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Just saw a ufo over the sea! I m absolutely amazed and curious!
It looked like a circle of stars but there were bright lights that flashed, one after the other, as it rotated very slowly
At first I thought it was several craft but realised the lights disappeared and then figured out it was rotating
A huge rotating disk with lights that flashed, one after the other. It was several times longer than an airplane and it was stationary and rotating and then poof! It disappeared!
I watched it for about 2 minutes in utter astonishment
There were two layers of lights, one above the other, equal distances apart.


Hi, My wife and I saw exactly the same thing at 2245 on 22/5/21. I was aircrew for 40 years and have never seen anything like it. My perception was that the oblects were in a circle at such a high altitude that the were caught by the sun as they rotated in a circle; at the mid point the object in the centre was at its brightest. Any ideas anyone ?We live 9ooft above sea level,we look to the north and have a panoramic view, so it was very clear. Fascinating to say the least.


Hi , i am new to this but was shocked tonight. Walking by the coast after the Tombs of the Kings.
Me and my friend saw around 50-60 light vessels moving high in the sky, almost like a military parade . they were all moving fast, following each other . Similar path, with different positions. but following each other. i saw this for over 8minnutes and was amazed... the front ones would disappear, then suddenly be visible far away before everything stopping. I Saw an aircraft 10 mins later in a different position, the aircraft only blinks and is more slow travelling lower altitude or something, not illuminated and high speeds like these ones.. and so many, it cannot have been a military exercise . two Russians approached me and asked the same thing, do you know what this is?. did anyone else experience this ? 9th of may 2021


I would like to report an incident that took place in Cyprus about ten years ago (perhaps 2010). I saw this from the living room of my second-floor flat in the Agios Athanasios outer suburb of Limassol and the object would only have been about 400 metres away. I only saw it for about three seconds while it was making a very rapid descent. The object was about the height of a four-storey building and the width of a typical house. Its sides tapered inwards towards the top making it somewhat triangular with a rounded top. It had a very elaborate pattern of windows covering it with what appeared to be metal strips dividing the windows. Most of it was covered in windows and very bright light was emitted from inside. It was descending very fast, faster than if falling by gravity, towards the ground behind a row of small detached houses in a side-street not far from my flat with an area of open ground behind. I was bracing myself for a huge bang or explosion, but there was nothing. It was a s if the ground just swallowed it up and it was gone. However, I had a very clear view of this object for those fleeting seconds and I can find no explanation for this within the received scientific paradigm. Some years later, from the same location I noticed what I am sure was an identical object falling to the ground in the same manner but much further away. Then, a few days ago, I noticed one more dropping, again at a fair distance away, but I am quite sure that it was another of these objects.


Ok this has taken me a while to admit (to myself more than any fear of public ridicule) but I am going to put it here anyway. On Friday 9th November 2018 at approximately 11.10am i saw a UFO fly over my house as a VERY bright light (meteor light intensity) angling almost identically with the adjacent highway from Larnaca to Nicosia approximately 3 km from the Rizolea Roundabout. Its height was approximately 2500 metres - I can easily see aircraft at the same height, as they come in to land and take off from Larnaca Airport as we are on a direct flight path. This was not an aircraft. Its speed was faster than the aircraft and i would estimate approximately 300 knots. It then stopped dead still hovering for approximately 10 seconds and then shot directly upwards at an incredible speed. My first thoughts had been that this was indeed a meteor, I see them often in the night skies above my home, however the speed and angle of the meteor almost immediately made me reconsider so I watched the light carefully. When it 'shot' upwards defying its former path at such an accelerated speed I truly believe this was not a natural phenomenon. I reported the occurrence to a friend and my husband immediately. I have recently been told about a UFO sighting over Ireland on the same day. Was anything seen over Cyprus? Has the Irish sighting been explained? Thank you.

We have just arrived in Cyprus and Paphos yesterday.(03/05/2018) We were out in the hotel grounds tonight around 9pm when I saw a red light floating in the sky. It moved very quickly to my left changing to a flashing green light before stopping and then dropping very quickly vertically. Just wondered if any body else saw or reported this?

Hi. I'm trying to get in touch. I am moving to Cyprus in July and would like to join a ufo group there. Please get in touch if you have any information. My email address

I saw a weird sight over Larnaca Salt Lake. It was large had flashing lights and came low to the ground and landed. It was weird and landing at the time allocated for a Cyprus Airway flight must have been a UFO as no planes ever land at that time.

Have a nice 99

I pretty sure I was abducted. when i was 3 i was on the beach the a BRIGHT BRIGHT light came apon me. i don't remember anything after than until i was 6. when i try and remember i only remember black and get a headache.

i saw something weird boy let me tell you. i was riding horse one night looking for cattle that got loose in the other pasture and this damn thing flew over i was knida weird i was round with alotta light and stuff. the strange thing also is that it didn't make any noise neither but it lit up the place and i could see with out havin to find my way in the dark i finally found the cattle and to this day i still ain't seen that thing again

eagle river ont. one night I invited my friend over to go sliding on a hill behind my house. We decided to make a jump . I took the jump and fell over face to the sky. I spotted a blue light moving across the sky and then it stopped. Then it disappeared as if to go into outer space. Another sighting happened when I was going skating and I saw a bright blue light. Another one happened while I was sleeping over a my friends . We were playing hide and go seek in the dark and we saw one land on his barn we ttok pictures but never got them back yet.

how do you know that aliens exist for sure.

I was taken aboard one three years ago when I was visiting. The aliens didn't do anything but take what i thought were blood samples and skin samples not sperm samples, and then they slowly set me back on the ground and that's all that i remember

To the person who said "how do you know that aliens exist for sure. "

No one knows that for sure...but logically speaking, in this vast universe, to think that our little planet is the only one with life forms (billions) would be absurd. The real question is not whether there are must be whether aliens visit us !


ok this is a true story no shit i was driving home one day about 4 months ago and was listening. to artbell as i stopped at this little restaurant to get a byte to eat i was looking out te window and so this big bright orange thing land are i thought it landed i really don't know well any way it scared me. and i left in a hurry after that night i got fired from my job lost my wife my granny died and i lost my car at church. and from that day i've been a believer through and through and im still scared that i may be abducted because they prob no me and want to prob me its really scary well bye all and believe

Hi, my name is Mark and although I've never been to Cyprus, something drew me to your web page and I was surprised to hear a very similar observation as was one of my UFO sightings...First of all, I work as a professional psychic astrologer and artist. I was in Mexico last winter working on an art project in a small town called Akumal which is near the pyramids of Tulum on the Caribbean Sea in the Yucatan peninsula. One very clear and starry night, something told me to up on the roof and lay down. I looked up and within less than a minute I saw a bright star moving to the North. It then started to blink very slowly, then it stopped, and what appeared to be a "silent" explosion occured...the star exploded into a thin white glowing membrane across a piece of the sky. Then after a minute or two, there appeared four or five new sparkling stars within the cloudy membrane. Suddenly they moved together to make one star and it started to blink again. The membrane now gone the star proceeded to move STRAIGHT UP, until it was gone. I started having sightings in 1976 in Florida, but I won't go into detail right now, but it was 7 oval shaped disks flying in a V-formation that time.So I don't have sightings every day!!! Anyway, I started to incorporate my UFOs and aliens in my paintings and so maybe I can show you my artwork someday soon. I'm presently working on a website,but in the meantime, you can reach me by email at:   or or   Peace,Mark

I was sitting in my backyard one late night and was sipping on some pineapple juice, ....when I was abducted by three aliens. It was 11:10pm when it ocurred. When they were through with me ,I was returned 40lbs lighter. I don't remember What took place, but for some reason they needed my fat cells for thier scientific study....hey, what can I say.....but gee THANKS I'm a studd muffin......Happy Encounters......: )

was walking over to my friends house at night and I was about 8 years old. and I was looking up and I saw this star shaped thing and it got pretty bid then disappeared.

Hi im Tatiana and i had my share of paranormal encounters. When i was 2 years old and was staying in my grandparents house in larnaca exactly in front of ancient kition i saw something that will stay in my mind for ever. I remember when my grandparents used to take me to their room at night to sleep and the balcony window would be open cause it would be summer and you know how hot it gets in summer here. Well i know this sounds crazy but what i saw was real i saw this very colourful giant just staring at me he didn't look evil he was just huge as huge as a building the only thing that was weird except him being big and colourful was that he didn't look human. My grandparents still ask me if i remember when i was little and used to tell them to bring the rifle out and shoot the colourful giant you know i was just a baby and was a little scared but not as scared as i would be now. This is one of my encounters with the paranormal and i still have alot of them and one of my other encounters is again with ancient kition but this time i was in ancient kition not in my grandparnts home.If you would like me to post my other encounters here please email me at   anyone who is also interested in the paranormal and would like to find a friend that shares the same interests please email me at the above address. Preferably Cypriots or people living in Cyprus. Thank You

I was a Sophomore in High School, March, 1996. One morning at 6:20, I went out take the garbage around to the street, and when I went back the around to go back to go in the back door I looked up in the sky. "Since I always like to look at the moon for a while". But instead of looking at the moon, I was this bright round Lime Green light. At first it looked like it was coming closer then it started to move away. So I ran into the house got a camera, which the film comes straight out after the shoot. Weird thing about it thou, was there was no Lime Green light object in the picture. So I went in... But that after noon I was watching the news and they were talking to a lady on the news who saw the green light too, saying it was a ufo. "It had to of been a UFO"

well it was my 11th birthday and me and my friend were just about to go to sleep when i went to shut the back room windows and i saw these three lights they were just flying around then they formed a triangle and swivelled around then they shot of again

I'm Susan in Boston, MA. When my nephew was 9 years old, he told me about three aliens who came through the window wall into his room at night. They were green, with large ears, wore some type of suit and carried equipment. The equipment was placed over him and it made a noise. He was so afraid he could barely breathe. The aliens communicated telepathically. He got the message that pollution and environmental damage to the earth was a concern to the aliens. He feared that due to these factors, more aliens would come en mass to the planet. I had heard that, sometimes, people who've experienced these encounters will have enhanced ESP abilities. So, I asked him a few questions about my future. I was shocked to hear him tell me the first name of the man I had begun dating! He said, though I would want to marry him, it wouldn't happen. He was right - after a 3 year courtship, the relationship ended. My nephew told me that I'd be working in a political environment - this is now happening. I'm a Catholic, and believe first in our Lord's will. I am comfortable with my faith, and also with the possibility that perfectly sane people are experiencing alien encounters. It's a mystery. My nephew chose to share this experience with me, and has not told any other adult. First, he nervously tried to say it was just a story, but the look of fear and pain in his eyes, compelled me to reassure him that this phenomenon was happening to enough people, to warrant scientific research. He was comforted to hear that collecting data from his experience could help further science. He asked me to get more information about any available research. I knew this conversation was a real comfort to him, but also scary, because he trusted me not to tell his parents. His parents would have coarsely discounted him, and he said he didn't want people to think he was "crazy" and send him to a shrink.

Dear ????, My heritage is Greek. My Fathers side is from Cypris. All my life I have been searching for the truth about UFO'S. I have seen some strange things in the skies, but I haven't yet confirmed them. I hope this web site will give me a better understanding of my search for our alien companions.

I am agent A.

I am not at liberty to disclose any of my knowledge at this time on this topic, but in the next year, I will reveal hard evidence that we are not alone.

one night when i woke up in the middle of the night i saw my juice glass explode for no typical reason i thought something was wrong i went to go look outside and i saw a big shiny saucer thing with a big bright light coming out of the middle of the bottom and it shined right over my whole house.

One night I was walking out side because I could not sleep, it was about midnight and I saw this light in the sky moving so fast it could not of been an airplane. All of a sudden this triangle shape stopped dead in front of me. One side of the triangle opened up and out came this translucent, tall, skinny creature floated out. I was so scared I could not run away. It pick me up and we floated into the ship. I remember everything that happened inside that ship. But I cannot talk about it because it is to painful. When you see something flying through the air faster that anything RUN!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! You do not want what was doen to me doen to you. You will never be the same.

It was a dark and stormy night I was stupid enough to be camping. It was about midnight and I was lying in my tent. I heard this noise. It was a whistle. None of my friends would go and see what it was. So I said I would go. I got up and left the tent. Then just I got out of the tent I seen this real bright light. I was blinded by the light. I couldn't see nothing. Then the next thing I know I was abducted by aliens and I was never seen again.

I saw an strange light one night while we played with a Ouija board. We asked the ouiji board if there were aliens somewhere. It said yes and we asked for proof, it said no, we threw the magnifying glass on the ground and it broke and then we saw a light out the window. We thought the Ouija board was getting revenge on us by playing with our minds, but it was real. It hovered over a house for about a minute and then lights started flashing on it and we got scared. We ran outside anyway and hid in a bush and watched it. Then a light shot down to the street and there was a little creature standing there. It was thin with long arms and legs. We couldn't see the eyes. We were at a distance from it and could not see details. Then the light came back and the creature was gone. We stayed in the bushes for an hour after that because we were scared. We thought the alien might come back or that it had seen us. It still bugs me that I don't know why it came and then left again so quickly.

why do they come to earth. have they hert anybody before. email me and give me information and pitchers of ufo's. email adress-Elnino189

i saw a strange thing one morning when i went to the shops for my morning paper. it was still dim and you could just see the stars, but one was especially bright and it started growing and it stopped and then it just stretched out across the sky, getting thinner and thinner until it had disappeared and i saw a small quick twinkle where the 'star' had originally started off.

CALGARY, ALBERTA I had a dream where the aliens known as the greys talked to me. In the dream I was running from a monster. I've had this dream many times since I was little, but in this particular dream, the aliens helped me. They asked me if I knew the answer to this dream and I said "no". They said this was the wrong answer and then monster found me and killed me. I wonder if the real aliens can talk to us when we're dreaming?

number if you were abducted by aliens and never seen again how could you have written your "comments"

One time, as Holly and Anna were sitting doing a report in front of the computer, they noticed something strange on the screen. It was cite about alien encounters. They started reading all the crazy stories. They turned and looked at each other and started laughing. They laughed so hard their human disguises pealed away to reveal two aliens laughing at the stupidity of the millions of earthlings!!!

When I was nine years old ,in Mexico city, I was walking down the sidewalk and I saw this thin disc-like objects suspended in the air and that time I didn't knew what UFO meant

2000 yrs later WE idiots low life humans will become a sin free smartassed supernatural ALIENS !!

One time me and my freinds were looking for frogs as walked out at the end of the drive way and saw some turning lights and disk shaped object.we were so scared we couldent move but then we ran as fast as we can.


My hunting days are long over. Here is a phenomenon that happened to me more than 20 years ago but could not remember much at the time. I used to go hunting in a small hill just north of Finikaria village .That particular morning I was there just before sun-up and I was enjoying the fresh air and I was watching the few scattered clouds in the west becoming brighter as the rays of the still beyond the horizon sun hit them. Until 1989 thats almost all I could remember except while watching the west a very loud noise, like a small rocket passed over me at such a high speed that nothing was seen. For many years I tried to figure out what was that loud rocket like noise and no logical answers could be found. Due to the fact that I travelled a lot by air in the past and always hated it, I did not fly since that hunting morning until 1989 when I had to go to Japan through Athens. While climbing over Troodos a picture in my mind was unfolding with the lighted clouds in the background. I can only say that the size of it must have been so large that no human can imagine. I presume the horizon in the West was at least 50 miles away and it looked as if I was watching at 50 meters three 100 foot containers forming a non-geometrical structure with smaller ones mostly towards the rear half of the structure .This picture must have been in my memory ever since that morning and was somehow suppressed by that sound for almost 10 years. Perhaps it has to do with the earth's magnetic field and can only appear when the earth's magnetic field is weeker, say at 30,000 feet and over. This is the only logical explanation I can give .

Mia fora imoun pou eixa kanei mia psili kai imoun poli high, eida 5 UFO tetragona na prosgionontai sto parko tis Athalassas. Katevikan 2 Aliens ( o enas emiaze me ton Bruce Willis) kai pira 2 papies kai efigan. Afto diarkise peripou 1 ora.

When my friends were sleeping over I heard this freaky 'wooing' sound and I saw bright blue lights through the windows. Another time when I was driving at night to a lake I saw a green thing in the sky with red lights shooting out of it. I think I might have seen something come out of the maybe 'ship'

Romania , 1989 .I saw a green triangle far out in the sky . It was "moving" very slowly (from my point of perspective) .

Montreal , 1997 . I saw two paralel globes of ligt "moving" North .Dan

when i was at the beach with my friends one night we saw a big flashing light. no it wasn'n a plain, or a lighthouse. and when we went to bed that ni- ght we saw the light a gain.....

i was coming back from Limassol on my motor bike and saw this bright light that swept down on to the road. then a reen creture came out and took me up the ships stairs i then fell and found myself next to my bed

I am an alien. Someday my race will come to this trash-ridden planet and help fix it up...maybe. Right now my advice to you is to stop polluting and don't waste stuff like water. Trees are your life! Protect them!

I once saw a ufo in my yard one night at around midnight it landed with a thud on top of my house and I went outside to see what it was and I saw some thing you will never believe (well maybe you) I saw Santa clause. The he got in his sleight after he knew I saw him and flew away. I'm not kidding.

 The Ufology Forum

 The Truth IS out there, as well as already here. However there are a handful of people willing to believe in it, willing to know it, willing to do what is necessary to both bring it into the public's eye and to protect it. I prefer to introduce it into the mainstream of society to those who wish to see things in a different way.

We all know that no space civilization yet has landed on top of the roof of the united nations and has announced their existence. Does this mean that they really don't exist ? Why are the spaceships that are believed to have come from other planets run away from us like wild animals .

in the northern part of north carolina, just below the southern boundry of virginia, near interstste 95. in the late summer of 1999. i observed two unknown v-shaped aircrafts black in color with a single light beam their size appeared to be 75 ' wide by 150' long. they were moving very slowly towards the south. they appeared to be about 300' feet over my head. i watched until they were out of sight.the strangest thing about this sighting is these crafts made no sounds, completely silent. till this day i'm noy sure if was real.

One time, I was sitting on my porch smoking a cigarette, and I was looking up at the sky. I saw this thing that looked like a star but it was really close to the ground and it was moving really slowly. Then it stopped and another one came out from where that one was and started moving, then it disappeared.

well i was in little town called ft.worth nothing but hispanics live there oh. me too. so i was checking out the window about 10;30 p.m then i saw a strange oval shaped thing flying across the other streets house and then it just disapeard like nothing . ???????then i told my mom & sisters but nobody believed me oh! well!i saw one and thats that!

i saw a ufo in 1963,outside of galena Kansas while my brother, my father, and myself were travelling to wagner okla. we stopped got out of the car and watched it for about 5 min. my father went to get his camera, and the thing took off faster than anything i've ever seen, we have never forgot that morning, and we talk about it amongst ourselves, this is the first time i've ever said anything about it, people would think i was crazy... but it really did happen...thank you for listening...bob..

boy, these people who sign on here are truly ignorant, aren't they....

Love your spelling of ignorant, or is it a more sophisticated version?

I saw a UFO 2 weeks ago right above my house. I think they were coming for my little brother. He was sitting up on my roof trying to speak some weird type of code he read in a magazine. I think that you all are freaks and have no idea what you are talking about. there is no such things as UFOs so get a life.

is there anyone out there with some form of implants? do you believe the ets created us as told in the popolvuh?this was the Mayan belief we were too perfect we lived thousands of years,we were too much like them too perfect, so they lessened us to a less perfect being shooter lives this is information given in the popolvuh!!!!!!!!!!!!!! do any of you look younger than you should, are anybody intuitive along with it?please write (mimi vivo)  

My dad works for Lockheed-Martain. He has travelled to Las Vages and then taken a "Janet" flight to and around area 51. I've sen him leave from home to the airport with "test" equipment and official letters from the government to allow him through airport security without x-raying his packages. "I know something is going on out there- what it is...I have no clue!"

TO RESPOND TO: HOW DO U KNOW IF ALIENS EXIST FOR SURE?-WELL, If you ever have seen one on your own then that's proof to u that they exist...not everyone has seen an alien but they do believe that they exist...I guess it's part proof and part believeing..For Example--(This will make u think)-- The United States Treasury Dept. has never Claimed to have seen God ...But! IN GOD WE TRUST in written on every piece of American Currency! Get it?

13 APRIL 2000, 7 PM, LIMASSOL (Bank of Cyprus Cultural Center (across from Woolworth Apollo): Lecture by Psychognosia co-founder John Knowles, "The Evidence for Unidentified Flying Objects: Are We Alone?" Includes rare video footage of UFOs recorded by NASA in the course of space shuttle missions. Followed by open discussion with the audience. Sponsored by Inter college Mystery Club. Refreshments will be available following the lecture. Admission to the lecture is free. Reservations not necessary but seating is limited. If you have any questions, please contact Mystery Club president, Michael Zawadski (25-377616).

date:19/4/00 One year ago i saw, here in Portugal, two lights stopped in the sky together, they were orange and it appears some weeks later again, my neighbour saw one too (too together in other day. E-mail: 

Time: summer night around 7 or 8 date: sometime in summer

One summer night I went outside. I looked at a tree about 1000 feet away and saw a bright ball on the ground. It rose up very slowly then just went out. The strange thing was that it wasent giving off any light but it was just a ball of light.

TO RESPOND TO: HOW DO U KNOW IF ALIENS EXIST FOR SURE? i aven't seen the ufo in my life, but my father has...he is not the person who likes to lie and to get everybody's attention like that i think that if so many people saw ufo then it must be true, because at least one of those was not lying and besides people saw ufos a long time ago and described them in Bible and all these ancient books, so they don't lie. Well, if somebody wants to talk about aliens, ufos, government secrets you can e-mail me at   or  

Just call me a believer i live in co-op city USA in NYC well.....anyways once and now i wake up in the morning for no reasons and its like someone's callin me but i done know anyway well i have alot of dreams about aliens and exc.... i believe in aliens imagine were a tiny planet in a vast galaxy i had a dream like three days ago that there was another planet like earth and and i was flying there but it was not a space craft but it was a space ship and it must have went really fast cause we went past pluto and some other planets but a dreamer and i will always be a believer if ya wanna reach me or tell me any of your story's email me  


dackal bort sige

I am an alien (we are truly called extra terrestrials.) I am a translator from fron (the planet that you call planet x.) I am simply giving this info to you for my master. He tells me to tell you he is pleased with the knowledge that you have of us. He said he will be back soon. Before I leave I need to tell you something, if you think that japan's technology is incredible, than you have no mind. <SIGNING OUT>

Mistresses Comment: Dear Alien. Please take spelling lessons

once i was in a highway, it was dark - 9.30pm - and i saw a big light. first i thought it was a plain, but then i realised that it was to big, to be one. then i kept driving the car and i could see a large number of litle windows in a big flying machine... i got so scared that i never told anyone. what was it?

Hi, my name is Arman. I'm 31 now and when I was 12 I was trying to photograph a crow in the roof of our apartment in Tehran I saw something like a sphere moving very fast horizontally and it suddenly stopped for 4 or 5 seconds, which gave me a chance to take a shot and then it suddenly went up with an angle about 90 degrees and disappeared. It looked about 1Km far from me to the south. Being a little kid, unfortunately nobody cared much about it and the photograph was sent to the academy of astronomical studies in Iran where they never replied nor granted it's delievry! I guess what I saw that day couldn't be a plane or satellite since planes are not sphere like and sats are not flying so low. I guess it was moving as fast as a jet fighter while horizonatl and it jumped sky high like a bullet, living me in deep amaze!

I saw this strange plate the size of an elephant spinning through the sky. I immediately assumed that my cousin Guido was playing a offensive pratical joke, for he knows that I believe in all aspects of the paranormal especially little grey men. Then this huge platey thing began emitting a weird humming sound, and my theory about it being a joke was proved wrong. A shaft of light shot out from a hole in the bottom of the "craft", and I was pulled up into some kind of control room by the visitors' "tractor beam", to quote the Hollywood expression. Then the aliens began prodding me with these strange metal sticks, and I told them to stop in a harsh voice. I suppose they thought I was being offensive (which I was I suppose, when I look back on it), and one of them (there were three in all) took out a laser and shot me in the stomach. Imagine my surprise when I woke up to find I was not dead, but actually lying on a railway track. I had no marks on me, it was as if nothing had ever happened. I have recounted this story many times to my grandchildren, and they still marvel at it.

I saw this strange craft in the sky on the 3rd june 1991 it was getting dark but i could still see it clearly. it looked nothing like a plane or man made thing, and it was not in the shape of a flying saucer at all, it was in a pryamid shape and was coverd in a reflective substance (prrobably to make it as invisible as possible, i could tell it was there from the reflection of me and my husband on the side and the evening light exposed the sides) It stopped about 150 feet abouve me for roughly 1 min then flew off at a great speed in a northernly direction.

People don't believe me but i know i saw it. Mr. A. Foster

Now i hope you don't go sending people round my house asking me questions about my experiance. I have never told anyone about this. on the 3rd june 1991 about 9.00 pm i saw a strange pirymid shaped craft fly over me it was heading north. it was compleatly silent, it looked invisible but the outline was clear in the moon light. i have heard in the news about someone seing a similar craft in cyprus, heading in a northan direction. i think it may be the same one. Mr. H. fritt

The fans seem to be working; either the little critters can't materialize, project invisibly, because of the swirling floor fans and ceiling fan, of they're afraid that they'll be "sucked up", or it may be that the electromagnetic "inference", set up somehow thwarts them. I don't believe that the invisible negative - though entities (the "Jinns" who give me nightmares with horrible scenarios,) are the same entities who "separated" my astral body from my physical body, although I did awake later, again, to note that the ceiling fan I'd left on had been shut off, and I awoke, drenched. So maybe the fan is a partial defense.but against WHAT??! I had a peculiar nighttime experience of high strangeness. I 'awoke', (out of my body) in darkness by the hall steps just outside my bedroom. I thought I was, perhaps, in transit back from the bathroom. As I stood there, wrapped in darkness, something; some small hand-puppet-like creature jumped on the back of my neck, gripping the back and snugly, moving up, positioned itself into the hollow of the nape of my neck, clinging tightly, snuggled deeply, holding on with a clamplike grip, warm small and unseen.

My hair stood straight up and I found I could not raise my arms to remove it, despite quick wrenching spasms of my head, neck and shoulders to dislodge it's grip form the back of my neck. I was paralyzed with panic, aware of this evil strange tiny creature holding fast to my neck, and again realized that my gyrations and twitches and spins were useless; it clung on the more tightly. Again I panicked realizing my arms were not working, and the creature had nestled snugly and held on, strange, silent and warmly stuck fast! I realized that I was just outside the bedroom door and ran into the bedroom yelling, "Susan! Susan! What's on my neck?! What is it?! Can you see it?! What's on my NECK!!?" I writhed and danced. I awoke, in bed, (in my body), with my wife, Susan, shaking me; leaning over me, looking at me with concern in her eyes. "You were having a bad dream," she said "I had to wake you."

I realized that the tampering inter dimensional "leak" of critters and my astral body - were more insidious and "tampering: could occur when I was asleep and "wandering". Very strange and creepy indigestible spiritual questions loom and dissipate. Only God can protect me. Six months ago, strangely, at about five o'clock. Mid -August, early in the morning, I awoke and looked up and down at my body in bed. My feet were floating above my feet; two sets of , one above, one below. I was leaning up, waist bent, staring, feeling my whole body tingling, vibrating and I thought, more in fear than in awe; "That's what happens ate death?!!" My next unformed thought was that I had to stop this; I didn't want to die. But I fell into a deep sleep and awakened later, exhausted, not remembering.

That night, before dinner, Susan told me that my whole body had "shook without my seeing any appendage twitching" enough to wake her, a sound sleeper, the night before. I told her my early morning remembrance and I realized that these inter dimensional thieves were stealing my astral body or "soul" and I felt deeply religious, frightened and aware of my "essence", not my body, that I had discovered valuable to these entities. How could such a thing happen or be allowed to happen, in God's universe? How can I explain their invisible , intrusive and harassing motives behavior and tactics? How can I resist without invoking 'revenge' or anger from these unseen thieves of body and soul? Who can I possible talk to about these assaults, nightmares, nosebleeds, dreams, and poltergeist -like experiences? Who could understand or advise me? Only another "abductee" or "experiencer" who has successfully resisted the evil of psychic or spiritual attacks.

Wednesday - February

"And forgive us our trespassers as we forgive those who transgress against us" In the middle of playing bass guitar, at four in the afternoon, the radio on in the background, a feeling of sudden anxiety, free and floating, smacked me, making my stomach tight and my fear lever climb. I closed my eyes in sudden panic. In my mind's eye, three small blue - grey entities, stood at the door, inside, watching me. The "leader" "intruding" into my psyche or mind, usurping, 'taking control', causing anxiety; (as an intuitive approach signal, I recognized). I ordered them out, putting the guitar down, shutting off the stereo and amp and mentally ordered them out!! Out!! Out !! Out!! I was swept with their raw surprise; two left; evaporated, one, amazed, reluctant, lingered. I recited the Lord's prayer and struggled, inwardly, to resist, ordering him out even as he hesitated repeatedly. It took five long minutes, minutes that seemed longer before the anxiety; i.e. the mental intrusion and I felt alone. But I wasn't. I went into the kitchen to boil water for tea, leaving the room, turning my back, my mind away form the feelings in the living room when a word, in my mind, emblazoned, looming appeared, in letters large and capital. "BEREAVEMENT". With my eyes open, the words hung in space, as an afterimage. Were they sad I had resisted? Tough shit!! I thought. Would they make me grieve in nightmares, cry heartbreaking tears? What did it mean? Bad dreams? In four days I was on a plane booked at a hotel to attend my father -in - law's funeral in Florida. Both the airfare and hotel rates were listed as "BEREAVEMENT" rates on both receipts. As well as being invisible they can see into the future and tell, warn us of it as suits them. But it seemed as if it were a 'slap', a rebuke, to have been told in such a cryptic stilted and intrusive off-handed way. It was the 'word' as much a response to my rejection of them as it was information. And most importantly it, the "WORD" strongly confirmed that anxiety IS a symptom that intuitively alerts me that the psychic intrusion, inference is happening. If the word hadn't appeared, I would not be sure that a wave of free-floating anxiety means they're already HERE and INSIDE. I was never really sure before. The word "BEREAVEMENT" confirms that I was right. If I can fight "them" in the first initial stages I can resist more completely. But how can you fight something you can't see? They change tactics, redouble their efforts and make one pay heavily for resistance. They're addicted to abduction and also have access to interdimensional creatures, who do their bidding. Fight? Resist? My analogy is one of cows grazing in a world - wide pasture. They are simply cows who eat grass under God's blue sky and don't acknowledge or analyze because they're only cows. But they love life and God and his skies and his grasses.

Occasionally, something odd, bizarre; an experience of high strangeness occurs; the farmer comes and milks the cows. Most pay no attention as the are just cows who eat grass and, the experience happens when they are asleep or dully unaware. The few (smart) cows who do resent the episodic intrusion who are aware of the subtle meddling, kick over the pail and spill the milk. They may even threaten the farmer himself. For these cows, the farmer does not return; instead, he sends in the 'butcher' for these cows. The 'butcher' is an evil, punishing entity, (interdimensional) who "MEDVED", "comes in the night" gives illnesses, infections, pains, organ disease, death, in bidding retribution for the abducting, but now thwarted entities, who resent resistance, in any form.

Tuesday - February

I often wonder, when at air terminals, awash in crowds, or at a ballgame, how, seemingly unaware "bovines are being "milked", or whether how many are truly troubled, aware of nighttime 'visitors'. How many people, thronged in diverse pursuits know? How many merely suspect? The accumulated, slow built 'evidence' suddenly looms as obvious as a trout in the milk. But would cows recognize a trout in the milk?; most would go on to chew grass under God's blue skies and deny the subtle, spiritual interference as a 'bad dream', or their imagination.

There is electrical interference with the T.V., bands of static and white noise, every few seconds on all the channels, like someone is broadcasting, nearby, on all frequencies! Ticks and knocks are heard in the walls; laying in bed, in the darkness, I hear a soft but clear footfalls in the attic and on the roof, paddling. The floorboards red and termite ridden, creak and pop as unseen entities walk by my footboard, as I toss anxiously; try hard to ignore the sounds, telling myself "How can they just walk unseen, through walls and doors yet have enough seeming weight of specific gravity to hear them make the floor creak?" begin to pray, trying to mentally resist, calmly now, over and over telling them to go: "Be gone, unclean, evil spirit. Leave me alone, the power of Christ, himself, the Blood of the Martyrs, God, himself, orders you to leave." -over and over - I close my eyes, aware that anger, fear; all negative emotions are food to them. My repulse must be totally positive. I try to think of them as marauding intrusive raccoons who stumble, motives unclear, into a trespass situation. There are some who sat the entities forfeit. Their right to "no attack", physically when they intrude, but they never materialize even when I know they're PRESENT, physically, I cannot see them. Sometimes a quick moving shadow or a flash of lights, (as though traffic could reverberate lights into a room with the blinds shut), is what I imagine I see. (They either "cloak" the area of their presence, or being at a higher intelligence and vibration level (not higher morals) they are simply invisible.) But they're THERE. Outside of pictures of aliens I've (thankfully)not remembered seeing one ever. Perhaps I just keep my eyes closed and that explains the general "blackness" surrounding vivid abduction memories, dreamlike in quality. "SLEEP!" "SLEEP!" A hooded grey stands, tall, by the bed: "GO BACK TO SLEEP - DO NOT AWAKEN" forces my mind to resume dreaming. I am in blackness. When I awake, bereft of memories, tired, I swing my legs over the bedside to reach the floor, and open my eyes. A voice, in my head, not my own, but much like my own says: "Time to activate"

Paul Schroeder

back when i was a child. @age 10 me my mom went to a tint revival one night. my mom was in church praising the lord and i went outside to play with the rest of the kids. all of a sudden a flying object came out of no were , and just stopped no noise the bright lights went dime just sat there for a long time, i pinched myself to see if i was dreaming, but i wasn't & then i heard a whisper don't tell anyone . then all of a sudden the large object took off like a light switch no noise. just smooth. i have kept my mouth shut. it has been hard. after it left . a helicopter came....

I don't think i've ever SEEN an alien or UFO or anything but i always think that i see something in the sky and i get very scared. I know it sounds stupid, but i kinda have this thing for wanting to meet them face to face. (well if they don't have faces what should i call them?) even if they are violent. has the government ever thought that these creatures could be microscopic?? and that these vessels people see could be a diversion so that they could land safely somewhere else?? or they could even be transporting the entire world (s) of these microscopic aliens. they could be in or on things we use everyday! (thank\x for reading but i g2g)

The other day in Pathos i saw a large rectangular object - with red lights all around it. After hovering for a while it landed right by me - you can imagine my shock when a 'green' person exited the strange craft and started 'gurgling' at me. Needless to say, i despatched him (or her?) with a right hook and continued about my business.

Do you think i have experienced a close encounter? Your expert comments would be appreciated - mail me at  

My name is Will Welch and I am English currently living in Florida. In about 1996 I flew into Shannon airport, Ireland and as we were coming into land, for about 10 minutes, I saw what seemed to be a thin black "stick" in the sky slightly lower than our plane. At first I thought it was the trail of another plane taking off. However, it then developed a separate "blob" at one end and began rotating thru 180% - the blob gradually became a "stick" and the stick became a blob. I manically pointed this out to my girlfriend who was sitting next to the window and she could see nothing. This appearence was quite small and could have been miles away but it was very clear to me and was not a reflection or another aircraft. About two years later I read of a similar sighting mentioned in Fortan Times but they had no idea what it was either. If you can help or have any ideas please call me. Will Welch Florida (956) 721 1751

Funnily enough, me and my father saw the exact same thing described by the writer on the UFO forum page. We were in Larnaca, 1996 and it was around 10pm. This star was hovering horizontal to the left and then it sort of paused, these lights flashed and it shot down, then it slowed right down again, It then shot horizontal to the far right side of the sky, shooting again up then horizontal to the far left of the sky. Then it just shot away. We thought maybe it could have been a shooting star or a meteorite, however the movements and speed seemed too perfectly controlled. It was also very very fast, much faster than any plane! Strange eh? contact me at :   (im Greek, hence the kebab) anna nicola xxx

I'm an energy healer and a psychic my parents are from cyprus, and I have been born in Canada you may e-mail me at  


I believe it is arrogant to think that we're the only inhabited planet in the universe!!!!!!!!!!

Hi.i am a 16 years ld boy and 3 years ago i have seen something That i believe to had been a UFo It was a Friday evening at about 2 o clock in the morning and i was leaving From my friends party i was passing by Acropolis Lyceum When Something bright Was approaching. in 2 minutes time it landed in the Football Field. I was Staring at it Trying to believe my eyes. Mean While all the street's light had gone off and but the Craft's lights were very Strong! It stayed there for about 5 minutes when it toof off in high speed and disappearead In the Sky. i know i had drank a couple of beers that night but i am certain i was not drunk! of Course non of my friends believed me (Even now) but i know i had seen something that night. I just hope someone else was there with me to back up my story!! please note that i had never believed in UFO s Before that night !


18/september/00 mount olympus cypru contact being made this is an official and concrete evidence - anouncment a-exta zeta ipsos 4234 ft above sea level agencies .a.capa cotact mcoy

1/september/2000 at 6.15 pm cyprus limassol-potamos yermasoyia Me and my cousin were driving my motorbike when we both saw a silver shiny object hovering in the sky. I asked my cousin if he saw what i saw and he said yes. We stopped and got off the bike and the object was still hovering in the same spot. We noticed the object because the sun was shining on it. It was a cylinda siver shaped object thicker than a saucer shaped object. The most frightening thing, was that the object did not move its position! Then suddenly the object slowly started to disappear. Still up to now my cousin and i are both in shock, we just hope that we are not the only witnessess to this u.f.o. sighting!

I saw something over my house a couple of days ago it was a large bright light it was about 30 feet above my house but we see stuff like this every night but when i see it again i going to shout it down alien man

I have a question ! I heard that Putting a Mirror in  front of your bed.. The mirrow will take away your soul or what is it ??...If it was a black coloured , but can reflect image on , does it count ??...Because when i was sleeping , i turn to another angle where the you know like put clothes in one...I am sleeping in front of it...Then i was having a nightmare...then i struggle to wake yup , then i found that i am kind of not strength and feel like vomit....So....Was my soul been taken something like the mirror thing type ?


Right after I was abduccttde by aleins i got a lot of nosebleeds. They would get all over my knew cloohtes and my mommy would get mad and beat me, and when she beat me i would get more blood on my cloothes, so she beat me some more. anyone know how i can stop these nose bleeds?


Just 3 years ago me and my mom was driving down a deserted road near mexico when we were abducted. No one belives us but it really did happen.

I'm so glad i finally found a site where i can share my experiences and tell the world what they do to you. None of my shrinks believe me but it's true. The aliens, they do ... experiments. It happened two years ago, out on a lonely road in Arizona. I was riding my bike with my friend (he was never found, but I know what happened to him) and a huge spaceship with beautiful lights flashing. We stopped and stared, completely drawn in by it. Then the abduction began. we were turned into dust. Do you know what that feels like? They zapped us into their spaceship. *sorry, I need a moment here* when they began the experiments, it was terrible. They switched our body parts. Oh my god it was terrible. To this day, his testicles are forever a part of me. It's all that remains of him. His body was so badly torn apart by the extraterrestrials that even their advanced technology couldn't fix him. Sometimes, his testicles talk to me. And I'm permenently impotent as a result of the transplant. They'll probably zap me for this, but I know where they came from. The planet Zargen 9, sector 7. And they are planning an invasion right now. I am not making this up. They want to come back to probe me again!

i seen a ufo in a place in scotland called Boness, dubbed the ufo capital of scotland for its frequency of sitings.

in july 1976 we saw a v shaped ofo about one hundred ft.up overhead it had round windows like portholes and was not making any noise. it just hung there for about ten minutes and then started humming and shot away was white in color and had funny marks on the bottem, like a u with amark like a q an E with the mark on the back in sted of the center. It was almost like english ,but not was hanging over a school house, it was very large maby two hundred ft.

I was eating breakfast at 6.30a.m. when suddenly this kind a like a shape of a plate I thought it was a air plane but since I worked in the air-force I diddnt reconise the colours I went to my office and checked planes with blue,red,and yellow signals. There where no matches.


I Lived in Cyprus for 4 years and ive seen UFO 3 times. It was a small dot in teh sky and very very bright. First it didnt move but then it was going in teh speed of light and dissapeared so quickly i felt like it ezploded. It is beautifull.

It's relief that I can finally get this off my chest where I won't feel the fool! I was in this place called Weston Super Mare last summer, England on a vacation. It was around 1am in the morning coming home from a party when I looked up and saw this feint orangey light hovering above the water. I thought it was Helicopter at first until it rushed towards the shore where I was standing and...


well I am from texes and you know what thats all about . Me and the wife were getting ready for bed when the house lit up .I thought it was a car on account we live close to the road , but then there was this noise , like screching so I looks out the window .and**** if it wrent a ufo , like in a movie


I'am an alien and we are going to take over your planit . There's nothing you can do , resistence is ........well you know.....

From:Amanda and Melissa Kohberger Effort, Pennsylvania As we were coming home from the store, my sister Melissa pointed out a roundish ball of light. No, it was not the sun. We really think it was a UFO. My sister was so freaked out! She is scarred of every thing! So it must have been scarry for her! Although she says she is not and she was very interested in it. So was I. I wish I had a camara with me. Who knew we were going to see a UFO. I don't look for these things.

On the early hours of 12/28/00 I believe that I may have encounted a UFO or the effects thereof in the South East portion of Kansas. Did anyone else experieince anything in that region during that time and if so..what?

I have touched. I have been. I know if you have.

Are there any secert rooms in the pyramids?

i live in missouri.i saw this last year and i am now 14 but anyways i was spending the night at friends house and we like to walk in the woods so one day we were walking in his woods it was only 2 acres wich is pretty small and we went every where in there but that night we were jumping on his trampoline and we both saw something fly very fast over us really fast but we thought it was a military aircraft (we really like that kinda stuff its pretty kool) until we saw it stop suddenly and a light went from the ship to the ground but it went really slow it took about a min. and a half to reach the ground and then it landed there in the woods. we were pretty freaked so we ran inside and watched from a window and we watched all night and didnt see it again that night. so we went back there the next day and we went to where we saw it and there was a big meteal silo like thing set in the ground but it wasnt there the day before. it had a hole in the top of about a 2 foot radius we tossed a couple rocks down and never heard them land it was really freaky so we went back to his house and asked his dad if he would come look at it with us but when we went there we couldnt find it again it was really freaky and true i think there are aliens and i believe all these stories thnks for reading this but just wut the x files say "The Truth Is Out There!"

there is a hole 72 yards west to the big pyramid. (people sometimes tell u they're all the same size but they are not) Dig 1 meter down, and 3 yards north. You will find that after the first yard the walls around you are solid. When you reach the third yard dust off all around yu (be carefull for you do not want to knock the wall in front of you down, it holds needed information). Read what this haas to say and tell the media about your discovery. Three people have already gone through this, the problem is that the mmedia were not as fast as it is now. Inform everyone about this and trust me the world will repay you for your troubles.

could u send me everything u know about aliens, its really important because i fell as if i have been ubducted email me t 

i do bilieve in aliens and ufos and i want to spend my life watching up the sky and looking for them.well...i it posible God greate only us?there must be another form of life up there.


One early morning on Saturday at around 3:00 I saw an odd triangular shape flying low. It didnt seem to large but it was very fast and speed away 4/28/00

One time i was playing with my friends at night and we saw a blue light with green flashing lights in it. It was so cool (i was a little scared)!

one day when i was 2 i was at pebble beach and i got stung by a jellyfish. that night i could'nt fall asleep so iwas staring out the window and i saw a green light from the sky it came closer and closer then i was in a ship and then i can't remember a thing ecept my wound from the sting was fully healed.

Lets say for the sake of argument that aliens really do exist. Do you people know how far between glaxies are apart from each other? How would they get here. Its not like star trek at all. Space is bigger than you could ever posibly imagine.


hi my name is carmen and i have seen a ufo and it was like a big thing floating in the sky it was flying like the speed of lightnig i was so scared i almost peed my pants! thats scared me so bad well u may not belive this but later that night my boyfriend woke me up i didint know why but then he shows me this really bright light coming from the distance and i get my robe on and go downstaires you see we lived in a big house that my dad built for me a while ago and there's a big feild right next to us but any way i went downstaries and i went out side all of a sudden we hear a big ecoing with a weird noise i cant even explain but i was scared then my boyfriend gose out side and he starts heading for it i scream no dont go out there and he says ill be right back dont worry and i worried but he came back in 15 minetes then the big object moving up into the sky and back to space. thats when my b/f came and told me it was the ufo so we went back to bed and i couldint get to sleep but i never saw it again.

i don't know what you people are talking about but the devil is just convencing you that there are ALiens around the galaxy or whatever you call that..But the Devil wants you to beleive in something either then GOD because the devil hates us and wants to see us go to HELL...GOd is the only way out of here..not ALiens or UFO's...All i want to say is that.. HELL isn't a wonderful place to be in BUT HEAVEN and the gift of being able to live for INTERNAL LIFE is the best ever... all im saying is i care about you people and i don't want to see you go to hell over a stupid lie by the DEVIL!!!!

HI...when i was at a camp site i looked up in the sky and i saw something went not sure what it was but i think it was a shuting was around 1:00 to 1:30 in the went by really fast and it was far away...BUT i don't beleive in ALIENs or UFO's....if you poeple do it's not my decision but just to tell were you will be heading if you do... is HELL...... and i know where im going im going to HEAVEN to be with GOD...the HOLY one the one who made the earth and the heavens above us...

As the hours reached deep into the night I and 2 of my closest freinds had the opportunity to be a pat of history. We three met the man who calls himself Zion, which is ironic being as I am Jewish and the impportnace of the holy city of Zion. But he promised us that he is planning to come and breed among us the humans, no one will know. He claims his people will spread like aids, a unstoppable plague of mass proportions. Zion, will overcome the human race with out us knowing till it is to late. I met him in Pathos my home. This is my testamony and I hold firm to it.

A while ago (December 1999) I was driving home after work at about 11:15pm. I was going from Paphos to Polis. Just after the Tsada turn off I got the shock of my life because the night became day. I stopped the car and looked up into what was supposed to be a clear sky and I saw two very large balls flying from east to west. They were redish/white like the colour of fire and they flew slowly, very slowly and without a sound. I believe nothing man made could be that big and fly that slow without a sound, also the light they produced was very , very bright.

While I am camping in Camp Site in Near Nasa Place to study the animail. so I came outside and I heard something strange and I saw a raccon look at the space. I look up the space and I saw a bright GLOW with Blue OVAL shape. and I try to get my camra and i took it but the thing went up so fast like a lighting strike in the ground. So I am going to back and try again. So Have a nice day and I will let you know what is going on. Thank you!

well this isn't exactly about an UFO, but what creatures that involve in it. Ok when i first move to Campbell Nebraska, i was having some strange dreams. They were about aliens. When it got to the point that i was scared of my dreams during the night i would wake up. Some times i would just wake up during the night for no cause. Then it kept happining frequently. But every time i would just wake up there were 4 gray, tall, figures with big glumy eyes looking at me. I would admedietly pull the covers over my head and call for mom and when i did that i felt like as if i were being lifted down like as if i was some where else then in my room. The first time this happened was when i was 4, then it happened when i was 8 then 10 when i was starting to develop into a young women. ever since then it hasn't happened.

Then I have had an acc. with a ufo. My parents and I were heading east to a little town called Bladen nebraska to pick my brother up from a friends house when we saw bright lights huvvering over my friend Chelsey's house by the time we got up there, the lights were gone, we were only about 560 feet away from her house when this happened. It was about 4:30 am when we saw this. It happens quite often around the little small towns here.

For some reason the 2 older people go around every night at about 2:30 in the morning and see if (i don't know what for); i guess ok. These old people have been around this area for about 40 years one of them have been here for all her life.

thanks for you time; Carman

last year at school we did some work on u.f.o's and it was fun

i ve recently got this strange scar. its been there 4 about a week and im absoloutely positive i wasnt there when it happened unless i was unconcious. i havent said anything because im secretlt hoping ive had and encounter with aliens of which im a firm believer in.Also im finding any problems that are put towards me incredibly easy its as if i dont even hav 2 think about them and im not exactly wat u might call intelligent! I just thought i might tell u this because i dont know who else 2 tell. Thanx

hi my name is harry ratworth and i live in cyprus. my father says that he is a dog-rat who decended from top dog and top rat! you see his father is a dog and his mother is a rat. So the business DOG RAT LTD is illegal becuase it says that you can buy, eat and rent dog rats. if that was the case, then my father could be eaten. but if anyone try and eat my father i will feed them to my rat. so i will me taking mr danny childs to the court of rat dogs.

I was stationed for 2 and a half years in Episkopi and Troodos (UK) army camps in 1991. One day I was on the way to Episkopi beach with few friends and we stopped at the natural amphitheatre on the cliffs above the beach. It was late afternoon and we were there for the sunset when suddenly above and to the north at about an elevation of 60degrees or so, was a bright fireball moving to the west. We first noticed the hissing sound, much like frying bacon. It was a tremendous sight. The orange fireball left a very high altitude smoke trail which lasted for about 15 minutes. It passed over the horizon to the north as we watched, then we went to the Epiiskopi SBA police check point and rang the RAF air traffic control tower (I had a friend working there) at Akrotiri. They had detected a fast moving object and it was put down to be a meteor. Whether it hit the sea or the ground I did never find out. Dorian (Ex Royal Signals Episkopi)

Can someone plzzzzzzzzzzzzzz plzzzzzzzzzz, tell me what kinda drugs they're taking so i can go get some. you freaks seem to be having lots of fun. hahahaha. lets admit it, we all know that its the russians and americans. p.s dont forget to hook a brother up. p.s.s if u have anything to say, write to ...........OH shit, look up. oops its only a bird. KILO GREEN N DA HOUSE i'm not sure if it was a "alien spacecraft" but it sure was a UFO to me, not knowing what it was. I'm in Colorado. My friend and I were going to look at the moon and a star sitting right below it..b eautiful sight. Anyways, a light kept going on the off in the sky. It had red white and blue lights, we thought it was a cop chopter. Then as we kept watching it , it went behind the mountain and came back out circling around the mountain. There were no arcticles about a helicopter being sent out that night, so i'm not sure if it was what we thought it was.

Hi there! My name is Selma and I would like to tell you guys about my experience with aliens and UFOs. Once I actually was kidnapped by an Alien called Bob. I killed it and Im not gonna stop killing aliens I tell you. I hate Aliens and I will do everything in my power to kill as many aliens as possible.

Thank you :)

Nick. Answers to "how do you know aliens exist for sure" My answer to that is, Can you prove that they don't exist!! Also, can you prove against all the evidence worldwide too!!!

Reply from Nick to "How do you know Aliens exist for sure" With all the worldwide reportings and hard evidence (on camcorder& photographs) on sightings of U.f.o's, sightings of Alien entities, landing traces, children (ages as low as 2 yrs old) right up to old people confessing to being abducted by non-humanoid entities worldwide, you got to ask yourself this, why is it since the birth of humanity has the human race talked and drawn about people that are not of their own kind!! one last comment I'd like to put forth and that is, why do All cultures (especially primative cultures) mantion in great detail about SUN GODS or SKY GODS, who alway's descend from the skies! There's enough in the Bible on "descends" to keep you occupied for quite awhile too. If you want more info, I've got a truck load waiting. all the best for now, Nick. To the web-site creaters: from Nick, I thought the maker's of this web-site, are supposed to CHECK on foul language? Because I see alot of idiots presenting themselfs in this way! please don't let these primitives in again. I am coming across these losers on a daily bases and don't need to see them on this web-site too!!

Dear Nick (from the web-site creators) We do check on foul language, and do delete it regularly but usually on a weekly basis, not more. This forum is however not censored for juvenile or silly ideas.

I have seen a UFO near cyprus when I went on holiday in october 1 st 2001.

One night while sitting on the front porch, smoking a ciggirett with my little brother a large object flew over head im not sure what shape it was but it shook the whole porch so much that I could bearly open the door to get in. Once we got in our living room and looked out the window, we saw nothing but the dust stirring in the air from the objects quik movement over my porch. the next day when it was light outside we looked at the top of the porch and saw a long scrape mark about 2 and a half ft. long It peeled the tin back like it was nothing! we actually had proof to show our parents that something had flown over and almost shook us off the porch. But they dismissed it like the tin had been like that for a while? Isnt that wierd?

I'm not sure of the year, sometime between 1969 - 1971. I remember reading in the newspaper there had been quite a few sightings of ufo's over Meadowbrook Pkwy. on L.I. New York. One night around 9:30p.m. I saw what looked like a saucer shaped object with lights hovering over my house. It stayed thereHow positive are you that there is such thing as UFO's? Is there any reasonable evidence? About how many have been spotted?

To the author of this site and others interested in his observation 20 years ago in Wiltshire UK:

I have seen those same Wiltshire lights (UK), the explanation is interesting. There is a large military area that covers much of Wiltshire's countryside, the lights you saw are flares that are used by the military to light-up the terrain for regular infantry at night (I assume for ones without infrared equipment), and are used during training exercises there.

You also mention satellites, these are much smaller, like very dim stars, and are hard to keep track of, they go in a straight line. Near a former US airforce base in UK I was lying on some grass looking into the sky and caught site of such a 'satellite'. Following for a few seconds it suddenly changed direction. The answer is also simple: a spy plane. In the UK (again in the clear of the country away from noise and city lights and at night) I was out with some friends drinking and lighting a fire, and a (now former) airforce pilot friend was with us. We heard a faint sound that was identified as characteristic of a sonic boom - which is illegal over land in the UK. Naturally this kind of sound can travel some distance but Oxfordshire is definitely in land.

The interesting conclusion is that because there is no reason for a UK spy plane to fly over its own territory (in the first example) that is it is a 'coincidence' that it went anywhere near a *former* base and that it chose that exact location to change bearing - that it was most likely a foreign spy plane. Who is the most likely 'spy' of a former US airforce base in the UK - well it doesn't take a genius to work out that it was probably the US. Which raises some interesting questions!

For example does Tony Blair know? I bet he doesn't, even if some UK general somewhere does. Does the UK press know? I bet they don't lie on the grass near former airforce bases to find out and even if they did and even if they cared they'd be hushed-up! UFOs (sometimes) = Spy Planes = National Security. And the full extent of US monitoring globally is probably massively underestimated by more myopic nations.

Its interesting to think that I was probably spying on the spy, while just lying on the grass. If anyone wants to know more drop me an e-mail.

Rob ( )

mahoyvin alot of people have seen UFO's i havent seen any that i know of but i do know one nite i was watching the stars and then i saw a star shoot straight down then it went back up and disaperd im not saying it was a ufo but you can never know

I am From The Australian Government, We Know about the US Military and there actions 

A few days ago i saw this weird flying object over hope in nelson new zealand. I was just wondering what it was?

i saw something in nottingham over arnold 30 years ago.i have kept ione night around 8:30 p.m. me and some of my family were driving on some back roads to oakley, ca. or antioch--whatever the hell u wanna call it, well i had an erie felling before we left to began with, so i had my eyes peeled.when we were coming down off of a levee and on to a seperate road which spread away from eachother and made kind of a field between the road and levee i spotted a big orange light which 3 seconds later spread out into 3 big orange lights, below the 3 orange lights (the bottom of the ufo)were a couple of smaller bright blueish-white lights which seemed to flash in two's acrross from eachother, one way than the other, like if u put four lights on each corner of a box and only 2 of them(in a diagnol line)flashed at the same time, then the orange lights would dim and fade off and only the littler blueish-white lights would be flashing, just cruising there above houses and fields and what not. remember im in the country going from west sacramento to oakley, that continued with several other ufo's for most of the trip until i was looking out the passenger window(thats the seat i was in) and i was trying to show someone in the back seat the ufo(or the lights because in this point in the storie i couldnt actually see the craft itself, just the lights, no matter how close it got-as if it had camoflauge that blended in with the night sky)so as i was saying we both leaned towards the window and all of a sudden one of those little lights flashed right in my face--so close i could of rolled down my window and touch it. it only flashed for a split second, the other person that was in the back seat said oh my god and the erie feeling that i had grew like it overcame my body i felt sort of paralyzed like they were running some sort of their power through me. to make the rest of the story a hell of lot shorter i would like to say every thing i saw-the others saw too, not just me. at the very end of the trip the driver looks back in the distance-me being curious looked back too and we both saw what had looked like a small replica of saturn, it was a sphere whith a ring around off in the distance up against the levee, it looked like it was landed but i dont know for sure. that night no one else but one car was on the road and it was the first warm-clear night in a long time. the next morning i woke up with a sore shoulder, when i went to examin it there was a fine scar about 4 inches long on my left shoulder.did i have something they want? lyral genetics? who knows.

thats not the only strange phonomena that has happened to me..........


I was sitting on my patio one night in cyprus,(1998) watching the stars, when one caught my eye, at first I thought it was a shooting star but it was moving too slow. After a while it stopped for a few seconds then shot away at an amazing speed. I though it must be a UFO.

ummmm, yea. all of this that ya'll are talkin about is a little friggy. yea, there probably are other creatures out there, but dont you think, considering the time span that the earth has been around compared to the rest of the universe, that if thoses other 'aliens' truly wanted to find life on this planet, they would have used they're advanced technology to land and actually appear to a big ol' group of ppl? i mean considering that the earth is so young and humans have still progressed so much in flight, those other planets out there would be much more advanced than we are in those areas? think about the logical stuff, its not that hard~peace out

Ive seen a red light a long time ago at the age of 4 or 5 when in a car.                                                        i cant remember much but i remember 2 lights.1 blue.i could also c flashing obdjects getting farther and farther away from our planet earth.they moved very very quickly side 2 side,up down in circles and i saw a puple flash and the next thing i new,i turned out 2 b in the front of the car when i was in the back watching.

The year was 1965, mid-summer. My whole family witnessed a UFO sighting up-close and personal. As we were all sitting on the front porch - my brother Steve, parents; Frank, Jewel, and my self Nick Abrams, were astounded to see, coming around the trees at tree top level - toward our house a circular silver flying vehicle centered with what appeared to be rectangular windows. It circled and hovered just above the telephone poles very near to the house. Not a sound was made from it, and we know it was't a balloon - we figured it was about 45 ft's in length - 5 ft or so in height. After a brief time it shot up, and away, so fast in a blink of an eye - it disappeared. I'm sorry this story is not exciting, but it actually happened - on Likens road in Marion, Ohio in 1965. reported by Nick 5/02

About two years ago i was in hunting camp(in michigan) and i got up at about 2 am to go to the bathroom. Anyway I saw three lights in the sky which I thought were Shooting stars. But then they all just stoped not like slowed to a stop, they just stoped and hovered for a few minuets. Then they did an about face and zoomed off like a bat out of hell way faster than any thing I've ever seen.

Hello I am John Chapdelaine. I am currently trying to raise awareness and create interest in the need for a World body to be set up to handle Worldwide contact with Extra Terrestrials. As there is no other organization other than the United Nations that could handle such an undertaking. I have started a petition to ask the United Nations to set up such a body. The petition in its entirety will be added under this email. I would like you to read the petition whether or not you sign it is up to you. If you do agree with the petition and believe it has merit could or would you please add a link to your website. There is no need to link back or mention me in any way. I do not believe who started the petition is of any matter. what matters is the petition itself. There are many who are working toward disclosure and a release of information. Far to few are looking ahead to actual contact. Thank You for your time and consideration. Lingo

To: Mr. Kofi A. Annan Secretary General United Nations Dear Honourable Kofi Annan, With good faith in peace and equality we ask that a forum and a United Nations Body be set up to handle Worldwide Contact with Extra Terrestrials. Also that a landing place for initial contact be made available on United Nations Soil. That all information and such contact be broadcast live Worldwide, using every available media. The belief that anything that effects the World as a whole should be dealt with the World as a whole. In the fact that we are all equal citizens of the earth with rights inherent to all life. It is these rights we draw upon as citizens of the earth universally. As it is The United Nations mandate to deal with issues and rights of the peoples of the world It is within the powers of the United Nations to deal with such an issue and phenomenon. The reasoning behind such a Request would include;

1) Such contact will impact every living being on this planet. In the event of worldwide contact, the realization that we are not alone in the universe will impact everyone on the planet regardless of belief or disbelief in the phenomenon. This will radically change our way of life forever. Therefore we should proceed on this as a one-world voice in a one-world view where every one is equal.

2) To any Extra Terrestrial Intelligence we are all one on this planet Terrestrials, Earthlings, Humans, or Homo Sapiens. It makes no difference of colour race or religion” we all have a soul; a life force coupled with intelligence and free will with the power to control our own destiny. This given to us by our Creator and God known by whatever name through whatever Religion.

3) That this is one subject that the whole world can agree on. As this subject effects every person the same regardless of race colour or religion, We will have to look past our differences and work towards a global view as one world with individual beliefs yet equal and peaceful with respect and good will to all and each other.

4) This is a starting point to working towards understanding, World equality, and peace. Once we can begin to deal with this issue on a worldwide scale we shall see how alike we all are. Then maybe we can settle our differences and work together to solve the present problems in the world. Evolving and growing separately in our cultures is a thing of the past. It is time we now share what we have learned and repair the damage we now do to the world and ourselves.

5) That any technology should benefit the world as a whole. In the event that any technology of extra terrestrial intelligence origin should be shared and distributed freely worldwide. What other possible solution could there be to distribute technology of this sort.

6) That any alien technology gained singularly would give one country an advantage over the world.

7) That Worldwide contact will answer this question and settle this debate once and for all, and stop the debate, misinformation, propaganda, and what ever else may be happening without public knowledge or agreement.


The Undersigned 

the url to the petition is

I live in Cali where abunch of alian sitings have been reported. Last week I had a dream about an alian doing an operation on my leg. The next morning i looked at my leg and there was a scar where in the dream the alian was operating.

me and my friend were building a half pipe at 2:00AM and we were looking at what we thought was the moon but when we were looking for its face it set off a great blinding light and we strangly woke up in our tent and when we looked at our half pipe it was done and it was coverd with weird symbols.


My Father and his village in the now occupied part of the island witnessed something strange about 40 years ago. It was a winters night and the villagers were getting their animals in for the evening. Suddenly, my Father and several others saw a bright light (like a shooting star) approach the village at a steep angle. It was going very fast and left a huge trail. It passed over the houses by about 20meters and aimed for the wood at the bottom of the shallow valley. As this looked like a fireball everyone thought the trees in the wood would be burnt by the heat. They weren't. There was no explosion and no sound. Within and hour the area was secured by the British forces. When they eventually left, my Father and his friends went down to the wood to see if they could see the trail left by this 'object'. There was nothing. Not even one single burnt leaf!

The villagers eventually made a story up that they had been visited by Saint Nikolas! The village is Leonarisso.


I was looking through my high power telescope, just looking at some stars when i caught i of a very bright flashy star. But to my amazement it wa sno star as i looked closer it was a bright circle moving around very fast like in a formation. Then all of a sudden it shot of into the sky and dissapered ilooked for it but couldnt find it, but when i looked in the spot i first saw it there was bright lines that sort of formed symbollooking formation that was slowly fading away. I think the craft or whatever it was was forming something and trying to communicate with something. The symbol was hard to describe but wehn i did soem research on the sybol o bye the way i drew it on some papaer. when i researched crop circles i saw the same sybol in a crop circle. It was amazing i dont know what it means but i always watch the skys now!

st I watched it go beside me and dissapear into the woodline. I asked my friends if they saw it and finally dismissed it, when they didn't. The truth is that until I meet one or read about it in the paper I don't know that I ever will believe in it. I have done some research though, and found out that most unusual sitings always occur around high EM areas or low levels of radiation. Pretty strange?

why do UFOs make crop circles in only wheat or corn fields?

Close encounters of the crop-eating kind

Helena Smith, Athens Saturday August 10, 2002 The Guardian

UFOs are destroying the plains of fertile central Greece, according to farmers who claim to have spotted alien aircraft landing in their fields. After a visit by a "strange flying saucer" this week, one angry farmer in the Koziakas area said he had lost several dozen hectares of wheat.

"This huge circular flying object just floated down from the skies on to my field," said Athanassios Tsioukas from the village of Prini. "Its surface was full of small holes."

The farmer found the close encounter so unnerving that he rushed to the local coffee shop to alert his friends.

"When we got back to the field the aliens had gone," he sighed. "But their machine had left all these holes in the soil, some as deep as 20cm, which had cut into my crops."

Mr Tsioukas is not alone. Numerous farmers in the region have complained of unidentified flying objects leaving strange markings across their fields, although there is no suggestion that the unexplained designs are crop circles of the kind seen in Britain.

Some farmers have even demanded compensation. So far, the pleas have fallen on deaf ears as claimants have been unable to name or pinpoint the mysterious crop-eaters.

A fellow farmer, Apostolos Patramanis, who was in the next field at the time of the latest sighting, said he looked up to see "bright flashes light up the skies - and then this huge object appeared and landed on Tsioukas's crops".

In recent years, growing numbers of UFOs have also been reported in Cyprus. Last March, a Swiss photographer who had just retired to Paphos, on the south of the island, said he spotted a silver, saucer-shaped object "emerge from the clouds" as he walked along the beach.

The UFO apparently hovered before "floating down" and disappearing behind some rocks. Two years ago another flying object was also spotted in the skies of Cyprus from the Troodos mountain range, not far from the British base at Akrotiri.

When I was a young man aprox. 6 years old Ilived with my family on Walker A.F.B. New Mexico. I remember seeing a ufo that was of great size and color. I only remember this as an adult. I asked my mother about this sighting and she confirmed my story. I remember being in the court where we lived outside playing with neighbor kids. I could look around the court and see other people , adults witnessing this phenomenom. It was like we were in slow motion with different color lights surrounding us.


hello i have seen many UFO sighting i have been searching for the aliens for a long time i want to become one of them!

Were there any sightings on 10/19/91?

it was a cd shaped U.F.O with two slitly smaller cd shaped objects under it. Then the U.F.O. hovered over this barn next to my house then this light came down from it and 4 people came out from the light 2of them looked like one of us [human] but the other 2 had 2 large black eyes and grey skin about 3 ft tall these men were. Then the next thing i saw was stars and then a long thin grey hand with 4 digits came over my eyes then i woke the next morning in my bak yard with clothes i had not owned

I think ufo's are a big lie. People are staying up for what a hat flying by. Now come on you know and I know ufo's are a big fake. Give me some preufe!!!!

Hello i am a student at a college in Basingstoke calleg BCOT i have to do a project on crop circals and i was wondering if you have any information on this subjuct thanx emma

December 15th, 2002. 11:03PM. Kaimakli, Nicosia, Cyprus. Sky comditions: Clear. Visibility: Unlimited. Bright light traveling 10 times faster than an ordinary airplane was observed. Was moving horizontally at constant speed. Suddenly the light remained constant for at least 30-45 sec.It start moving vertcally and stoped again. the light start turning bright blue. Suddenly the light disapeared accelerating with significantly hight speed.

1987 united kingdom( southwales valley ) I was working a night shift at our local hospital, when i recived a phone call, to go out side and look towards the mountain. There were 3 lights all in a straight line just hovering, when all of a sudden they all flew in different directions, Next day in the local paper, 3 ufo`s spotted over gwent. The same thing in different parts of Britain

mia mera evgala to provata ekso gia voski kai ksafnika ida mprosta mou ena eksogino. Me plisiase kai mou ipe: Dosmou ena arni gia meleti kai ego tha sou doso superarni. kai etsi egine. To pire kai efige kai apo ekeini tin mera den ton ksanaida.

Most of these people in here seem like they have overdosed on niquil? Poor souls But let me tell you about a true story. I live in cyprus and ive seen some wierd stuff man. Dude they left these signs in my field like a crop circle. They were harvesting people and i gave them my little brother. Its been alot queter. Thank God for them.

No this wasnt from signs

When I was serving in the Royal Air Force at Akroiri in 1957-58, I and several others saw strange lights away from our dispersal area that we were guarding at night. They would appear in two's or three's, no more, as bright white orbs about 15-20 feet off the ground and moving quite slowly. When ever anyone went to investigate them ,as they got closer they would gradually disappear. The series of sightings went on for about 1 year then stopped all together. I remember that the area were they were seen was close to where the ruins of old inhabited buildings lay. The nearest the lights ever came to the squadron dispersal area was directly over the barbed wire entrance gate. One of the guards was standing by the gate with his back to the light, when I called to him to look behind , he turned and the light just faded, then as he turned back toward me it re-appeared so I decided to shine the small search light we had rigged up onto the light, when I did there was nothing to be seen. I never heard of any explanation for the sightings. The other occasion was in September or October 1957 when a strange light was seen over the Troodos mountains in broad daylight, I counted 22 people where I was all watching the same sighting and I know that there were many more people on the camp seeing it too. There was quite a lot of cloud over the Troodos range and the object seemed to be white or off-white in colour and at a 15-20 degree angle. It wasn't easy to make-out an exact detail of the object but the three lights were very distinct, Red, Yellow, and Green. Whilst we watched the red light moved toward the green light, stop, then move on toward the yellow. Then the green one would move to where the red one had been, followed by the yellow one moving all the way down to the green, and so on and so on. This went on for about 45 mins until an RAF Canbera that was taking off in the direction of the lights got closer to it then the whole object just slowly vanished.

you mentioned bout the 3 'stars' coming out of a central point of light, i too used to experience this on almost a nightly rate back in 1980 whilst living in Somerset, near a town called Langport. I too thought satalite, hellicopter what ever however i had the pleasure to introduce others to the strange nightly behaviour on 3 or 4 occasions, they always seemed to form a true equal sided triangle then each one in turn would move towards one of the next positions and meet the next, passing 'through' the centre 'star' and then the next would move in some sort of dance!!

if you want to get in contact 

Help.. any abductees out there in Cyprus? Please help me.. I was abducted by aliens. I was in Paphos last Thursday visiting my friends, returning to Limassol by car when a frightningly blinding light appeared in the sky at around 03:45 my car stopped. I was terrified. Then when I opened my eyes again I felt a weird sensation behind my back - felt different. I am sure I was abducted by aliens, one of which even look liked his beatitude Makarios (former president)... Help please.. Marios Parisinos

69: i think my cousin and i have been abducted by aliens. Last summer my cousin, as usualy every summer, came up to visit me. Well on July 10,2002, there was a lightning storm going on outside, and since i really for some weird reason have some kind of special attraction for lightning, wanted to get up out of bed and watch the lightning. So i asked my cousin if he wanted to come and watch it with me and he said yes. Well we went to the front door and started to watch it. All of a sudden a light showed up north east of us. This light was hedead due west and for some weird reson my cousin started to joke arround and he said "oh my gosh its a UFO!!" but that was just a joke, at first. Then it got real serious when the thing just all of a sudden stoped about a half mile strait ahead of us. My cousin quoted later on "It looked like it just stoped and turned and stared at us!!!" and indeed it did! It all of a sudden turned at about, if my geometry is correct, a 90 degree angle south and looked strait at us. And then it stated towards us. We began to panick. I ran and got the binoculars because at first from when it was just accross the road from us it looked like the little disc and i mean exactly like the little disc at the top of this web page. It looked like it had one big light on the bottom, but as it got closer the light became 3 lights! And it looked like your basic three lighted triangular ufo. So when I got my binoculars I went out on the porch and literaly stood right under it and looked at it with the binoculars. It made a very faint humming sound and with or without the binoculars i still couldnt see any shape or metal. I did however see a little bit of reflection from one of the big lights. Now back to why i think me and possibly my cousin where abducted. The reson for this is because they say if you loose memory of time yove probably been aabducted. Well My cousin said it was about 10:00 when we first saw it. I remember, after this thing went over the house and we chased it to the back yard but lost site of it, when i walked back throgh the kitchen the clock on the microwave said 10:50 something. But i could have sworn that it only took it about 15 to 20 minutes to get over our house and gone. So if my cousin claims we saw it at 10:00 and it only took it 15-20 to get over the house and gone then how come the microwave clock said it was about 10:50 something. The microwave couldn't have been wrong because i take medication and relly on that microwave clock so i can right down the time i took my medicine. But i dont know, it was weird though. Im planning to go back to the front door at about 10:00pm this July 10,2003 to see if it comes back.

I think that ufos are totally weird and why do they come down to earth? !!!!!!!!!

I was standing out side with my brother Tommy looking at the moon then my parents called me and my Brother in so we started to turn around when we saw this huge light in the sky at first we thought it was a aroplane but we then thought that would be too bright to be an aroplane so my brother ran indoors to get the bernoculers then when he came out he thought i was gone but i was just standing there then after 10 minutes he actually saw me and he said were did u come from then after that the space ship or wat ever it is came closer then after a wile this huge light came out and took my little brother in to fin air i called my mum out and she just only saw my brother go in to this huge thing it was after a day the next night he came back my mum was in so much teers she couldent at all speek for a week or two we got the police out and everything to look for him and when he came back he couldent rememer anything just that his name was Tommy and that he knew he lived hire he was shaking for the last few monthes wen he got his memorie back he has not told us anything wat happend in the ship we now know that he knows wat happend in there and we sertenly think its weird

Date:5.5.03 In relation to Paul Schroeders encounter entry 7.15.00 I am in awe that your experience dictates my experience in every detail along with my husbands. I applaud your ability to stubbornly reject the power of this "unknown" force that haunts you also, and I can only suggest you enjoy the time frames that are free of fear and surrender of personal control. I am a mother of three teenagers, we all are quite aware of our dealings with Alien "interuptions" at irregular intervals.I have finally come to except that this is my load to carry yet I cannot completely except that I will never know what or why this is happening to any of us? Perhaps I will die never understanding it. Your discription has conclusively described that we (my family) are not alone and this is some comfort, although we are a functional family, it is any wonder we manage to attract positive events into our lives and support each other, perhaps there are no greater fears to deal with than those already present and validated together. My memories of Alien encounters begin in early childhood as a love attatchment to someone I refered to as 'the Lady', I have a missing pregnancy, out of body abductions I would say happened quiet vialently in terror, the hooded beings at the foot of the bed and caught performing on my husband, one refered himself as my brother as I was taken for three hours from my bed, on an occassion - knocking me out whilst being recognized entering my childrens room, Particularlt puzzling is as you said - the ability to have wieght entering a room without a physical form to go with it - those terrorfying footsteps and the paralasis and helplessness to reject or eject the intruder. Furthermore, the exchange of hightened intuitive awareness is somehow the exchange for this disturbing interuption into what would be a normal exsistence. No right to ask of our captors for what purpose we become a plaything. It seems the only answer to why? is that "We Can, therefore we do!" Just as powerful figures on Earth consider thier right - As above, so below? Anyhow, I hope you read this, just know that you are not alone - stay positive and create peace in your home and keep up the determinism I sence you have !!!! I know they will not take that from me... Alineli (Australia)

in eastern eourpe i expeirnced abright light and watched as e.t'sextracted my enternal oragans since then i havent been able to eat or sleep or even use the restroom. and it's been 2 years.

roman brown

in shepherdsville kentucky there have been 3 sighting and now one person is missing

Im doing a project on ufos and corn crops and i need more infomation if yo can give me an internet site to fgo to it will help me alot.THANKS!

do aleins exist? If i see an alein who do i contact? are they supposed to be angry

if we want to see ufo.. where shall we go.. seriously we are interested in this subject. ask me anything

I have once been abducted in my previous home in Roswell, Texas. I moved from there to Cyprus in order to get away from it only to realize that it follows me. How do i get rid of it? PLEASE HELP!!!

I remember one time, when i was little, i was abducted by aliens- no joke! i can still remember all of the bright lights. i was so scared. i was out in the corn fields of my family's old farm, and it was the middle of the night. I heard what sounded like a dying dog, but i heard it coming from the air. when i looked up, i saw this massive ship. a beam of light hit me, and then i can't remember what happened after that. all i remember that when i woke up, my stomach hurt incredibly and i couldn't eat for days... do normal people have three boobs?

I think this site is stupid there is not such thing as ALIANS, GHOASTS OR VAMPIRES OR WALKING SKELITONS THIS SITE IS TOTALLY UNTRUE THATS WHAT I SAY DOES ANYONE AGREE!!!!!!!!!!!?????????

69, again: disagree to! you see, you do have a right to hate this site, and you do have a right not to belive, just like we have a right to belive in this stuff. But let me tell you son, please get your facts right the next time you come on here and say you don't belive in "ALIANS,GHOASTS,OR WALKING SKELITONS" You actually got vampires right I think! Basically how can you say all of this stuff is not real when you dont even know how to spell anything you just typed! Basically I pretty much disagree!

Mind Control Subliminal transmissions used during Gulf War.
Most Americans had the opportunity to watch the live briefings of the Persian Gulf war on CNN. Live briefings, to the astute listener, nearly always disclose revealing information that later will be edited out.

A CNN reporter said that he had just returned from Kuwait where he had travelled with an American patrol. They had observed a patrol of about thirty Iraqis some distance away and the Americans were wondering how they would get them to surrender.

A U.S. helicopter suddenly appeared and flew over the Iraqi patrol, and by the time the helicopter had reached the next sand dune, they had surrendered.

This is very unusual because these were the same Iraqis who waged unrelenting Holy War against Iran for eight years.

Later, as the land battle was winding down, a BBC reporter asked about American plans to get the Iraqi soldiers out of the deep, well-fortified bunkers built by the Germans.

General Neil started to say, "We bring in the psychological...

He then broke his sentence with a cough, apparently having caught himself saying something he shouldn't reveal. When he stopped coughing, he said the Army flew in with PA helicopters and "talked them out."

It seems apparent that the General had made a mistake and had to cover up something like: "psychological warfare broadcasting helicopters" with "PA helicopters."

Even after massive pin-point air bombardment, the Iraqis were still alive and well protected in the bunkers. They had electricity, entertainment and enough food and water to last for about six months. They also had equipment to tunnel out if prime entrances were blocked.

That these fanatic soldiers would have surrendered under the slight threat of PA system helicopters is absurd and, knowing of the mind control experiments being conducted by the U.S. military and intelligence agencies, it seems reasonable to assume that mind control or subliminal transmissions were used to coax the Iraqis to surrender en masse, so many, in fact, that coalition forces were hard-pressed to house, feed and guard them!


While the Phoenix Project was investigating weather and the use of radiosondes, Project Rainbow resurfaced in 1947 or 1948. Project Rainbow (The Philadelphia Experiment) was funded to continue research into the phenomena encountered on the USS Eldridge. This project was concerned with the electromagnetic technology.

Dr. John von Neumann and his research team, loaned to the Manhattan Project during the Second War, were called back and put to work on a new agenda. It was similar to Rainbow but had a different goal. They were to find out how to protect humans within an electromagnetic field so vessels and crews could be transported through space and time without harm to either or any.

By the early 1950's, Project Rainbow and the radiosonde weather project were included under the same funding and "Phoenix Project" was used as a cover title to refer to all of these "black" activities.

Dr. von Neumann, a mathematician and theoretical physicist who came from Germany, was placed in charge of Phoenix. He was noted for his advanced concepts of space and time. He originated and built the first vacuum tube computer at Princeton University, where he served as the head of the Institute for Advanced Study. He had the ability to apply advanced theories to technology and, because of these qualifications, he could easily communicate with Einstein and acted as liaison between him and engineers serving on the project.

Von Neumann quickly learned that he was going to have to study metaphysics; to understand the metaphysical side of man. The Rainbow experiment had disassembled the physical and biological structure of human beings. Crew members had melded with bulkheads and changed beyond recognition. Those who had survived were quite mad or died later from madness and some strange internal burning.

Project engineers and scientists spent nearly ten years working out why human beings had troubles with electromagnetic fields that lofted them through different times and spaces. It now appears they discovered that humans are born with what is known as a "time reference" point. At conception, an energy being (human) is attached to a time line and must begin life manifest as flesh from that point. To understand this, it is necessary to view the "energy being" or soul as completely different from the physical body.

Our references as both a physical and metaphysical being appears to have origin in the time reference residing within the electromagnetic background of Earth. This time reference is the basic orientation point to the way the universe operates. Time, in the normal context, appears always to flow in one direction_forward_at least to our limited senses.

But the Rainbow technology apparently creates an alternate reality having its existence entirely within the quantum field, literally transferring material objects out of our "normal" time and space. This accounts for the light-invisibility of the USS Eldridge and her crew.

The alternate reality created by the shift has no time references because it is not part of the normal forward flow of time. For the person who was experiencing the phenomenon uninstructed, it would be like having an intense and enduring nightmare wherein nothing makes any sense.

So Phoenix engineers were faced with solving the problem of letting human test subjects get into and out of the quantum field without harm by somehow connecting them to the time reference they could recognize as the planet Earth. This meant that when they were in the alternate reality, they had to be equipped mentally with something that would give them a "real time" reference.

Engineers solved this by feeding in all the required natural background information of the Earth to convince test subjects of a continuous stream real earth time reference so they would not experience trans-dimensional disorders. Test subjects would believe they were still in Earth "real-time."

Dr. von Neumann was the ideal Director for the Phoenix Projects. He knew computers would have to be used if they were going to calculate the time references of specific people and replicate those references while they were in the quantum field, otherwise the test subjects would be experiencing essentially "no reality" or a continuous nightmare reality at best.

The computer had to be programmed to generate an electromagnetic background with which the test subjects could synchronize. If not done, the soul and the physical body time and space reference points would be out of sync, resulting in dissolution and insanity or inability to return to Earth real time.

Because they were dealing with two separate and distinct entities_the spiritual human and the physical human_the time reference would be required to lock in the spirit and the electromagnetic background would be required to lock in the body. The technology, begun in 1948, was apparently fully developed by 1967, during the height of the Vietnam conflict.

When the project's first phase was complete, a report was submitted to the Congressional committee from which funds had been appropriated. Congressional members were told that the consciousness of man could definitely be affected by electromagnetism and, additionally, that it would be possible to develop electronic hardware and software that could literally change the way a person thinks about anything and everything.

The committee, fearing they would be first on the list of new test subjects, refused to refinance and Project Phoenix was disbanded in 1969.

But the scientists and engineers at Brookhaven had spent too much time, effort and money on Phoenix to just scrap it and walk away. Their empire was in place, the technology was secure, and the engineers were looking for a mission. What they needed was funding from a secret agency to continue with the mind control experiments. The military seemed the most logical source.

When told a device had been developed that would alter the way people_and particularly soldiers_ would think and act, military pundits were beside themselves with joy. Such a device could not only change the outcome of a battle already begun, it might be used to convince entire populations that war is not only unnecessary, but completely impossible. Or that total war was the only solution to a political crisis.

Phoenix had found its mission.

SPINAL TAP: The intelligence community discovers mind control

Exploration into telepathy, teleportation, transportation, levitation and tentative excursions backward and forward in time has continued almost without cease from 1943 until the present time. The results of the experiments aboard the USS Eldridge, disastrous as they might have been at the time, provided fuel and data for a series of programs and black projects that now consumes a great portion of America's defense budgets.

Scientists and engineers learned how to alter and direct weather, how to create storms or to vanquish natural storms by tapping into the planet's orgone energy and turning it on or off at will. This series, under the title of Project Phoenix, would later absorb Project Rainbow and others, and the entire curriculum would be known as Phoenix.

One facet of the Phoenix Project was intense research into various areas of paranormal activity, particularly telepathy. The military was well aware that the Soviets were involved in paranormal research, and they knew that if sensitive espers could be found who possessed skills or powers strong enough to nullify Soviet espers or even overpower them, America might have an incredible super-weapon with whom they could defeat any foe, military or civilian.

When Congress refused to refinance Phoenix and disbanded the group, they had no idea some zealous scientists would seek support elsewhere. When scientists approached the military and told them what they had accomplished and what could be developed from the research, facilities were eagerly prepared, equipment purchased and millions of dollars began to appear from more than one unknown source. By 1970 the Brookhaven group as well as several elite universities worldwide were deeply involved in paranormal research. Some of these splinter projects involved use of drugs and hallucinogens; others not. Some experiments were conducted using electromagnetic fields. A few purists tapped only the mind-power of their test subjects (whom they considered "expendables").

Investigation quickly revealed that telepathic waves, while not radio waves, behaved similar to radio waves and could, therefore, be controlled, modulated and directed with the use of proper equipment. Scientists were elated. They had discovered (or rediscovered) electromagnetic functions unlike anything ever reported in scientific journals and textbooks. They were on the verge of wholly new discoveries in human mind power.

Because the projects were funded by and controlled by the military and federal intelligence agencies, the data gathered was delivered to them and filed away in war rooms and at secret military bases. The general public, by and large, was wholly unaware of these insidious mind-probing activities.

Out of early research came the revelation that certain radio frequencies in the 410-420 MHz range could effectively block human thought patterns, leaving test subjects unable to perform their tasks. Unknown to the researchers and test subjects at the time, the military had established a secret base on the east coast and was using a jamming device in the form of a modified radar antenna that, for 14 years, from 1970 until about 1984, beamed thought altering electromagnetic frequencies toward thousands of Americans in dozens of New England communities.

These thought altering waves would cause crowds to gather and then suddenly disperse in bewilderment; cause an increase in crime, including murder, in areas receiving the frequencies, and stimulated increased delinquency and rebellion among teenagers. When the signals were turned off, these communities would return to normal. The body snatchers had arrived!

When the base was suddenly abandoned in 1983 or 1984, the former residents left behind nearly all their equipment, papers and military orders. Military transfer orders discovered by other researchers were complete and accurate in every detail, except that some had large words scrawled across them: GONE!

This odd defacing of official government orders could not be explained until further investigation revealed what intelligence agencies had paid for at the secret base. They had been sending their test subjects, all males, some military, some civilians, back and forth through time!

Espers found the base surrounded with unusual vibrations and images; remnants of unusual weather patterns, mind control and beings that had been created from the ether out of the thoughts of test subjects. The investigators were certain something remarkable had happened at the facility and set out to discovered what it was. Their focal starting point was the premise that everyone on the base had vanished at nearly the same time, perhaps the same day, and that they had no time to actually shut down the base or decommission it officially. In fact, the base did not officially exist.

Except that it was in a state of general disarray when they arrived, investigators found materials, machines, supplies, reports, buildings and support gear in place as if the base might still be operational. But all the people were gone. Without a trace.

Citizens in nearby cities revealed that while the base was operating strange things, other than increase in crime and delinquency, had happened. Large groups of animals would suddenly charge into town and crash through windows. It snowed in August. Hurricane force winds suddenly came from nowhere and as quickly subsided. Thunderstorms, lightning and hail would appear and vanish when no meteorological indications of such violent storms were present.

In 1947, federal agencies in America began an extensive research project into the specific control of weather. This was the original Phoenix project and was developed from data provided earlier by Austrian scientist Dr. Wilhelm Reich. Most of his research data was burned by the U.S. Food and Drug Administration and is no longer available for general reading.

Dr. Reich was best known for his discovery of a force he called "orgone" energy, orgasmic or life energy, the existence of which he proved in his lab. While this discovery in itself, associated with the Newtonian concept of "the ether," was not earth- shaking, he soon ran afoul of the medical authorities when he claimed his control of the life energy, the wave-form nature of the cosmic ether, cured cancer. In 1940s America, such a proclamation was certain to be a decree of professional suicide.

Still, Reich found practical uses for his wave-form energy to control and modify weather by modulating the amount of "orgone" within a storm. Varying amounts of orgone were found to reside in biological organisms as well as in every square inch of cosmic space. By using electromagnetic force fields, Reich was ultimately able to reduce the violence of natural storms, a feat he promptly and foolishly reported to the government.

But the government had been closely following Dr. Reich's experiments and already knew what he could do. They asked for, and received, all his prototype equipment and research papers and quickly used the information to advance their own weather research......................  We will post the rest of this report later on, but if you cant wait to get the rest of this free report, then sign up for our free Newsletter and get this and many other UFO reports. Sign up by sending a blank e-mail to:   

last night at about 11:30pm. friend and iwas sitting on my roof. we looked towards the highway and there was a bright light! i asked her what it was she said it was the "north star" because it was super bright. but it started to move it would hover over a certain part of the highway for like 2 minutes then it moved to another spot and hovered there for about 5 minutes. then it hovered again at another spot on the high way for about 1 minute before it started moving again. then it came over my house at about 350-400 MPH! it was about 1 mile in the air. there were 5 lights (that were visible) the ufo was an oval shape. the three lights were setup so if you were to connect him it would be a shape of a triangle the 2nd light in the middle was at the end on the other end there was a long light running from the end light to the long light was a Red light in the middle. the color of the other four lights was a yellowish white very bright!!! when it came over the house it was going slow with a humming\wooshing noise. like an airplane taking off. after it went over my house it sped up really fast and was out of sight in 3 minutes. this sighting was in Grand Rapids Michigan! June 30 11:30pm 2003

My brother-in-law was in the Black Berets on Stavrovouni about 15 years ago...he said that his friends and himself were relaxing under a tree smoking a cigarette when they saw a little figure like that of a mans looking at them from about twenty feet from where they were. They stood up and said the standard meet and greet they were supposed to say, thinking that it could have been a guard patrol or an officer checking up on the security of the base... In the evening light, it was hard to make out any features on the face, but one thing they all agreed on was that the eyes, slightly larger than those of a cow's, seemed to glow a greenish yellow. There was no light behind them or were any of them holding flashlights so it could not have been light reflecting off the things retinas. After one of his friends tried to talk to it and get a response, the other guys were starting to get impatient. One took up his AK47 and threatend to shoot if it did not identify itself.. within a split second, it moved from where it was to about five feet away from them. The friend with the AK47 locked and loaded panicked and let off three rounds directly at the things upper body.....It simply vanished into thin air. After the shots were fired, the commanding officer came to the scene to see what had happened. He could not beleive what the four friends were telling him. in the morning, they went looking around the site of the shooting trying to see if they could find some blood. The commanding officer thought tat it could have been a Turkish soldier Spying on them and got a little too close. If that were so, where was the blood or body? And by the way, to this date, none of my brother-in-law's friends or him for that matter recall seeing any particular detail on the things face except for those big glowing cow sized eyes.

I'm Kate when i was 3 years old I was outside n the porch mom was fighting with dad again and they were puting me up for adoption so I ran away when I was I think abducted I lived in california and I was found in Kentucky I dont remember much but whenever a light is on or a door opens I have flahbacs I need help because I think their after me again!!

Grandmother of Amanda n Melisa Kohberger, Yes here in Las Vegas saw a strange sighting of lights in formation, which were not our planes.. I had seen the same viewing on UFO other sightings

first and ...... there is no such things as UFO' come UFO's never ever land in a large metroplois

I think ufos can be very creepy and i totally stupid to belive in them and this site should be closed down as some people can be become addicted to alians and end up being caught by one well im just trying to say everyone here needs help or at least someone careing for u because this is so so so stupid im not shaw if i belive in them because ive not seen any sightings off them and im sooooooo sorry if i have made any one worry ok sorry its just true ok xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx

Hi, I want to believe, but I've never seen any evidence about this. Am I wrong?

when i was little i was abducted by aleins and took from the ceiling to be examined what was that what did they want?

One night in winter it was nice and clear. I dont know how old I was, but i was sleading with my mom and we saw a light logh to the ground way far away.At first we thought it was a plane but the lights wernt blinking like any air craft ever made. Some of the flashes were ryal long and some were ryal short. I ran in to get the bonoclurs for my mom but when she put them up to her eyes it vanished. Even though it was a clear night it disapeird! We still dont know wat that was to this day. It was weird and scary at the same time.

This is to the moron who says his brother was on tht roof with 2 UFO's. I know what i saw and i kmow it was true.So u better back off and U get YOUR ownlife buddy!!!!!!!!!!!


First I would like to recommend my *U* UFO Database website, which has worldwide UFO sightings maps for all dates:

Even with 18,100+ filtered listings (no simple night-light cases etc.) I have little or nothing for Cyprus! The usual language difficulties etc. are a barrier.

I hope you have time for a quality browse of my website, its the result of 18+ years of hard work

Best wishes - Larry Hatch.

sat 12:30am near lake michigan chicago object flight path not consistant with air traffic from ohare airport or midway air port,my self and my wife,we were walking towards the north looking towards the east side of lake michigan when a very bright object red and green in color flew very close to the water this was no helicopter or small plane because we where able to see the water pumping station out on the lake north east of our position the oblect flew just behind this station and covered it whole from the top,from there it went north at a very high rate of speed form the vantage point that we where standing it flew from the station towards the and behind the lake front towers appartment complex wich it north and to just a little towards the west of our position this happen in just under 5 seconds the wierd part about this is that the object looked like an almond shape thing and was red on the top and green on the bottom this thing also left a trail of glowing light behind it and that trail was neon brown?? it made a high pitch sound like that of a car brakes squeeking but very low in volume. the neon brown trail turned orange and was falling toward to water this lasted for about 15 minutes. the other thing that was strange was that the air after this incident smelled like before a lighting storm, ozone type smell. my wife and i never returned to the lake after that, and i have strange dreams of red and orange landscapes with three stars in the sky and this happens twice a week for me by the way our sitting was june 12 th in the late evening around 12 pm midnight.

I am interested in UFOs. I haven't seen any until today but I believe they really exist. I am very sure about it. I have read a lot of stories about them by many people. I want to know if anyone of you have seen a UFO sighting in November 1969. It was an important year because mankind landed on the moon. I am looking forward to seeing your answers. Thank you.

I agree with .... if you look up into space and think that we're the only living creatures, then your whole outlook on life is really quite boring and you can tell the mentality of people who don't beleive....coz none of them can spell simple words (sorry non-english speaking humanoids!). And they call us devil worshipers! Yeah right....prove god exsists empty heads.

I was awoken one night by a bright light and a strange and very deep kind of humming sound that could barely be heard. I got up and looked out of the window and saw a disc shaped object about 400ft high hovering above my neighbours garden. It was huge bigger than the house I lived in (4 bedroomed, single storey) I rushed into my parents bedroom and told them what I had seen and they couldn't even be bothered to look. I was told that I had a bad dream and to go back to sleep. The next morning there were hundreds of reports of sighting in and around our town, so I don't thisnk I was the only one to see it. I am still not convinced that it came from another planet though.

Tell me if my answers are right, cause I have been wondering for a while!

First good point against the thoery of UFOs:If you believe the U.S. goverment has captured Aliens in Roswell, why have we seen no advanced new technologies?

My Answer: We have, Nuclear Fission anyone? Not the thing were the neutron smacks that atom, no the other kind. Nuclear FUSION (to come together), not Fission (to destroy). The kind that modern Sceince to this day cannot explain, but was the thing that made the two bombs dropped in world war two go boom (indicating pre-exposure to aliens)! How can we deploy a weapon that defys current particle and quantum thoeries.? Sounds unbeleiveable, well do some research into some base level physics and you'll soon understand.

Second greatest point against UFOs: If UFOs have visited, why is their no substatial proof?

My Answer: Do we let the lions know we are watching them, or that we are studying them under the microscope? I think not. Do lions find empty film canisters and think, "Hummmmm, this is alien.....I was watched by humans!" No, it just tries to eat the canister, and if that dosen't work it throws it away. Besides, millions go missing every day, would we really know if two or three were taken for alien study indifinatly? Taken to the interplanetary Zoo?

Third greatest point agiasnt aliens: If they are so advanced to cross millions, and millions of light years to get here, why can we shoot them down with a couple maverick missles, that even our modern fighters can aviod? If they are so advanced, why the secrecy? If you can go faster then the speed of light, do you really need to be afraid of a alloy-based weapon projeted at extremely slow speeds (from their perspective) that has at the most a half a ton explosive capacity with limited vectoring control?

Answer: Back to the lions. Are we not more advanced then lions? Are we not superior in every way, shape and form? Well if you said yes, think about this, couldn't those inferior lions jump into our shelters and kill us before we could get our guns? Couldn't they just charge on-mass and kill an entire filming crew? Of course we could kill them all when we got a few hunters together, but we still would have lost a couple dozen people.

O.K., if you see anything wrong with my answers, agian, please tell me cause I really have been thinking alot about this!

Yes meight, I ve seen few ufo's 2. Very nice aircrafts, perfect engineering and design. Lights surounding it and making it look like New York on the New years eve. Forty five years ago in aliki larnaca area. I thought that this was the beggining of the end and that a new world would arise. Today I Know that this day have come, but not as the end of the world but as the beggining of a new one.

Ok, ive seen two ufos i think. One was when i was rollerblading with my friend and a floating thing only about 100 ft or less flew over us. No sound, just floated. It wasn't moving to fast. was round and had a little compartment on top. Pretty wierd. The second was on the 4th of july. Fireworks everywhere and then i see this disk with light. It floats there then zooms strait up out of sight.

The wierd thing is the first dream i can recall to this day was from when i was a baby. An alien that glowed almost firelike came and grabbed me. He tried to get out of the house but my parents tried to stop him. He finally dropped me or something (can't remember what exactly happened). But it seemed so real and this was when i was about 1 and a half. How did i even know about aliens? But i always have a ringing in my ears now. Like that sharper image air purifier taht is silent. Well it is silent (to everyone but me). I can hear it and no one else can. If you turn it on i know it, if you turn it off i know it. Just throwing that out, but it might not be related.

Around 1959-60, when I was 8 or 9, I was playing in our street with a friend when I looked up and saw what I thought was an airoplane, but it was flying slow and lower than usual, then it stopped!! I couldn't understand it and got scared, Me and my friend wanted to run, but then it floated down lower until we could see it wasn't an airoplane, it didn't have any wing's, it was a round shape with lights on a kind of dome, it hovered for only a couple of seconds, then quick as a flash it zoomed up, stopped dead, zoomed up again, stopped dead, then done it again until it looked like a star in the sky!! it was like switching a light on and off it flew up that fast, I was too young to know what it really was, but I remembered my Mum talked about Zepplins in the war, and I thought it was one of them, I ran home and told her I had seen one and she just laughed, but as I grew older I was amazed and sometimes embarrassed to realize what I had seen, I have only told very close people, and just last year I told my sisters, and the oldest one was so excited as she said she saw it too, but she had been sitting on the step of our house which was close to where we had been playing, she had kept it quiet too for fear of being ridiculed. I don't know what it was, except to say it wasn't anything I have seen in life since that night, my husband kids me about it, but he does,nt disbelieve me, I can only think that there are some things that can't be explained, and those who haven't seen such Unidentified Foreign Object's, cannot begin to realise the stigma of carrying this knowledge around. I don't believe ALL the stories I have heard or read, and people may not believe me, but I know what I saw, so that is fine by me, I can live with it, and I still look to the skies, hoping I see something again. This is the first time I have written this down anywhere, and I feel liberated to have done so! It's nothing madly exciting, but it is my true experience!

i saw this wierd round ball the size of a football pitch land near the limassol dam so i ran away wen a strange little man slumped over to me and said his name was alex.c then he tried to take me back to his ball so i ran and ran............

are there any sightings in russia?

Hi There. Steve here in the UK. Wow so nice to find a fellow site like mine. I am into UFO'S too and ghosts and time travel and portals to different dimensions. I am hoping to move over to Cypruss soon. What do you make of Tesla fields?. I havent actualy seen a ufo well up close anyway. Seen plenty of strange things up in the night sky. Triangles are common. Well check out my old site (Sorry folks, site gone ) E-Mail me on Bye Steve

How many people have been abducted by aliens

where was the last ufo siting recorded

i just came back from vacations in the yucatan penninsula and i have video my experience with an ufo sighting. i was video taping my family on top of the ruins of xcambo when out of nowhere appeared 3 round objects in the sky, they appeared for about 10 t0 15 seconds and then dissapeared all of a sudden, it was a very weird experience.


Night before last my cousin and I were in my hot tub in my back yard. I live near Phoenix Az. We saw the biggest brightest star either of us had ever seen. We looked at it for about 20 minutes when my husband..(an intelligence officer in the Air Force) came out and said "That's a plane!" We felt stupid and said "OH OK." Well then we watched it for another hour and a half as it very slowely moved down and out of sight. This bright "star" had flashing lights on it, and did not seem to be a plane of any type,, as a flight to Vegas from here is only 45 minutes. Not to mention we saw many planes duing this time...they were tienie tiny in comparison. Just wondering what you might think it is. Thanx!

Some might think I am crazy. But in the summer of 1998 in a town called hotchkiss Colorado. I aimed a laser pin light at a small light in the sky and it slowly truned around and landed near or on power transfomers area. It lite up the whole city for several hours with pulsing light. My father and I wanted to go see but are wives would not let us go. I could not see a shape of the craft, but when it was landing I would say it was about the size of a mid size car. I do not know if it was me aiming a lazer pin light at it or as my father say it was just low on power. That brought it down. The next day though there where 6 power trucks working there to fix what ever happen. The only other time we saw a UFO was when I was 14 back in 1984 and working on my brother in laws ranch. One day I felt I was being watch and looked up to see a bright light. There where no noise I asked my nephew at the time what do you think it is. He said helecopter. I said no. where close to canyon walls you would here something. Mabey it a glider or something like that. But it wasn't moving. I said it is a UFO grab the gun. As soon as my nephew put his hand on the gun. it moved about a 1/2 mile with know noise right above this house with in less than a secound. Then we saw it shoot out some sort of beam, which open some kind of whole and the ship or light streched out like a pencil and was gone like in star teck when the ship is going into warp. It was gone.

I was in my backyard swiming when i looked up and seen all these silver things they started to circle the sky and went really really fast made a big flash of light and was gone.

have ufo ever been in flordia?

my name is alen i m rigthing in north here army know everyting they agree and they bealive but they dont say anything about it.

I`m an astroliger (sorry it might be spelt wrong im not the best speller) and well one day i saw somthing weird in the sky well i was looking at the stars it didn`t flash but there was a steady blue light i didnt know what it was but i soon as i turned to get a sip of water it was gone but it came back one night and I studied its moving patterns but it always changed, so I carried on ig oring it

Im conviced that ive been abducted by an allien womans harem that they forced me (ha ha they thought) to have sex with them. The rest is to explicit to share it with you, at this side.

I am not sure what I saw hovering above my house the other day, but a door opened and I saw a green slot inside. I would like to think that we are not alone.

was this real if yes can i have info

why do lightning bugs light up?

i saw a green light on my garage and i w4ent to investigate and i saw my friend being taken by a misty green light which smelled like bubblegum/b.o. he seemed to be ok about his abduction and asked me to feed his cat while hes gone, its been 13 years and this cat is still alive and eating everything ive got,. please can you let him come back to earth and collect his cat, alas i will be forced to kill the moggy if no one comes before christmas. save the cat do the right thing, peace.

I watched a programme last week on UFOS in cyprus on the programme Tolmo. Someone called to say he saw an UFO in Lefkara in August 1994. I also saw something that same year and month while I was in Larnaca. I never found out what it was and I am curious to know if anyone else saw it or has an explanation.

I've been party to two 'sightings'. I have no idea what they were but relate them here as they happened. The first happened in November 1998 over Paphos. Three of us were sitting outside having a late night coffee when my wife saw something flying across from east to west. We all looked up and saw it but we can't agree on it's shape, size or proximity to ourselves. We saw no lights and heard no sound and the thing was only in our view for a few seconds, The question I asked was if there was no sound could it have meant the thing was quite high? in which case the thing must have been traveling at supersonic speed or if it was low how come we could'nt hear it? The second 'encounter' was in Peyia about two years ago. Again late at night I saw something that I can only describe as the light you get from a halogen lamp trvelling in a dead straight line. There was no beam of light and no sound and it travelled down into the valley at the back of our house. Despite peering into the darkness we saw nothing; but the following morning military heicopters were circling the area for a couple of hours. Strange?

First of all, I would like to say (HI) to everyone. Next I would like to say to the people who don't believe or haven't seen any UFO's..People haven't seen GOD...But believe...You don't see air...But it's there...I've never seen a polor bear in real life, but I've seen pictures....and I could keep going with this but I want to show a little respect. I myself lived at chamberin lake maine with my father. It was my Aunt Patty and Uncle nuges sporting camp. My father (Lee) was a fishing guide there. My father told me countless storys about things in the skies that he had seen at night that he couldn't explain. Being up there in the vast worlderness...who knows, I would think. Being young I myself had never seen anything until in my later years. When living in Vermont. One night being out for a late walk I looked up to see a light that I thought was a plane but it lowered itself to the top of the trees and slowly went over my head. It had no sound and the light was so bright. After it had gone over I just fell to the ground,trying to make sence of what I had just seen.....Later that week there were 9 reports of a U.F.O...So for you that have never seen..DON'T BE SO CLOSED MINDED...You never know what you might see in the skies before you die. Thank you for your time...Tammy

I've had a similar experience. As a long-time amateur astronomer, I've seen many satelites both with and without telescopic enhancement. One time when I was about fifteen I was vieweing astar field near the zenith in I believe it was Cygnus, when a satelite chanced into the field of the eyepiece.

I followed the satelite as best I could with the 6" f/8 newtonian's equatorial mount. Suddenly, the "satelite" just stopped dead! It brightened slightly and increased from apoint source to a circular patch, then vanished.

Amazing. My explanation has been that there was a chance encounter between the satelite I was tracking and a direct-hit meteor at the exact instant the satelite passed into the Earth's shadow.

Now I am not as confident in my explanation.

one day we were starting school and i had word geography first but one gurl walked in with black hair and scary type of eyes i dunno which color cuz it was way too scary to even look at her so i didnt but she looked abnormal and i decided to speak to her anywayz but now she's my best friend! OMG MY BEST FRIEND IS AN ALIEN! HER NAME IS RUBY! ~LANA~

well... this is pretty scary so get ready... i have a bestest friend Ruby and shes a beautiful alien i love her so much i hope this alien stayz like this forever but her boyfriend is a creepy type of alien some aliens are sweet i just found that out through ruby! I LOVE YOU MY BEAUTIFUL ALIEN

anyone know of any ufo's crashing in cyprus in 1972

i know why aliens are here on earth its becouse they seeded us they created the humanrace they think of us as a sience project they take people and put stupid things inthere heads ihave proof if eney body is reading this come to england to aplace called northampton ask around for the red hills at the train at camphill

i was at my moms house in crystal river with ym cousin and sum kid named tristan who had came from texas spending the time with his grandparents who knew my mom well at first i saw this ver white light and it was blinking like planes do i told my cousin who was sitting next to me we ran over with tristan to his grandparents house to gert a telescope unfortunaetly we didnt get one but im sure it was a ufo

chris form florida

Hello Everyone,

I am so interested in everything paranormal such as Jinns, magick, ghosts, demons etc.. I am looking for people here in Cyprus that share the same interest. If so please email me at.


hi my name is dean jay craft and weird guys in black suits came to my door and asked me if i saw an alian running down the streets and i said no because it was in my basement for i dont know how long then about four days later it came up but it didn't look like an alien, it looked like a hot girl and she was nude and we made out for a few hours then the guys in the black suits came agine and took her away from me.

ok, last thursday night their was a sighting of bright lights in the sky above runcorn in the uk. 250 people noticed this so i'm not lieing is their a link between being abducted then suffering nosebleeds after it? what i mean is i don't know if we were abducted but 2 of us suffered nosebleeds at the same time.

my full account of an ecounter in 1973 whilst in the forces on Cyprus has been told in the UFO magazine edited by Gary Heseltine.

I have been in contact with Aliens for about 40 years now. They look just
like us the ones who I meet every 6 mths or so. Do you want to get in touch
? If you do please write, we could share stories


do you have scanner channel lists preferably for australia (N.S.W or A.C.T) please let me ( TWEETY ) know at ;.....

Wednesday September 3 2008, Limassol, Debenhams Olympia.

Between 9.30 and 10pm, there was something going on above the sea and far
from the coast. First one shimmering and not so bright light showed up,
looked to me very close to the ea level and was ascending slowly with
horizontal movements to the left and right. It took around minute to
disappear up in the sky. Right after that one, another two showed up
ascending and had similar movements as first one. Took minute for them to
disappear. And finally 4th showed up and went same path as first three. Was
spectacular seeing. I saw it and later on found out that another friend of
mine mom had same experience. Anyone else saw it??

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