Motoring and Caravanning

Driving in Cyprus is on the left. A British legacy, and most of the road signs are the same. There is a good network of main roads and motorways.

Seat belts must be worn in the front seats of a  car and the speed limits on the roads are clearly labelled ( not that much notice is taken of them) In fact the greatest hazards on the roads in Cyprus are;
(a) The dangerous speeds at which some people drive.
(b) The lack of clear white lines on smaller roads, making them difficult to see at night.
(c) If someone flashes their lights at you at a crossing it doesn't mean 'please come out' it means' DON'T come out or I will ram you'
(d) Playing dare at traffic lights... red means 'put your foot down, you might make it', amber means 'put your foot down you will make it 'and green means 'put your foot down'

(e) Pavements. Everyone here understands that pavements are for parking on. No one walks on them if they can help it, they're dangerous. Apart from the fact that they are generally so uneven that you risk tripping over, they have more potholes than the roads, so pushing a pram or navigating in a wheelchair is very difficult, but for parking on.. they're perfect !

You used to be able to import a car for 3 months without any restriction, then you had to apply for an extension. We are not sure of the rules anymore since joining the EC

You may be entitled to a Duty free car, take a look at your options here. You are entitled to relief from excise duty if you are an alien national having taken up permanent residence in Cyprus without exercising a profession or occupation of any sort. Relief is granted on the whole amount of excise duty for one vehicle per person. However import duty and VAT is payable.

Petrol is about the standard price, but diesel is very cheap, There is a higher road tax on diesel cars, however if you are doing lots of mileage, it quickly becomes a viable option.

You will find a list of Esso Stations here.....tigrgame.gif (34538 bytes)

Road tax is necessary if you keep a car here, but the system is good, as you pay more tax for a more powerful and therefore more ecologically damaging car.
Caravans are very expensive here and we have yet to find a place where you can hire them, so if you know different then let us know please.
Hire Cars are easily available and you can arrange to have one waiting for you at Larnaca or Paphos  airport. The prices vary, so shop around. 


Duty free and second hand car information is here car.wmf (7222 bytes)

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