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Ayia Napa & Protaras dive sites
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Ayia Napa and Protaras dive sites


Green Bay
Located in the Protaras area, a very easy access shallow dive with maximum depth of 12 meters. Great for beginers.

Two interesting reefs stretching parallel to the shore with a maximum depth of 7 and 11 meters.

Konnos Point
One of the most popular and beautiful sites around the Cape Grekko area. Suitable for all divers, depth up to 40 meters.

Chapel Bay
A Pleasant dive from the base of this cliff. An easy access to this location makes it very popular. Depth from 9 up to 21 meters.
Near the Fisherman's Chapel where a ceremony is held each year to bless the sea and ask for the safety of the local fishermen. There is a cave and the sea bed drops to approximately 30 metres.  A variety of marine life can be seen here, even turtles sometimes!

Crows Reef
The boat trip and the easy dive on this reef makes it an enjoyable day. Take a picnic. Depth up to 18 meters.

Amphora Bay
At the depth of 17 meters you will discover ancient remains of amphora's and stone anchors. Do not take anything away, it is an offence to take the treasures and of course means that there would be nothing to see before long.

Cape Point
Located opposite Cape Grekko table top rock landmark with depths from 12 to 30 meters.

An easy shallow dive with maximum depth of 12 meters consisting of holes, tunnels and overhanging rocks. Interesting stuff!

Sunfish Reef
Depth 28 to 40 meters. Only for experienced divers. Dive buddy always a must for any dive.

At the south side of Cape Gkreko, an ideal wall dive with very good rock formation. Depth 18 meters.

Kastelatsos Reef
An interesting location on the south side of Cape Gkreko with good formation, depth from 16 to 30 meters.

Shallow Reef
Enjoyable boat dive from this friendly reef with nice rock formation. Depth from 13 to 18 meters. Accessible to all divers.

Telonis Reef
Depth from 28 to 34 meters, only for experienced divers. Group of five or more required.

Agia Thekla
Treasure hunters paradise, myth or reality? Probably the most beautiful reef in the area. Depth 19 meters.

Red cliff
It has been known that the Kalamari eggs are all around this place in season. Nice and easy dive with depth from 12 to 18 meters.


Larnaca area dive sites

H.M.S. Cricket
A WW1 river gun boat which sank here in 1947. Lying in 30 m of water.

Zenobia ferry
A Swedish ro-ro ferry that sank in 1980 She is now home to many species of fish, and divers often encounter large schools of Amberjack, Grouper and Barracuda. The Zenobia dive starts at 16 metres and bottoms at 43 metres.

Helicopter Wreck
The wreck of a British Army Helicopter in sixteen metres. Very good condition and an excellent all level dive.

The wreck of an industrial freighter carrying huge rocks, hence its name. Lying in sixteen metres, this wreck is teeming with fish life .

Octopus Reef 
In only ten metres, this is the place to see Octopii at home. This site has surprised us with Eagle Ray and large Turtle sightings.

Sheep Dip
A very scenic dive with numerous small fish, sponges and octopus. There are some small caves and a natural stone arch.  Maximum depth is 12 metres.

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Limassol Area dive sites


The Akrotiri Fish Reserve
A very shallow dive that is suitable for all levels of experience, You can interact with local marine life and hand feed  groupers, moray eels, bream and bass. There are also many octopus.

Is very close to the shore, and there are a series of  apparently man made caves which resemble ancient tombs. It is a  very scenic site with prolific marine life

Archways and pinnacles.
This is a large archway in 21 metres of water, with four pinnacles on every major compass point. There is again an abundance of marine and fish life to be found all over this area, and this is a good navigation site.

Caverns and Caves.
  At 100 metres offshore in a depth of 14 metres you will find many interesting caves and a large reef with varied marine life.

Twin Rocks.
Two large rocks protrude out of the water from a depth of 21 metres. A blow hole can be found on the eastern rock and caves and an abundance of interesting marine life will be found in the vicinity.

Sharks Cove.
No ..Don't panic.. it isn't. sharks have never been sighted there. It is actually a spectacular cove on the Akrotiri Peninsula. A submerged tunnel starts and ends the dive, where in between you glide along the cliff face before circling back over a rocky reef bottom.

Big Country. 
A multi - level site with many caverns , overhangs and very large boulders, some more than 12 metres high. Grouper, moray, octopus and large shoals of damsel fish are found here. The maximum depth here is 23 metres.


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Paphos area dive sites


This favoured afternoon dive is 25 mins from harbour. The Vera K was a Lebanese freighter of about 200m. which ran aground in 1972 and was blown up as a hazard to shipping in 1974. It is still in four main sections and the bridge is fairly intact. It lies, completely submerged in a crater at 10m. Close to the wreck is an archway, home to a family of grouper. Close to the archway are a series of narrow tunnels suitable for experienced divers.

A long gulley with many overhangs and small caves is the main feature of this popular site. On the walls of the gulley look for sponges and encrusting marine life. In the small caves you may find grouper and soldier fish, and look for the stone anchor lying on the bottom. Depths 25m. to 30m.

On a sandy bottom lies the wreck of a Greek vessel which mysteriously exploded and sank in 11m. of water in 1975. There are three main sections to visit, the most popular feature being the bronze propeller on the upturned stern, and there are still some complete portholes (not removable).

Taking less than 15 mins to reach from harbour, the depth at the top of the valley is 16m. The sides of the valley have plenty of encrusting marine life and many small holes which are home to wrasse, cardinals and slipper lobster. There is also a swim-through towards the deeper end of the valley. A popular site with macro photographers. Max. depth 26m.

An entrancing dive in depths between 26-35m. There are a number of small drops and caves to explore. Search for octopi and morays in the smaller holes and small fish in the gullies and overhangs. Look towards the surface and the dive boat should be clearly visible.

An isolated area approximately 3 km from shore where the rocks just break the surface. Consequently, in ancient times, an area of many shipwrecks. The rocks are littered with pieces of amphorae, which in some places are concreted together in the shape of the ships hold. Stone anchors can be recognised by the holes made in the rock for wooden grapples to be pushed through. Interesting rock formations make craters and a swim-through. A pretty site with plenty of small marine life. Depths 4-12m.


Just 15 min. from harbour, this site drops from 18m. to 24m. in a series of small steps. Marine life to be found in the small gullies includes fan worms, pina clams and damsel fish.

A mixed sand and rock bottom in 22-27m. of clear water makes this an attractive morning dive. Popular for its interesting rock formations, you should look for moray eels in the small holes and grouper in the gullies off the main.

A rocky bottom with numerous gullies and overhangs to explore. An appealing site with a chance of seeing large grouper. Depths between 20 and 28 metres.

A popular, new site. The anchor drops in 24m. on a site made up of large boulders on a sandy bottom. Maximum depth 27m.

A new afternoon dive in 8m. This site is in the area of Moulia Rocks with a mixed sand and rock bottom. There is a large piece of the Vera K here, also lots of bullet cases and amphorae.

A renowned afternoon dive in depths up to 12m. There are a number of caves to explore including the one that has amphorae encrusted in the roof. The American team of archaeologists who investigated the site believe this is due to movements in the sea bed over the last two thousand years. A tyre on the seabed is home to an octopus. The article by the archaeologists can be borrowed from the Cydive office.

The anchor is dropped into 24m. of clear water and the seabed quickly slopes to 32m. plus. The incline is strewn with boulders making an ideal habitat for a various forms of marine life.

Only 10 min. from harbour, this sheltered afternoon dive site has a number of engaging features. The reef is in 12m and surrounded by small gullies, overhangs and drops ranging from 2 to 4 m. There is usually a good variety of small fish life such as bream, wrasse, parrot and damsels. font>

The anchor is dropped into 24m. and the seabed swiftly slopes down to flat sand at 32m. An attractive and popular morning dive with an old anchor at 27m. and often grouper close to the sand.


A relatively new site which is very popular as large grouper and the occasional tuna may be seen. The anchor is dropped in 25m. and the site leads down to a maximum depth of 35m. There is a gulley with several overhangs and swim-throughs.

As its name suggests this valley has a number of small caves. There are also interesting craters close-by, one with a swim-through. The attractive overhangs make homes for small fish such as cardinals. Depths 9-12m.

A morning dive 15 min. from harbour, with a maximum depth of 26m. There are sandy bottomed, interconnecting rock gullies with a variety of encrusting marine life. Large boulders sit on top of the sand attracting small fish.

In depths of 25-27m., large boulders and reef form gullies and small caves. A well-liked morning dive, it was found in 1990, the day after Cameroon beat Italy in the World Cup. Marine life to look for includes grouper, saupe, mullet and rabbit fish.

An area of gullies and craters with small caves around the edges. There is an old, large 4 pronged , anchor lying on the sea bed.

A rock bottom seabed with large holes in the floor leading to a series of interconnecting caverns and overhangs. Called 'Bubbles' because of the divers' air filtering through the rocks, and with a maximum depth of 9m. there is plenty of time to enjoy this site and its marine life.

The Lancastrians who first dived this site were not being nationalistic, as much of this area of gullies is brilliantly coloured by red calciferous algae. Max. depth 20m.

A preferred site, so much so that some divers even snorkel from the shore for 15 min. to dive here. Actually just a rock, it is small enough to dive all round on a multi-level dive. There are many features en-route; a drop-off, caves, archway and a blowhole. One cave is spectacularly covered with pink and purple calciferous algae. This dive has depths between 6 and 22m. After the first dive the boat sails to a nearby bay to drop anchor whilst lunch is served. There is usually time for a swim before sailing back towards Paphos for the second dive. A good trip for all the family.

This site is north of Paphos off the coast of the designated area of Akamas. A remarkable area of caves and interconnecting tunnels in depths of 6-18m. If you are lucky, during the turtle season, you may spot green and leatherback turtles.



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