Numerology in  Cyprus

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For over 4000 years, the Science of Numerology has been providing mankind with both the direction and answers it seeks in fulfilling the Divine mandate of the Ancients to "know thyself". Number prediction was used to predict financial trends and human life cycles by the Hebrew and Chaldean astrologers of ancient Babylonia. Their merchants and traders relied on the unfailing timing and rhythmic accuracy inherent in number trends to select the best dates to buy, sell and invest in commodities. The ancients discovered that each of us has our own personal timetable... a rhythmic action line that is derived from the month and day of our birth, combined with the numerical total of the current year. They were also aware that the key to understanding personality and human nature could be derived by analyzing the actual letters in one's name.

From just your name at birth and the name you use now (along with your date of birth), a full and comprehensive profile can be prepared that will portray your total essence and personal future trends. Knowing your own primary numbers is as important as knowing your Social Security Number. Why ? Because your life, its direction and all impacting events move in waves around and through these numbers.

One of your most important numbers is the total of your just your month and day of birth. If you were born on August 5, you would simply add the number for August (8) to the day (5), to get your Personal Achievement Number (4). Here's the math: (8) + (5) = 13. Now add this answer a step further: 13 = (1) + (3) = 4 . This four is your guiding achievement number which will influence and affect your life and attitudes for the first 50 years. By knowing its qualities and properties you will understand and be better able to handle the variety of changing circumstances along your life path.


It was no accident you were born on a particular day of the month... just as it was no accident you are a LIBRA, ARIES or a CAPRICORN. Long before you were born, your Higher Self booked that date for your arrival, just as you would call ahead for hotel reservations when going on a trip. Why, you may ask, would my spiritual advisor do this ? Well, I am sure you know that there are no accidents in this Universe and that you are here on Earth for a specific purpose, not just as a random result of some cosmic computer glitch. You had to "report for duty" to work out your soul's destiny. Your day of birth is the gateway to that destiny. This specific day, whether the 7th, 12th, 31st or whatever, is like a radio or TV transmission tower. This 24 hr day resonates and receives/transmits an electrical signal (in this case the bio-magnetic energy of your soul) that is characteristically yours alone.

Numerologically, the nature of your birth day symbolizes your potential as a unique and separate individual. It defines the sort of tools, talents and abilities you have available during this incarnation. This specific day represents your working capital... an index of your future potential. From your full name at birth through to your date of birth, one can determine your Divine purpose for this lifetime and identify your character strengths, weaknesses and most favorable career areas. You can also discover which Karmic Lessons you will face this lifetime and learn how to face and handle their testing circumstances. Overcome these past life shortcomings and you will move your soul's final graduation day light years ahead. Knowing is winning !

Numerology report with short NAME ANALYSIS

Names and numbers are symbols. They themselves don't make anything happen. Numbers simply indicate. The Romans said "Nomon est Omen," The name is the destiny. There is a hidden pattern or rhythm to the whole of life. Numbers and alphabets reveal this pattern to us.

Every number and letter has its own vibration and meaning. Numerology is using time honored fomulas and calculations to find out how these vibrations affect our lives and time our decisions to them.

                  Numerology Report: 25

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