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Eating in Limassol can be a hit or miss affair There are many many restaurants, trouble is there are not too many to recommend. If you are after kebab and chips or something equally simple the trick is to let your nose do the choosing. If you find a good place, let us know and we will try it anonymously See below for other peoples tips..
For something special that we know is excellent, here it is !

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The Blue Island says that it is the "taste of Cyprus", well in the play on words sense, that is true, but it is not at all a typical restaurant. It certainly has taste and is frequented by those in the know. Simply put, it is excellent.
It is run by two brothers, Takis and Marios Achilleos, and the only advice I can give you is "go and try it " and " book before you go."

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Eating out - Your Choices- Our readers recommendations

I recently received a letter from a young lady in Australia and think I should share it with you.

And if you find anywhere good, let us all know about it here

To see more of your choices, check out our food forum


Firstly thanks for a great site - I used to live in Cyprus (Erimi and Akrotiri) a few years ago.  It is a brilliant place and your site definitely does it justice.  I live in Australia now and miss the island incredibly (am planning on a holiday in the near future

 I do have some input in regards to "Eating Out in Limassol" ...although the Blue Island is a great restaurant (I only know of three people who have actually finished a meal there, the portions are huge !!!) there are a few others that I suggest you check out if you get the time - and should mention them on your web page to give visitors to Limassol and surrounding districts a variety

I apologise for the lack of direction for these but it has been quite a few years since I've been to them.

Mammoots is in Limassol on Omonias Street (off Franklin Roosevelt Street).  I hope it is still there and I hope you can find it because they serve the most amazing "Grass" or that is how we referred to the lettuce served with olive oil and a mysterious ingredient which no amount of begging or bribery on our part would reveal.  For years we have tried to reproduce this delicious salad but to no avail.

The Eagles Nest is in Pissouri village right at the top of the hill - It is a bit more up market (would appeal to the tourists) - Great food (even my granddad liked the calamari - after we told him it was rubbery onion rings!!)(We did check this one out Debbie, and unfortunately it has closed down)

Jacks Tavern is also in Pissouri village down the hill and around the corner (same road as there is only one).  Jacks is the real taste of Cyprus - with broken wicker covered chairs piled high in one corner - If you want something authentic this is the place - the food is the best i had in Cyprus which is really selling the place and the atmosphere is typically Cypriot which is great.

The Birds Nest is at Akrotiri on the main road just before the Air Force Base and has really great steaks - another one which would appeal to the tourists.

Green Valley - This is a little restaurant just off the dirt road to Curium beach (before the ruins turn off on the way to Paphos) which is set within a group of trees - it is very secluded and very beautiful - perfect for a warm romantic evening - it is the setting which makes this place.  This was the first place we ate.

I have to mention this one although it is not a restaurant as such but the hamburgers at the middle cafe on curium beach are the best in the world and the staff are amazing - all the tables move around to suit the patrons and the staff still know which table number it is - in the three years I spent in Cyprus this amazed me every time. Is it still like that?

I hope you get the time to check these places out and can use this information to enhance your site.  If you can find the time would you please be able to let me know your thoughts regarding these restaurants (and if you manage to wangle the recipe for "grass" out of the owners of Mammoots PLEASE PLEASE PLEASE let me know).

Keep up the good work (and I really appreciated the new age look at Cyprus).


Debbie Matthews


for more input check out the food forum, and tell us your ideas



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