In order to start an Offshore company in Cyprus, one needs to obtain a permit from the Central Bank of Cyprus. This is generally speaking quite straightforward and takes only a couple of days.

You will need a lawyer or accountant to do the application and if you do not have a company secretary, to appoint one for you.

You need to choose an acceptable name. One that has not already been taken and one which doesn't tread on anyone else's toes. If you are in a hurry and you don't really mind what name the company operates under your lawyer or accountant can choose one that is known to be readily available.

You will need to provide certain information

A short description of the activities of the company

The names of at least 2 shareholders in the company. (These can even be nominees in the event that you wish to keep the real shareholders anonymous)

References for each of the shareholders from an established bank.

A director (or two, the same applies to directors as to shareholders, they can also be nominees in order to keep the real directors identity hidden)

A company secretary.
One can normally be appointed by your lawyer or accountant for a small fee per annum

And a registered office. Again if you do not have premises of your own, your lawyer or accountant will provide one for you. (Normally their own)

The share capital of the company should be a minimum of 1,000
If it is 10,000 you benefit from the duty free and vat allowances on
cars ,office equipment and domestic appliances. You can either import these
or purchase them here both duty and vat free.

All profits from your new offshore company are taxed (currently) at only 4.25% and one of the advantages of a Cyprus offshore company as opposed to say a Panamanian one , is the respectability factor (with all due and proper respect to Panama ) Cyprus is a European country and does not have the label of  'tax evasion haven' only 'offshore business centre'. 

When I brought my money here, one of the main questions in my mind was "what if there is another invasion ?" The answer was simple and convincing. "The money invested in Cyprus is actually kept in Switzerland and other mainstream 'safe' banking centres, but without the exorbitant charges, the last time there was an invasion apparently ( We would love to hear from anyone who knows differently) no financial loss was suffered by any investor because at the close of business each day, the money is tucked up safely in it's bed." (Sounds convincing)

Of course now with hindsight that was nonsense as you don't actually need an invasion to be invaded. All you need is for theft to be legalised and the powers that shouldn't be to give themselves the power to go into your bank account and take your money, and that is exactly what has happened!


If you wish to apply for an offshore company, or require further information we have just the people for you.

Well depending on your needs we will pass you to one of many, whether you need fluent English spoken in a straightforward manner, or maybe German or Russian.

Depending on your circumstances, we will try to match you with "The right man for the job" so to speak. Just let us know your circumstances.

We have taken specific reference to any company off this page, as they were getting complaints from the powers that be because we spilt the beans on how cheap it can be, however, blinding you with science and special speak isn't our aim, so to find out more about pricing etc, click here.


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