The American Academy (Private) Limassol
Primary Department + Junior School

Pre-kindergarten and kindergarten

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Our Kindergarten aims to build a sound foundation for all the children in a rich and varied environment which helps them develop effective methods for coping   with the demands of later schooling and life in general.

With this in mind, our children are encouraged to develop social awareness in being part of a group and to establish a caring attitude towards each other and the school community.
The development of a sense of purpose and the desire to be involved in different activities is fostered, thereby building up confidence to accept and react positively to any learning situation.

As well as these social aims, the program is designed to develop, improve and maintain the spoken language of English. There is a strong emphasis on learning through constructive play and activities are planned which teach pre-reading and pre-writing skills, develop mathematical concepts, improve fine and gross motor skills and develop aesthetic awareness of size, shape, colour, sound and movement. The kindergarten break is at a different time from the other pupils to enable these younger ones to play in a secure, happy environment with confidence.

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Key Stage 1

Children aged 4+ enter the first year of this stage, known as the 'reception class'

Reception, Year 1 and Year2 form Key stage 1.

During these 3 years the pupils develop the essential skills of reading, writing and numeracy.
They also enjoy a range of other subjects such as Science, History, Geography, Art, Music, Physical Education and  Information Technology.Greek is compulsory for all students of Cypriot nationality.
The course is based around the curriculum and textbooks laid down for state primary schools.

At the end of 'Year 2' pupils will have enjoyed many activities and challenges, gained confidence and learned to work co-operatively. At this point they are ready to move onto Key stage 2

Key Stage 2

This key stage builds on the foundation of the first stage, with pupils studying the same core and foundation subjects including Greek for the students of Cypriot origin. French is now introduced and Russian and Arabic are available.

It should be noted that all subjects in the Primary department have a specific programme  detailing content  and skills to be mastered based around the programmes of study and attainment targets of the English National Curriculum.

A variety of modern and well tried techniques and teaching methods are employed to deliver the programme in the most efficient and appropriate manner.

At a time when the future can be expected to bring many changes and uncertainties, it is essential that a child's education is broadly based and that an intelligent balance is maintained between academic work, physical and creative education and leisure activities. The American Academy aims to achieve this balance throughout the Primary and Secondary departments. There are up to date curriculum policies and schemes to work in all subjects.
  Each scheme is devised so as to allow maximum flexibility in its use in the classroom, to permit each child to proceed at a rate commensurate with his or her capability without interfering with the progress of the others.



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