The American Academy
(private) in Limassol Cyprus

Secondary Department


Key Stage 3

This stage covers the first three years of Secondary education. Classes 1, 2 and 3.
and is devised as a foundation course for Key stage 4 study.

The Curriculum is as follows : Everybody takes the Core Subjects.
Which are : English, Mathematics and Science. Greek is compulsory for students of Cypriot Nationality.

Foundation Subjects are: History, Geography, Music, Art, Physical Education,   Information Technology, French, Religious Education and PSE (Personal and Social Education)


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Key Stage 4

This is classes 4 and 5 where all students study a core curriculum of English, Mathematics , Science with the addition of Physical Education and PSE (Personal and Social Education).

This is supported by choices from a range of electives and at the end of class 5 all pupils will sit for external GCSE and GCE examinations in up to 10 subjects. Pupils are helped to make a balanced choice from these optional electives : Greek, Art, French, Geography, History, Information Technology and Business Studies, Economics, Religious Education, Physical Education, Drama, Russian, and Arabic.


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