Diving with Confidence in Cyprus


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Cyprus has plently of adventurous activities for you to enjoy whilst on holiday - or take a break on your business trip - riding to kayaking, mountaineering to diving.

When you choose to dive in Cyprus we will be happy to arrange a complete package to suit you, including flights and hotels - either full holidays or long weekend breaks.
We have many Dive Centres throughout Cyprus who are  comprehensively licensed and insured.
Your instructor is fully qualified and insured
You can have confidence when you Dive with us.
Let us arrange for you a voyage of discovery, from your very first dive (which is an unforgettable experience) through the various stages and levels of achievement, we can guide you safely towards becoming a fully qualified diver, and higher at a pace that suits you,

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All of the Scuba Courses are under the personal guidance of the Professionally qualified Instructors.

We can accommodate parties of up to 60 persons on our boats and can  also offer day charter parties.                        

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Discover Scuba. This experience is the easiest way to try the delights of Scuba Diving. It comprises of a short briefing followed by a dive in the swimming pool to enable you to feel the freedom of diving.

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Discover Scuba Diving. This goes a little more in depth than the discover scuba experience, whereby we practice a few more skills and then go to the ocean for a  shallow sea dive to see the marine life.
   Once this has been completed you are welcome to join in with our regularly scheduled boat dives. Your depth limitation will be 12 metres.

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Open Water Diver. This course will result with you being awarded the INTERNATIONALLY RECOGNISED PADI OPEN WATER DIVER certification card. Due to all of our Centres being awarded the prestigious 5 Star Status, your licence will bear the 5 Star Gold format that distinguishes you from the crowd.
   The course is broken into some short classroom briefings followed by multiple pool dives, and 4 open sea dives. It allows you  to progress at your own pace towards achieving the skills and confidence needed for this highly enjoyable sport.

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Advanced Open Water Diver. That's it, now you have the diving bug and you want to explore new realms. You will complete 5 dives in specific fields whether it be Night Diving, Wreck Diving, Deep or Navigation, Search and Recovery, we have it all. We even have an Underwater Scooter dive which allows you to use the same kind of underwater propulsion vehicles as used in the James Bond 007 films.
  Unfortunately the girls aren't included.

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Specialty Courses. These courses allow you to select a specific aspect of diving and follow through to a level where you have a complete understanding and familiarity with it. You can choose from :-

        Padi Hyperbaric  Chamber Orientation Specialty Course
  If you are a qualified Diver you can gain this Specialty rating
  With our experienced on site Hyperbaric Consultant,  DIVE-IN will
  take you through the Mysteries of a Recompression Chamber…… .
  Learn how to operate, familiarise yourself with Medical Jargon,
  understand the why's, how's and where's of Hyperbaric Medicine and      complete a Chamber Dive to 40M.

Also choose from
Night diving, Deep diving, Drift diving, Photography, Underwater scooter, Equipment, buoyancy, Nitrox, we do them all. Ask your instructor for more details.

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Medic 1st Aid. This   non-diving course, apart from being a pre-requisite for the rescue diver course, is invaluable for dealing with emergencies should the need ever arise. We will teach you the steps for dealing with situations as practised by Surgeons and Paramedics world-wide.

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Rescue Diver. Enjoyable or fun might seem unlikely descriptions for a course for preventing dive accidents, but that's how most certified PADI rescue divers described the course.You will learn how to prevent accidents but also how to manage one if it should happen,from assisting a tired diver through to the worst-case scenarios.
*You will need a MFA or 1st aid or CPR certificate to join this course

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Dive Master. If your love of diving interests you in a full or part time diving career , then this course is your first step. This course develops your diving leadership abilities by expanding your diving theory   knowledge to a a professional level, and by training you to supervise diving activities and to assist with divers in training.

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A wide range of Speciality courses are available-
Nitrox specialists, Wreck, Photography, Night Diver, etc.
Just ask us for details.

        Zenobia wreck diving in Cyprus   




peering through diver cricket




diving under the overhang in cyprus

  We have these excursion dives regularly
Island Wide All Day Safari's, Not to be missed !!

Zenobia Wreck ( 2 Dives )
We travel to Larnaca, sometimes by boat but mostly overland, where we conduct 2 dives on this fabulous wreck. The wreck is 197 metres long and some 10,000 tonnes so we need to make 1 dive on each end and even then you will not See it all. It is classified as one of the best 10 wreck dives in the world, certainly the best in the Mediterranean. You could do 20 dives on this and see new things every time.

Zenobia and HMS Cricket ( 2 Dives )
This day is similar to the Zenobia day, but allows us to dive an old British Battleship first. This ship was sunk after extensively using it for  target practice, and actually rests on the seabed upside-down.
It is a great penetration dive, allowing you to go inside the hull through escape hatches.

Ayia Napa  ( 2 Dives )
At the other end of the island we have some very spectacular caves and tunnels which can be dived very easily by all levels of divers. The day itself is highly enjoyable and sometimes we finish the day by visiting the Nissi Beach where some maniacs even Bungee jump.

Paphos/Jubilee Shoals ( 2 Dives )
This dive is only for very experienced divers. In the middle of the Ogin the seabed shoals up from great depths to 17 metres. There are regular sightings of Pelagics and an abundance of marine life. The  coup de grace are the caves at 38 metres coming out again at 42 metres. Spectacular.

   We just go on and on and on...........

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We have what you need for
Safe, Enjoyable
Trouble free diving.

Contact us : mistress@windowoncyprus.com 

Tel  00 357 24 665408
Fax  00 357 24 627489
        or write to us at
PO Box 40218, Larnaca, Cyprus.  


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  Please note:* Air and Nitrox Refills. All Cylinders will be checked and must be in date. We only refill safe bottles.

 Flying in Cyprus - pilot lessons - flight training - air ambulance - helicopter rides - scenic flights and private plane hire or charter We are listed in the Cyprus DirectoryCyprus has plently of adventurous activities for you to enjoy whilst on holiday - or take a break on your business trip - riding to kayaking, mountaineering to diving.

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