The American Academy (Private) Limassol, Cyprus.


We are a private, independent, co-educational day school, registered in under the Private Schools law of the   Republic of Cyprus, 1971.

Our mission statement is as follows:

We are a community which provides a high quality education for children of kindergarten age to university level entrance, serving the  educational needs of the indigenous and expatriate families of Cyprus.

We aim to offer as broad and balanced an education as possible , based upon the English National Curriculum, with a strong emphasis on the acquisition of languages. We recognise the importance of each individual and his or her relationship with others and are committed to promoting international understanding and responsible citizenship in a multicultural context, where students will be influenced by the best of Cypriot, European and neighbouring cultures.

We provide a supportive environment which recognises each individuals talents, encourages pupils aspirations and creates opportunities for them to become responsible, self disciplined adults.

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"Living and learning together" is the school motto and the curriculum is based on a clear set of aims which reflects this statement.

The American Academy (Private) Limassol provides an English medium education in the British tradition for expatriate and Cypriot pupils. The schools led by an educational Director, Secondary Principle and Primary Principle who are supported by a Middle Management team of curriculum and pastoral responsibility holders, all working towards one aim - 'the pursuit of excellence,'

The school is co-educational throughout. Pupils are normally placed in year groups according to their age and they progress through school with this year group. We aim to give every pupil a sense of personal security and individual worth as they develop from kindergarten right through to 'A' level.

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A Letter from The Educational Director

Dear Parents,

Welcome to The American Academy (Private) Limassol. If your child is to join us for the first time, we welcome you as parents to the school. If your child is already a pupil at the school we look forward to continued support in our path towards excellence.

The Senior Management Team has valuable extensive experience and knowledge of what is needed to achieve excellence in an English medium school. This will be used to build an even stronger and more effective school as we we pass along this path through to the end of this century and into the next.

With pupils from over 24 countries, The American Academy (Private) Limassol is an easy school to fit into. It is firmly established with a curriculum which is based on the English National Curriculum but with an international outlook.

I hope you will enjoy reading this prospectus and taste some of the flavour of the life of our school.

It provides information about the aims, organisation, curriculum and activities of The American Academy (Private) Limassol. Confidence in a school comes from knowing and understanding what is happening within it. We hope that you will extend your knowledge of the school through contact and discussion with myself and the staff. It is important that mutual understanding and trust should be the basis of our shared responsibility.

A prospectus can only give a glimpse of the school and is no substitute for a visit when the photographs are able to spring to life.

If you decide to make a visit, preferably during term time when you will be able to meet the staff and children, you will be made most welcome.

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