The Health Food Store

Health Food Stores were few and far between in Cyprus, some had tried and failed as the climate was not yet right, but we certainly support the real food industry as opposed to the industrial waste that we find ourselves eating, and even worse feeding our children.

Things have improved in the awareness spectrum, although we have also notices recently that the irradiation of various vegetables is beginning to make it look as though the only way to be sure is to grow your own.

Organic should mean 'everything grown' but unfortunately it doesn't.

We offer whole food and health food items as well as free range organic eggs, organic vegetables, non -insecticide sprayed herbs and anything else yummy and wholesome on an order /  delivery basis island wide.

This is a service started for those coming on holiday who wished to not disrupt their normal regime, especially in a foreign country where they are not familiar with the products and don't have time to learn.

We can supply ORGANIC FOODS of all kinds, including poultry and eggs for the meat eaters, (mostly imported apart from chicken) as well as dairy products made from free-range sheep and goats milk. Every week by special order there are a range of ORGANIC VEGETABLES and FRUIT including celery, tomatoes, potatoes, asparagus, watermelons and more. It depends what is on offer.

There is a large range of ORGANIC CEREALS and WHOLEGRAIN, as well as freshly-made barley bread from stone ground barley, and a huge range of wheat-free cereal products for the wheat-intolerant. For the ecologically conscience there are a wide range of "green" ecological soaps, washing powders, biodegradable sponges and detergents, chlorine and petrochemical free, as well as home-made soaps from essential oils and herbs. There is even ecological  toilet paper now, but still don't put it down the loo!  Essential oils, massage oils, organic herbs, and more!

The intention is to reach those who need it. If we can't, we will try to set you up with an alternative near where you are staying.

Just fill in our online form and order what you wish - we can arrange for you to you pick up from Akis Express . 

A personal delivery service to your front door can be arranged upon request but will incur more cost.

Avoid dioxin and other toxins in foods - eat ORGANIC FOODS! We source a large range of organic foods which are free of pesticides, chemical fertilisers and other toxic chemicals. Some of our product range includes:

bulletorganic dairy produce (free range goat and sheep cheeses and yoghurt)
bulletorganic chickens (free-range hens) & free-range eggs
bulletorganic vegetables & fruit in season - free of chemicals, pesticides, herbicides and grown in carefully cultivated organic, fertile soils by Ph.D experts in organic farming (place orders Monday and Tuesday for delivery on Thursday)
bulletorganic cereals - rice, rye, barley, millet, quinoa, etc.
bulletstone-ground organic flours - rye, barley, millet, potato, gram, soya, spelt, etc
bulletorganic milk substitutes - soya, rice, oat
bulletsubstitute vegetable coffees - Caro, Cafix, Dandelion
bulletorganic nuts, seeds & dried fruits
bulletorganic herbal teas & beverages
bulletaromatherapy essential oils & massage oils
bulletorganic - "green" - cleaning fluids, washing-up liquids, hand-made soaps, fresheners, etc.
bulletorganic toothpaste, deodorants, creams, etc

Food is Thy Medicine and Medicine Is Thy Food!


You are what you eat!


Order yours here now

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