Cyprus Newsletter 4

July 2003

Have you heard of the Cyprus stone??????????


Have you heard of Stonehenge??   

Or the Rosetta Stone?? 


Well it is nothing like either of those!!!!!


Nor is it a semi precious jewel found only in Cyprus.

Or maybe it is.



OK, so I’ll reveal all.


Those of you who frequent this beautiful island will know that the food is yummy, Fruit at this time of year is especially yummy. Cherries, peaches, watermelon etc etc. Such an abundance.

The meat and fish are out of this world. The vegetables are extra yummy.  

All washed down with a glass or six of the locally produced vino.

 Very generous hosts. Many parties and family gatherings. Tables groaning with food.

 Beginning to get the picture?? 

After 18 months of luscious living, there is more of me now than there was when I arrived.

The well-known phenomenon of the Cyprus Stone has insidiously crept around me, enveloping me in a very uncomfortable overhang of what can only be described as  ‘FAT’.  

My favourite beach is a haunt of the cabaret girls.

These luscious lovelies from Russia and other Eastern European countries sun themselves on the sand wearing only sun oil and a kanga the size of a short piece of string.

Cellulitic dimples are nowhere to be seen on their beautiful bodies. 

A daily view of the tanned flesh displayed by these sparsely clad ladies has made it impossible for me to continue to ignore my own ‘growing attributes’.


 So I have begun the Atkins Diet.

 Anybody out there using it as well?

 If so I would be very happy to hear from you.

How is it for you?

Answer here.


Part 2

22 August 2003

The Cyprus stone was dwindling to a pebble at a most satisfactory rate. Then I received the results of my blood tests. Devotees of the Atkins will know the author recommends full blood tests, especial of cholesterol levels, before commencing the diet. In my haste to lose the bulges I began the diet and then had the blood tests. Not a good idea.

For the first time in my life I had high blood cholesterol. The doctor's first and only suggestion was

Yes her voice was really that loud.


I made further investigations, and discovered the dieticians in Great Britain are alarmed by the diet because it reduces carbohydrate intake to a level that is not conducive to good health. They also suggest the weight loss will not continue long term.


The best thing about the diet from my point of view is the thrill of getting in to a smaller size of clothes. You know that slightly superior feeling one has when clothes shopping , as, armed with the next size down, one triumphantly disappears into the changing cubicle and succeeds in squeezing into it.


So, what a dilemma.

To continue to lose the weight?? or to take care of my long term health??


The 'good health' option had to win , didn't it?


But I don't want to see the kilos pile on again.


A friend suggested the food combining diet. At least with this I eat from all the food groups, but just not at the same time. So it must be healthier, mustn't it??


I have increased my exercise, swimming every day. And decided to use a smaller plate because small plates hold less calories.


Fingers crossed that it works.


At least I have lost all the weight I gained since moving to Cyprus. The next goal is to keep it lost  and still maintain a social life in a nation of food lovers.

Watch this space.


I love to here from you, it is wonderful to receive your e-mails and to get to know you better. Many thanks to all of you who take the trouble to write to me with so much encouragement. I know that for many of you I am living your dream.

So keep dreaming and planning your own adventures.

 What topics would you like to know about for future newsletters?? Write to tell me about your interests.

Look forward to your e-mails, will do my best to answer all of them personally,

all good wishes from



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Sylvie moves to Cyprus

Sylvie explains more

The first trip to the North

Sylvie recommends a trip

I want to share this one with you, because it is a never to be forgotten experience. A trip to remember. But in my case, trips to remember.

 As I have mentioned in previous newsletter meanderings, friends and family from the UK visit me frequently.High on the agenda of this hostess with the mostest is 

'How do I entertain the guests?' 

These trips to remember take you all over the unoccupied part of the island. Mountains, monuments, ancient sites, sea side etc etc etc.
Every delight that Cyprus has to offer can be sampled during these excursions. 

Visits to out of the way places took us to the calmness and tranquillity of areas far from the usual tourist haunts. 

We sampled delicious locally grown food in remote mountain villages. If I were alone I would probably drive on past these tavernas. But our guides knew exactly where to find the best food. Washed down with some village wine, it all tasted delicious.

A wonderful thing about these trips is the small group size, this meant we got personal attention at all times. We were always so well looked after. 

I cant begin to describe the fun of touring around the mountains from a hotel base high on Troodos or the wonderful walks in Akamas from a hotel base in the west of the island. Larnaka is the base for sightseeing the eastern end of the island.

Visiting the ancient sites, churches and remote areas with such a knowledgeable guide makes the whole experience of living on this wonderful island even more exciting.
So I wont go on trying to describe these wonderful trips. 

Sample them for yourselves and see if you can help me with the superlatives.

Sylvie recommends a trip


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