Ayia Napa = Agia Napa = Nightlife


Ayia Napa is a Night City,  well,  it is also a day resort,  but at night there is so much to see and do that you will not explore it all in a week.

We occasionally take the excuse that we need to update the site and do a little sortie to check out the night life, the results are below, entrance prices and opening times, which are completely out of date because this year they will be in Euros and we don't know what they are yet. (Another good excuse for a night out (:o))  Rather than change the prices to Euros we will leave them here until the clubs open, then we will be able to see the true rate of inflation as opposed to the published figures!

the pics are here of Ayia Napa clubbing.

 These are some of the clubs .... Your mission is to try them all and report back with your findings....prepare to beam up.


Great atmosphere, brill setting, keep cool with a water pistol.

Flintstones hangout, great for a sing song.

No Entrance fee

Music - Karaoke
Sound System - ***
Lights - **

Hard Rock Cafe

Pub - free entrance
  open early till late.
Top of the square turn left, then its on the right.

There is one in Protaras on the main rd.

Larnaca had a great Hard Rock but it was fake.
Find the Laiki Yitonia for the action in Larnaca now.

Minos Pub

Square central pub.

Cool  Music 

Castle Club

Big with a Castle theme. 
2 floors. Up to 2000 people

1 am to 4.30 am

Cú5 to Cú20

Music - New Dance
Sound System - ****
lights - ***


Popular and intimate.
Scandinavian hangout.

Music - 80's +
Sound System - ***
Lights **

Ice Ku Kube

 Themed to be cool, 

Open 12.30 to 5am

Cú3 to Cú10

Music - House + Hits
Sound System - ****
Light show - ****

Starsky & Hutch
Now called Starsky's

Starsky__Hutch_inside.jpg (114057 bytes)
Nice one.
1am to 5am

Cú3 to Cú7

Music - 70's 
Sound System - ****
Lights - ***


Music - House & Garage
Sound System - ****
Light show - ****


Nice atmosphere Retro
intending to host House and Garage nights also

Music - 70's & 80's
Sound System - ***
Light show - **

Reportedly closed in 2008


Multi cultural and fun.

Music - 60's to 90's
Sound System - ***
Lights - **


Nice atmosphere, wicked DJ's

1am to 5 am
Prices vary between Cú3 - Cú6 sometimes Cú8

Music - Cool
Sound System - **** 
Lights -****


They were the only club that wouldn't let us in to photograph or answer any questions about prices, times etc.

Gangs Rating 0


Near the square. 
Another enigma ! 
let us know....



 Black and White

Famous  & cool !
Opened in 1984
Starts at 1am till 5 am
500 pax
About Cú6 to Cú8

Music - Soul , Swing & Garage
Sound System - ****
Light show - ****

rtorch.gif (8308 bytes)
Club Inferno

Cool and big (650) dance floor. Can get wet! but it's fun.

Music - House,Garage,school
Sound System - ****
Light show - ****


Best A/C
Super sound system.

Open 1am  to 5am

Cú6 to Cú10

Sound System - *****
Light show - ****


Scandanavian Loveshack

Busy from 1 to 4am

No official entrance fee

Scandinavian_loveshack_club.jpg (27579 bytes)

Club Emporium

Open 1 to 5am

Cú3 to Cú6

Sound System - ****
Light show - ***

To chat with others heading for Napa this year hit his link.

Don't be afraid to get club tickets from the touts on the street, they are often cheaper than on the door at night. Do not be bulled or bullied by the reps, there is a party boat too that can be a laugh, not for the modest or prudish though.

Then there are the after club clubs like River Island Reggae, which doesn't even get going until the other clubs are closing down.  We would really like your opinion of the best clubs and bars in Napa, so come on get writing, just put it on an e mail and send it to us. Any stories that you gathered on your holiday, random acts of kindness, experiences?


New Clubs in Ayia Napa

bulletPlay Club (not that great but hey!!)
bulletBlue Moon (for the Scandinavian tourists) I think this is what used to be systembolaget ------!
bulletBagleys (small club, playing funky house) opposite
Club Ice.
bulletChameleon - Mostly locals and Russian frequent
this new and chic club (on Nissi avenue)
bulletPiazza - Opposite Pizza Hut (Napa plaza)
again mostly Russians and Cypriots with a
few tourists who are staying at Napa Plaza hotel.

 Update on Napa clubs
from Lorraine with thanks

Grease, faces, mythology, legends, inferno, and emporium are all closed, and have been for at least 1 year.

 Starsky and Hutch is now known as Starskys, and has new lighting, sound system and DJ from the UK

Gay Cyprus - meeting place

No there isn't a gay bar or gay club in Ayia Napa yet, we did seriously consider opening one as there are certainly enough visitors coming, judging by the number of enquiries we get asking that very question. Well the nearest place is Larnaca, which will take you 30 to 35 minutes in a taxi.


Like we say, let us have your feedback and discoveries
 on like it or hate it. have fun.

Night Clubbing ]

If you are looking for Daytime Entertainment, take a look at Cyprus - adventure which covers all outdoor activities from diving, climbing, trekking, fishing, climbing, skiing, water skiing, horse riding, bicycle trailing, kayaking, yacht chartering and sailing and more, gosh it makes you tired just reading it.

Cyprus has plently of adventurous activities for you to enjoy whilst on holiday - or take a break on your business trip - riding to kayaking, mountaineering to diving. 
and to know what concerts, theatre exhibitions etc are on take a look at Cyprus-art.com which is updated on a Friday and carries all the cinema listings, workshops and general events on the island.

If you have any questions for us we are always happy to give it a go...

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