggestions or other arrangements. If there is anyone I should contact directly, please let me know that person's e-mail and/or phone number. Or pass this message along to that person. Thank you, Jeff Burdick Boston, USA 

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Can anyone answer me why Theresa sees hurting other people's feelings as a disadvantage of stoicism. I cannot see why living life according to stoic values should cause anyone to hurt another's feelings. norm

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My name's Theresa and I am a part-time Stoic. It has its plusses and minuses, the main disadvantage is hurting other people's feelings. But you don't get hurt as much. Thank you. PS: Any tips on how to keep a straight face under the most humorous circumstances?

Mistresses Comment's : Pain, if you must.

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Hey everyone! I am in high school and for English we have to research the Roman period for a play we are to read soon. Well i just happened to get the topic of "Roman Stoic Philosophers"...a subject on which i know nothing about and i can't seem to find any information that helps me. If anyone knows anything that could help me, please email me  :) thanks a lot!!

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Hello My name is Shelley and I an debating that Stoic Philosophy is a a good way to live one's life because.... WHY! I was wondering if anyone could give me any good points to argue. The opposing team will be arguing that Stoic philosophy is not a good way to live. If anyone can share their thought it would help me alot. Thank you. E-mail 

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There is a philosophy competition happening at  It is about overcoming a controversial proposition related to who we are. The winner will have his/her answer published. 164 posted entries to date. David Thompson

Mistresses Comment's :  Lol, you mean an advert for a dental practice. People never cease to amaze me. :)

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Hello friends, I need material on the philosophy of Natural resources. I need to strike a balance between the necessary use and exploitation of natural resources. Could you please help me with some links where I could get such data. Thanks in anticipation Vendon Emal-  

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Greetings...I just found this page and hope for some feed back on the following: what are the similarities in existentialism and stoicism. My question stems from a one sentence reference to same by Iris Murdock in "Metaphysics as a Guide to Morality." I am writing a philosophical novel and would appreciate input supported by citations if possible. Thanks very much! Ron Spillers: email...  Please be assured appropriate credit will be noted in my novel.

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I like stoic people, whether I am one of not I don't know but I would like to become tougher and I think stoic thinking may help. name Richard Troy e mail is 

Remote Name:

Message from Stoic Barton e-mail address below, Attn Stoics!! New Stoic book being prepared summarizing attitudes of Seneca, Epictetus, and Marcus Aurelius. Looks excellent at  Insightful yet simple...Excellent work Tom. Write to me. I Salute You!!

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I'm in ninth grade and doing a short paper about Zenon. Does anyone know of a portrait or photo of a bust or something like that I might include in my report? oops. email  

Remote Name:

I am a periodic visitor to these archives but i have decided to regularly contribute as I have found Stoicism truly life altering. In recovering from an addiction I have found it ideal in describing exactly what I control and what I don't in this life. Epictetus, Tom Wolfe and Marcus Aurelius became constant companions. Ironically I would have sneered at anything resembling a religious conversion beforehand; I am keen on answering any questions and talking with others about Stoic Psychology and how I've not only applied it practically in everyday life but its a concept of Higher Power I can grasp and comprehend. As writer Paul Tillich wrote in The Courage To Be it is the most noble religion. I wonder if there are any other contemporary writers like Tom Wolfe who incorporate Stoic ideas into their books? Also as a recent discoverer of Ayn Rand (though I've seen her books around for years), it seems that no one has noticed that her philosophy of Objectivism is not original at all but startlingly similar to Stoic beliefs. What do you think? Feel free to write me at 

Remote Name:

I stumbled onto Stoicism by accident and found that some of my beliefs seem to be Stoic. Just what exactly is Stoicism? What are it's primary beliefs? My email is  . Make sure you label you message "Stoicism" or something like that so I don't delete it as junk mail. Thanks, Mike

Remote Name:

Thank you very much! I am 18, and have been a Stoic for 2 years, ever since reading Meditations. I have never met another Stoic, and I thought that Stoicism was more or less dead in today's world. I can't give my e-mail address, since I don't have one, which has prevented me thus far from joining any of the online societies, but I am very pleased nonetheless to find that Stoicism is alive and well. Yours Truly, Erika Myers

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Here is the new web address for the Stoic Voice:


Remote Name:

Nice Work, Richard!

Highly recommended reading for those of us who are stoics and those who are soon to be stoics.

Best Wishes,

Zeno Breuninger

Remote Name:

I am university student writing a dissertation on fear and Latin America. I want to to make the quotation: "There is nothing to fear but fear itself" as part of my argument, yet I have been told that it was not Franklin D. Roosevelt who said this, but rather a Greek stoic philosopher. Could you please clarify this for me? Thank you, Diego 

hi, my name is Akshay ,i read about stoic in Will Durant's "story of philosophy" I am very much eager to live philosophy. pls send me any reading material you have on stoicism.

my e-mailid is 

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From: Marta Gallegos Ortíz< >

Dear Sir: Hello, my name is Marta Gallegos and I'm 16 years old near 17. Since I had Philosophy at school as a subject I'm really interested in all the subjects of philosophy.

Really I would appreciate if you could send me some information about Bentham, Mill.

Well I have to go. Yours sincerely.- Marta Gallegos Ortiz

Remote Name:

I would like to learn how to incorporate the teachings of the Stoics into my everyday life. If anybody has had success in doing this, please e-mail me and share helpful thoughts. I have been reading mostly Epictetus and Marcus Aurelis. If anybody has any advice on how to live the good life, please e-mail me. Michael 

Remote Name:

My name is Tommie I am writing a book ( fiction ) based on an imaginary planet in which it's whole race is of a similar nature to The Stoic society,

Can someone provide me with more informative insight into the legendary school's past?



Remote Name:

Those who have come here in search of philosophical debate may appreciate the forum at ... The Mad Philosophers' Discussion Forum! See if it doesn't suit your fancy!

Mistresses Comment's : It would but it has gone.

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My problem is how to practice and internalize the Stoic philosophy so that my mind can rest from day-to-day worries. Anyone have any suggestions? 

Mistresses Comment's :  As Jordan Peterson has said, perhaps tell the truth and let go of the outcome. Lovely quote. Not that good for doing well in today's cult ure though.

Remote Name:

This is a request to any other people who have read Seneca, and would like to create a group of friends who strive for greater wisdom through friendship. My email is .

Remote Name:

I believe Western Culture to be in the grip of uncontrolled passion and eroticism. Although I support the freedom of individuals to choose license and hedonism, there is a need for a stoic movement in the public schools of the U.S.A. It is comforting to discover a renewed interest in stoicism, which contributed to Christian moral perspectives but is not a religion, and may be taught in the public schools of my country. Curtis Williams ( )

Remote Name:


Is there a chapter in Australia? 

Remote Name:

HI, my name is Jocelyn Amy, I'm a 11th grader at Grant High School, in Portland Oregon. For one of my classes, Graeco-Roman, i chose to write a paper on stoicism and it's effects and uses in today's society. My paper's main focus is on Marcus Aurelius' Meditations. i would love your thoughts or ideas, or other suggestions as to where to look for information. You can e-mail me at .

Thanx Bunches! -Jocelyn

Remote Name:

I am curious what the stoics duties are according to nature? Could anyone please let me in on this fact?/

Remote Name:  \ I continue to Struggle with people that think there is a reason for the things not understood ? It all distill's quite simply to chaos. We think that we can make things happen that will make everyone live in harmony. Impossible. I find that I enjoy the interaction with people that think there is a grand design for their lives.

Remote Name:

Hello, I (like many others on this page) am doing a report on stoicism for my Philo. class. The subject is "Critics of stoicism say that it set an impossible standard of conduct. Agree or disagree and anticipate and attack the arguments of the opposite side." I am having a little trouble creating a thesis. If there is anyone that can help I would be entirely grateful. Thanks. Mike 

Remote Name:

Greetings; Though i do not ascribe to any dogma my leanings are to a sort of scientific Jain-Buddhadharm a-Stoicism, I propose a grand Purpose for this forum To expose the madness of acquisitiveness, its pitiless weakness, insecurity, childishness, lack of foresight Let us examine it as a mental illness, let us not hide it away but drag the filthy thing into the light Let us find a cure for the worst scourge of this or any century. the future depends on it ........David C. 

Mistresses Comment's : Agreed.

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I also read about Stoicism in Tom Wolfe's "A Man in Full". I also wish to learn more about this philosophy. (Same as's comments) 

Remote Name:

I want to do a report on stoicism, but i really need some more information. If you could please email me anything you might have at . Thanks a lot! ~Elise~

Remote Name:

I'm donig a report on stoicism and epicurism. I need information on their beliefs, nature, virtue, and duty of state. If if you have any information i would really appreciate it. You can also e-mail me at kristenATgi .

Remote Name:

I'm doing a research paper on Stoicism and the philosophers who influenced its teachings. There are some aspects about human freedom and natural law which contradict each other and I was wondering if anyone could give me information which would clarify the subject further. Any other information on Stoicism is welcome. Thanks! Please e-mail me at 

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Hi my name is Ziad Zeinoun and my family is directly descended from Zenon (Zeno the stoic). I am from Lebanon (anciently: Phoenicia where Zeno originated). I would like to know if there are other members of the family around the world I would like to have contact with them. Comtact me if you are in any way connected to the ZENO ZENON ZEINOUN family or if you know anything about them. Thank you. My email: 

Remote Name:

Hello, My name is Robb. I'm doing a report on Stoicism for a philosophy class and i was wondering if I could start a dialog with one of your members to learn about stoicism. Thank you, 

Remote Name:

Ziad ZEINOUN is my name and I live in Lebanon (ancient Phoenicia). As it is very close to Cyprus (Zenon's motherland) historians assume that my family is directly descended from Zenon the philosopher. We are some in Lebanon and Syria and Cyprus and I know also of others in the USA. I would like to know of any other family members living abroad. My email is  (currently living in Belgium), please contact me if you find you are or you know any other Zeinouns, Zenons or Zenos (the name can vary from culture to culture but the origin is probably the same). Thank you.

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What are your comments on this passage from Copleston; " if Epicureanism and stoicisms concern themselves with man on what we may call the horizontal level, Neo-Platonism concerns itself rather with the vertical, with man's ascent to God." (Vol. i, p492) What is your response to question?? Email me with you views @ 

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Can you please send me anything about Stoic Philosophy at my e-mail address  thanks

Remote Name:

I am doing a paper on the early stoics and am having a hard time finding information... Please e-mail me with information if anyone can....Thanks 

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I read about Stoicism in Tom Wolfe's A Man in Full. It sounds like a great philosophy. Just trying to learn some more about it.

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ya me, too if you have any info on what stoicism is and how it applies to "Julius Caesar" by Shakespeare that would be great!!!! 

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Hi my name is Bart and I am writing a paper relating Buster Keaton and stoicism. If you have any extra time I'd appreciate it if you e-mail me with any information about stoicism in the 1920's. Thanks 

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How does one go about applying for membership in the ISS?

I have recently been reintroduced to Stoicism and Epictetus via Tom Wolfe's book, _A_Man_In_Full_.

Please reply to 

Mistresses Comment's : Just drop us a note requesting membership, that's it. Nice and simple.

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Hi! I am interested in communicating about the practical applications of Stoicism in daily life. I believe this is the wisest methodology ever designed to assist ordinary mortals in their travails. I would like to know instances of success and also instances of "failure" My e mail address is  You can call me Quijada

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Hi, I'm a 10th grade high school student and for my English class, I have to write an 8 page paper on whether Julius Caesar (the play by Shakespeare) was an Epicureanism or a stoicism. If you could tell me anything i would greatly appreciate it. Thank you very much. E-mail your responses to 




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