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Immediately 9/11  is mentioned what do you think of?

Probably an image of 2 towers - planes - Muslim terrorists.

The emotion of that day was so overwhelming and so quickly settled on the shoulders of Osama bin Laden that investigation was unnecessary.

In fact, in today's world investigation is frowned upon, unless perhaps it is of you..... in which case - you have nothing to hide, right?

13 years after. I came upon an interview with a woman who has looked at the facts. The evidence. None of her facts have been refuted.

Odd facts, not the normal facts, 'like many of the 'witnesses with differing testimony to the official line have died' or 'building 7 was not 'pulled' till 27 minutes after it reportedly fell down on the BBC'

no, these facts take some digging.

1. Many cars outside the ground zero zone, in a pattern, lost their engines and door handles. Lost as in, the engines had dissapeared.
More than a car park full.

2. A million tons of debris just disappeared.

3.The basement car parks were still sound and standing after the collapse - the major amount of debris simply did not arrive at the ground.

An interview withy Dr Judy Wood


This is a 15 minute film by Architects and Engineers for 9/11 truth
about building 7 and the fact that it looks like a controlled demolition.

More might be added

Do unto others is probably the best you can do, so do it.

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