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Hello Yes an alien in the legal sense of the word AND the more literal sense. Living in Paphos for seven years now, yes I know "Why", you ask. Because it is the most beautiful part of the island............but it is seriously lacking in nightlife and needs a youth boost if you know what I mean. ANYWAY.................please don't give us a miss if you venture to other more 'famous' parts of the island. We are friendly, don't ooze slime (cannot be said about other areas) and are willing to experience all out of body experiences you may introduce us to..........(well within reason !) If you are thinking of a visit or if you are a rezzy ("resident" to non Cyps) drop us a line. If you have a ? or even a !, please make contact. My e-mail box is a lonely place at the moment now all the holidaymakers have gone home and forgotten me in their worries about floods and the Queen Mum's collar bone ! TTFN Stan 

Hi everybody just arrived in cyprus to live don,t know many people yet.loads of things i need to ask and get info about. however love the island looking. would like to know of any English get to gethers etc email 

Yia Sas!! Hello. This is especially for those wanting to go out to Ayia Napa  for work.

I have worked in Ayia Napa for the past 4 years as a rep with a huge holiday company and have therefore met quite a few touts, bar workers and DJ's. The best thing to do is go out as early as April as accommodation starts to fill up very quickly most tour operators have blocked off flats September 2000. Accommodation is cheaper in Paralimni (15 mins on moped to Napa) To work safely on the Island you must a permit which your employer should organise, be warned some dont and you could face being deported if police catch you. There are jobs in bars, restaurants and hotels. Be prepared for a hard summer as it is not as good as a lot of people think hours are long, it can be expensive to live and thousands of people crush up in the Square. However, it is a fantastic place and one of the one beautiful countries in the world. Good Luck everyone. If anybody knows of a Cypriot Community in Manchester please let me know email to 

I would like to import or buy a duty free car. Am, i entitled to do so? What are the requirements? I would appreciate your help very much. Alec on  or 09-419268. Thanks a lot.

Mistresses Comments ; See Duty free cars here 

CAN ANYONE HELP ME!!!!!!!!!!! I'm looking for a guy that I meet in Ayia Napa/November-December -94. I just know his name was Doros, his about 36 years and he was always with a guy by the name Leo. Doros is quite thin and tall and at that time he work at a restaurang and his originally from Nicosia. If You cant help Me with that maybe You got the numer to Napa Radio so I can ask them to help Me. I hope that someone can help Me, if You think You can, please, write to Me ad e-mail  Malin!!!

hi my name is helen i am trying to get info or find the web site for info on cyprus and the war and also names of missing people, and also about eoka tha 1st please email me on if amyone can advise me also the site for live news tv thanks


My friend is visiting Limassol Cyprus in January. He plans to work there. Could you kindly give me some information on this Company who is offering jobs there. The name of the Company is : Aspar Trading Co PO Box 52236 4962 Limassol Cyprus I would appreciate it if you could give me a reply. My email address is  Thanks, Rajan

Hi we are moving to Cyprus in the very near future if anyone has info about work permits I'm a Nursery Nurse hopeing to work in one of the English schools and my husband is a floor layer. We are moving to Larnaca so if anyone has any info please e-mail us at    Thanks.


Hello my name is Samantha, I am an irish woman (from Dublin). My partner owns an apartment in the Amathus area of Limassol. Since 1994, I have visited Cyprus no less than 15 times. I think I am probably the best ambassador for Cyprus in Ireland, as I tell everyone I meet not to go to Spain but to go to Cyprus instead. As I am sure you all have heard of our booming economy which sees a huge percentage of the irish population buying property in Spain, Lanzarote, France etc.. I cannot understand how the Cypriot's have not come over here or used some irish contacts to advertise property in Cyprus. In my opinion the weather is better, lifestyle is cheaper (a big advantage to the irish), people are nicer and your country is ten times nicer. So if some budding entrepaneur needs an irish envoy, give me a call. My email address is: 

Hi, My name's Lucy and I'm planning to spend some time working in Paphos from Feb/ March next year. I've never worked in Cyprus before and wondered if anyone has any tips on where to start and how to go about it! I'm particularly interested in horses and would love to find work at one of the trekking centres in and around Paphos, but, saying that I will consider all types of work. If anyone can help please email me on: 

hello my name is john i live in the uk,i teach wood grainig and marblizing i believe you have some arts and craft colleges in cyprus my wife and i would like to come uot there for a few years and i would like to teach part time anyone that could help or give us any information it would be most apprieciated we would be looking for the move oct 2001 with thanks and nice site,seen an alian ship but friends didnt believe me till the next day it was in the local newspapers my contact address email 

My wife and I are thinking of moving to Cyprus to take up residence. Do`s and dont`s, comments and any tips would be good.

Many Thanks  Peter Rees

E mail  Telephone (44)01536 356650

My wife and myself are hoping to emmigrate to Cyprus within the next year. I am finding it very difficult to get hold of usefull information i.e. Health costs being just one example. Is their anybody who would like to chat and has lived in Cyprus that would be willing to answer all those silly questions that most people have about moving to a new country to live. My e-mail is 

Hi everyone,We are considering moving to live in Cyprus (Paphos is on the top of the list), with our three children aged 9, 8 and 4.Does anyone have any experiences to relate (good or bad), in making a move from the UK to Cyprus. Any suggestions, recommendations, things to do (or not do), areas to consider and those to avoid etc. would be greatly appreciated.Many thanks in advance,Harry 


Hi, I'm gpoing to Ayia Napa in July 2001 for two weeks if anybody can give me info. about the nightlife or price of living tat would be great. Does anybody know what the Phillipana Apartments are like? Oh yeah!, nd what are the best bars and clubs.Mail me  or 


Hello folks, my wife and I would like to come and live in Cyprus from England and if any one can help us out with information or contacts we would really be grateful. We would like to find jobs and I am a distribution manager with my wife being an office administrator skilled in microsoft packages. We want a lifestyle change and I am prepared to do anything like deliver hire cars etc. If anyone can help please get in touch with us AT  and we will mail you back immediately. Thanks again.

Hi my name is paul and i am looking for old friends (Yes we lost thier address) called duncan and kim anderson who live(lived) in paphos. kim went to school in england with my wife michelle and we would love to get back in touch. if anybody knows them could you please pass this message on. my e mail address is many thanks paul and michelle

Hi, I'm very interested in finding out more info about moving to Cyprus - problems, benefits etc. Looking to move to the Paphos area, just my husband and myself(maybe one daughter if she hasn't fled the nest by then!). What's it like for working out there - are there restrictions? Anyone who can give us the highs and lows of moving to Cyprus I'd appreciate your help. email is 

Does anybody know of the where abouts of George Stavros, owner of flats and taxi company in Erimi village Limasol Cyprus. Last seen between 1984 and 1987 when i and my family lived in one of his flats for 3 months whilst serving in the royal air force. Any information then contact 

Hello, we are Paula and Mike, and we would like to get to know some people from Paphos as we are planning to arrive in Paphos in March this year. Is there anyone out there that could give us some good information about finding some acommodation for about 7 months? Failing that, anyone fancy a chat ? 

Hi! my wife and I are looking to retire to Paphos this year. Can anyone point me in the right direction regarding residency rules etc?We are British.Thank you,Nigel Robson on 

Hi, Can anyone help and advise us? We are Steve&Julie from Buckinghamshire UK, ages 47&45.We own a house in Cyprus and intend to move there in the next 2-3 years.We do not wish to work and intend returning occasionally for short periods to the UK. Could anyone inform us of the current legal and financial requirements neccessary for us to make long term visits ( up to a year at a time ). We would preferably wish to not take up full residency in Cyprus at this time. We would also like to import our car which would be at the time of arrival in Cyprus 3-4 years old, we are the first registered owners of the vehicle, a Suzuki Grand Vitara 2000TD Turbo diesel.What are the duty calculations and costs payable if we prefer to not take up a duty free option? Please Email us back with any useful information. Thanking you in advance and looking forward to hearing from you on Email 

Please someone help me!! My partner is coming to work in Cyprus as a civilian at the British Sovereign base at Dhekelia. I, of course, will be moving to Cyprus with him and I presume I'll need a some sort of residents visa? You would not believe the dead-ends I'm coming up against here in the UK...and I don't want to find myself deported after 3 months! Also; My partner will be driving across and importing our car and I will fly out later. Any suggestions as to the best people to contact for seat only flights? Can't wait to join you all Efkharisto! Paula 

hello fellow alien, I am a female and live in New York, America. I was born here but have been to Cyprus, Larnaca, often. One thing "alien" about me is that I feel that I am the only Greek Cypriot who does not believe in the Greek Orthodox ways. I was wondering if there was a Church of Christ in Cyprus. If you would like to talk, you can reach me at  Bye for now

Hi, we are looking for any information regards moving to Cyprus from Scotland on a permanent basis. Hope someone out there can help. You can contact my at 

Hi, My husband & I have recently purchased a property in Paralimni, we are seriously considering moving to Cyprus in the very near future, we need to find out about jobs my husband is an air conditioning engineer I also need to find a school for my 5 year old son. My daughter who is 19 would like to work in Ayia Napa. Can you help. My E-mail is 

Looking for Doretta ! I graduated from the Higher Technical Institute back in 1979 in Nicosia, on my 125cc Vespa, Doretta and I explored the Island our own way. Do you still live in Cyprus ? Its been more than 20 years, I need to hear from you. If anyone knows Doretta Ashikalis, please forward this to her, e-mail me at  Thanks

I'm coming to Cyprus for an extended stay and would like to find a Greek teacher. I already have very basic knowledge of speaking, reading and writing demotic Greek and want to advance my learning. Are there any Greek teachers in the Paphos area who would be interested in taking on a new student? Please contact me at Any other information people might feel helpful would also be greatly appreciated

Hi, just looking for friends we met when we lived in Kamares, Paphos in l992. Specifically Wanda and Adrian and Carrera. Hope you read this and get in touch. Alan, Pat and Chelsea. Love for you to write us.

Hello to all..... we are a married couple f30 m40 coming to Cyprus on March 24 2001 for 6 months. Any Couple oe Lady want to Meet us? WE are fun loving and very open minded with no taboo. Please writ to  also if you know any Swingers club in Cyprus let us know Thank You


my husband and our two children aged 13 and 11 are hoping to move to cyprus this year. we hope to form a business out there but his work will be from the uk. any advice or tips on anything that anyone can think of to do with property, school, being an alien, obtaining bank accounts, residency permits and could we bring our cat, will be greatly appreciated look forward to hearing from you lucky people already living in Cyprus Nicky email: 

Hi, I live in Zimbabwe and I am planning on coming to Cyprus, Nicosia in September 2001. I would like to stay for at least a year and wondered if anyone knew how I could go about finding a job. I am a bookkeeper up to final accounts. If anyone has advice please email me at .Thanks

has anybody heard of michael qurrey, he is my father or was my father living in Cyprus for quite some time. he committed suicide last year in march and from what i have heard he wasn't a very nice man. i would like to hear the story if any one knows it. he was an english man who had married a cypriot woman. please email back to  thankyou

Love this site - it's full of great info and stuff. Thinking of retiring to Larnaca area within the next ten years (give us enough time to save up!) Hoping to pop over to Cyprus and would love to hear from any ex-pats who could 'fill us in' on the pros and cons of living there - although there can't be as many pros and cons as living here in Doha Qatar! thanks, Su Dickens 

We are considering retiring to Larnaca could someone supply us with living costs and medical cover for a couple in there 50's.George Mills E-Mail:- 


We are a Scots family that have lived in Cyprus before and are Looking for ways to come and stay in Limassol area of Cyprus. I work with Computers... Hardware and Software. Any one with any ideas please contact me. Many Thanks


Hello!. My name is Beatriz and I will be moving from USA To Limassol next year with my boyfriend (Cypriot). I'm an administrative manager in a IT design firm. I would like to find a job in Limassol, doesn't have to be related with what I do now. I'm fluent in English and Spanish. I'm planning to learn Greek as well. I'm a very friendly person and I would like to meet new friends no matter where they are from. I would be very happy to find Latin American people although I know there may not be many over there. Please contact me at 

Hi, I have travelled all over the world and find Cyprus to be one of the best places there is.

My health is not great and I cannot face another English winter, so I am going to move to Cyprus soon. It is hard to get info, could anyone tell me please what the medical situation is, i.e. does the EEA arrangement with the UK mean that I can get help with prescription and medical care or would I have to pay for everything.

Also I am being told that I can get my benefits, DLA etc., for 6 months, then I would have to come back to the UK for 6 months, which would obviously be very difficult. Does anyone know if there is a way around this?

Any assistance would be gratefully received. 

hi. gary 45 sales manager in uk. michele pe teacher in uk 47 looking to relocate to cyprus. both have excellent management skills. are you looking for trustworthy people to run your business. contact us 

Beth here, looking for advice about getting settled with a job, home and finances in Paphos. Still living in England and hope to marry a wonderfully half Cyp half-Eng barman v soon. Please help if you know anything about getting hitched on the cheap, teaching in Paphos (languages) and getting legal with money and property. Contact me at  Thanks for any information or contacts! Beth xxx

my name is Joe, I live in cold England wish to relocate to Cyprus not only to transfer all my assets there but also to find a local partner whom may be interested in development and production of my innovation. its called (GOLDEN RELICS). What is GR? I have universally unique and worldwide monopoly on this product which creating any image into 3D postcard or posters ,suitable for promotion of Tourist industry as well as marketing tool. ANY OBJECT, PERSON, HISTORIC, MODERN, RELIGIOUS, POLITICAL ICONS OR BUILDINGS OR ALIVE; even CD and cassette covers, in "artist profiles" and so on. The orders by Olympic committee alone is worth $15M. This product WILL sell Cyprus or any other country to the world. Do not think about it; share the wealth with me. contact me (joe)at 


hi, my name is Carine and (please forgive me, I'm French). I plan to go to live in Nicosia with my boyfriend -a Cypriot- I am an English teacher in France (MA) and I'll get soon another MA in teaching French as a foreign language. I'd like to know whether I could be employed by the Cypriot government or by private schools. Could anyone provide me with a list of Cypriot private schools? Thanks a lot. Carine 

We are considering retiring to Cyprus next year when we finish work. I would be very glad to hear from British expats about their experiences in relocating. 

hi all, i am originally from Nicosia but i have been living in the US for over 10 years. I haven't been back for almost 4 years and i hear that a lot has changed. I am seriously thinking of moving there for good but I am concerned about not being able to find a job with appropriate compensation, about not being able to re-adjust and live in such a small society etc. Any positive comments on Cyprus that would make me more decisive?

thanx, d 

Any info about retiring to Cyprus. My wife and I hope to be there in 2004.Or is Spain a better option. We will only be 50 years old so hope to be around for quite some time. Need to get out of cold wet England. Email at  cheers

could anyone give me details for a professional photographer in Larnaca....

many thanx E MAIL 


Hello, I wonder if anyone can help me. My husband and I are hoping to retire to Cyprus next year, only one thing is worrying me. My hobby is cake decorating, and I make lots of cakes for people, I do not make a profit, I just cover costs for products and time. I note that aliens are not allowed to work, does this mean I would have to either give up my beloved obsession, or find somewhere else to live?! Any advice very welcome by email to:  Many thanks

Hello .My name is Arthur Turner ,my wife and I would be pleased to here from from any retired expats who have moved to the island. We are thinking of selling our bungalow and doing the same thanks to Jayne and Steve for their replies to my earlier E-mail. e-mail address 

hi im a young British Cypriot girl from Manchester. if you are British Cypriot too. send me an e.mail. here's my address.

Hi, I am m/ 29 staying in Larnaca already 5 months and I would like to meet a girl at my age to enjoy talking going to movies etc. 

Hello to Larnaca

I hope to go to Larnaca sometime this year but I don't know anybody there at present. I would like to share a flat with someone, or maybe meet someone who would be able to befriend me and show me around. My name is Ann and I'm in my fifties. I'm easy-going, very friendly and so would like to meet like-minded people (male or female). Hoping to hear from someone out there.!! Ann from England. e-mail me at: 


hello! Just came from Cyprus and left my heart there for lots of reasons... If somebody knows something about a dancing group named Athanasia (or something like that, probably written wrong), please contact me. Met them in Protaras and liked very much...but never got their information.

Thank you already! 

I am a very active young 70yr old British with 40 yrs in Hong Kong 3yrs philippines,30 yes master /mate foreign going ships. Uk Masters certificate, am interested in the following topics. 1)prices of property in cypress. 2) maximum length of stay allowed 3)small business opportunities to buy/rent Marine or bar restaurant related. 4)Lady companion live in or out/correspond with full knowledge of every condition in Cypress relating especially to cost of living, taxes, crime, salaries, etc. Looking forward to correspondence from  house keeper. Contact 


Very experienced I.T. professional looking for any I.T. work in Cyprus.

Any advice on work permits, salary and the types of I.T. work i might find would be greatly appreciated.

CV available on request.


Thanks! :-)

Information please on the viability of relocating to Cyprus when we retire. Some idea about costings would be appreciated, ie Builders, utilities, etc. Also some input regarding the fauna we will meet!! Contact us Thank you very much. Regards Anne

Hello my name is Andonis M. and I'm 27 years old born in Cyprus (Pentagija) refugee from the Turkish occupation and I live in Macedonia (Skopje) and my girl Katerina P. from Macedonia. I would like some one to answer me from Cyprus the next question. Because of the war situation that is happening down here me and my girl we are dismayed to come over in Cyprus in the middle of July and stay in Nicosia at my relatives. My question is: can somebody help us there to find a job to work until the war is over down here. my e-mail is ( ) Thank you and god bless you.

Looking for George our driver on the Troodos Jeep Safari great day out Thanks! 


We wonder if anyone can help us?...

In search of a better quality of life for our three children, and sick and tired of the expensive way of life here in the U.K. My husband (Greek Cypriot Refugee) and I (English wife) are thinking of moving to Cyprus. (My husbands dearest wish).

Originally from Trikazi near Famagusta, He and his family still owns land there, but obviously can't return to his family home on the "other side"... If anyone can help regarding his legal position as a returning refugee or knows which government departments we should contact, we would both be EXTREMELY GRATEFUL..

Very much hope to hear from someone soon...thanks. 

Hello. I currently live in California and I am looking to move to and attend college in Cyprus. If anyone can send me any info on cost of rent and living expenses. Or can let me know where to take the first steps into making life on the island a reality, please let me know. I really need the help. Thanks in advance......... Joel 

Hi, my name is Natalie and I will be emigrating to Cyprus (Limassol) July 2002 with my husband and 2 children. I'd love any useful info to help make my move smoother. My son will the attending the American Academy in Limassol, and I would love a road map which shows exactly where it is as my husband and I are looking for looking for property at the moment. E-mail is  Best wishes, Natalie p.s great site.

Hello my name is joanne malcolm and I was looking for information on how i go about getting a work visa in Cyprus as my boyfriend is Cypriot and i would like to move over to be with him i was hoping someone could help me with the relevant information on what i need and how i go about getting it. Thank you my email address is 

Hi me and my family (boyfriend, son, mother & father are thinking of moving to Cyprus to live, and would like all the relevant information about what we would need. Things like work permits, renting and letting or buying properties, health insurance, job vacancies just about everything you need to know about emigrating to Cyprus. I would be extremely grateful to anyone who can help me. Contact me at this address 

I search for information about a Romanian girl named viorica berta, lived in Cyprus in 1994-95 Please write to 

My partner and I are looking at the possibility of living and working in Cyprus in 2002. We are both highly qualified therapists specialising in Reflexology, Kinesiology, Body Massage, Indian Head Massage, Stress Management and Reiki. I also have many years experience in the entertainment field both in radio and running a mobile disco. We are planning to visit in January 2002 from Gary Williams and Shirley Cole. Contact us at 

Hi my name is Cressida. I wish to come to Cyprus for two months and stay in the tourist part of Limassol Yamassoya (sorry bout spelling) Please email me at  I am a student so I would be desiring a basic room i.e. bed and shower. If you cannot help could you please send me any contacts that would. many Thanks

My wife and I are looking into settling down in Larnaca, can anyone give us a contact for the local British community as we would appreciate there views on life in Cyprus, i.e. cost of living, health insurance, local activities. 

Hi, I have visited Cyprus often and really love the place. My parents are retiring to the Island and I'd like to join them. I'm a young hard working 33 year old and am looking to find a job in the Paphos Area. I have secretarial and admin qualification but am willing to learn new skills. Can anyone give me advice on getting a job. 

Recently retired British nationals, my wife and I are researching the possibility of living in Cyprus. Our 18y/o daughter is also interested in coming, currently studying agriculture/animal care. Any information/links to assist us would be appreciated. 

Hi My wife & I are considering moving to Cyprus to retire. Can anybody give some practical advice? Please contact . thank you.

My wife and I are entertainers and aim to relocate to Cyprus in Feb 2002. We desperately require information on working there e.g. visas/permits etc., and also info on property rental e.g. agencies/estate agents etc.

Anything you know could be useful so please get in touch by emailing us at:  Thanks in anticipation. Sam and Sarah


My name is sandy. i am a "young" 46 year old. Married, kids flown the nest. Love animals and travel to hot places. I am looking for an ex pat living in Cyprus who is willing to chat on line for info on living and working there. Look forward to hearing from someone.



Hi We just heard we might have to move to Cyprus. So it is a big step when you life in Africa. and to top is all we will also be newly weds. so everything will be new.

I would like information about anything in Cyprus. Please any information would be appreciated. or if anyone is in the same boat and could give us any advise. please email Nicky at: 

 Helllloooooo!!!!!!any foreigners out there in Nicosia who want to have a few drinks, have a great laugh, and sing a song (or 10! ), come to Club Central every Wednesday for Karaoke!!! Louise

Hi, I live in Cyprus and am a English male 25, would like to meet other people living here on the island. hope to hear from you. 

Hi! me and my friends are off to Ayia Napa in the summer of 2002!i would just like to hear from someone who has already been there etc... and if they could suggest the top nightspots, eg the pubs and clubs, so that we don't waste our time on the rubbish ones!!!!!If anyone has any info contact me on . Thanks!!

Line dancing at Stathis place, Wednesday and Saturday evening, teaching session Thursdays evening

Hey, Louise, you forgot to put your email address, so I can't ask you directly "Where exactly in Nicosia is Club Central?" We've asked around, but no-ones heard of it. Enlightenment appreciated. Thanks, Bushman............. 

Hiya can anyone help 2 tall sexy blonds who have been visiting Cyprus for 5 years but now want to work from may until October 2002 in Ayia Napa. Does anyone need bar staff and can help us get a visa, we want to have a summer of fun but know we would have to work hard. Any help would be great as we would prefer to get a visa before we come over. If you can help us get a job and visa please contact us on  thanks xxx

I am moving to Akrotiri (15 miles from Limassol) in January 2002. My boyfriend will be based out there in the RAF. Can anyone give me any information on rented accommodation/jobs/medical insurance. Any info would be much appreciated! 

does anybody knows Vassos, who had worked in , Alexander the great" in paphos at the pool bar? it was between 1991-1993.please contact 

hey!!! Just warning everyone that 6 welsh lasses are on their way to Ayia Napa in summer 2002.this will be our second girly holiday, last time we went to Lloret De Mar in Spain. It was ok but hopefully Ayia Napa will be ACE....If there's a group of young free lads on their way at the end of June let us know!!!!!!!!! We are staying at La Casa Di Napa...which is near the SQUARE....get in touch with the feisty welsh girls with tight saucy T Shirts!!!! at 

Hi! My husband and I hope to move to Cyprus. I am a College lecturer and my husband manages a very busy Parts Department of a Vauxhall dealership.
We have visited the island a few times and love it and the people. As we both have had heart problems, indeed my husband had a heart attack in March, we are keen to find out about health care for us. We are also keen to hear of things to watch out for when buying property. Many thanks in anticipation of some help. 

This is my second attempt at posting a message, computer dinosaur! I note from other messages on this page that others have the same questions as I in respect of the practicalities of moving to Cyprus on a permanent or semi permanent basis. Health care costs? Property buying/ renting? Car import? 1 million others that won't come to mind until I've signed off? We are coming to Limassol in Dec 2001 for two months to try and gauge 'living there' as opposed to 'holidaying' We would love to hear from anyone who can advise re practicalities/problems/hurdles etc Would also like to hear from expat groups in Limassol & Larnaca areas E-mail:  Thanks to anyone replying!

Hello! My name is Ivan from BULGARIA. I work in Private Security Agency as security guard and autopatrol. Our Agency protect Banks and Firms. I look for a new job in CYPRUS. Please,help me with information, addresses. My address: Ivan Georgiev Ivanov Blvd.Treti mart No23 ap15 et3 vhB Gabrovo 5300 BULGARIA E-mail: 

Hello my name is Karen and me & my boyfriend are thinking of moving to Cyprus from the UK. Could anyone give me any information of how to go about this including work permits, job vacancies, renting & buying accommodation, etc? Many thanks, 

We are considering retiring to Cyprus in a year or so. We really no nothing of the country, it's people, cost of living, property prices etc. In fact we have never even been to Cyprus but it was suggested by a friend when we said we were looking for a nice, warm place to retire to.

We are currently working in Dubai, UAE and are British. Can anyone give us any info please. 

Hi, My husband and I want to sell up and move to Cyprus (not sure what part yet) recommendations would be nice!! We have 3 children 14, 12 and 6 so need information on schools and what are the Docs like? We also need to find out about jobs, my husband is a HGV driver and I currently work with Special Needs Children, we would be grateful for any info. 

Hi. My wife Gillian and our 10 year old son and 19 year old daughter and our 0 year old grandson, have decided that it is time to Up Stakes here in England and move to Cyprus. We are looking forward to our new life but could do with as many helpful hints as we can get. Where to live. How to integrate our son into the school system. How to set up a business (Hair Salon). How important is it to stay close to other ex-pats. Language and how best to learn. Health - Doctors, hospitals etc. More still about Cyprus and the folklore and history. There is so little in the library - so frustrating ! We would love to hear from anyone ! We would love to hear your story ! Thank you ! Here's hoping ! Nick in England  04-629186. couple for friendship.

We are two 18 year old South Africans, out going hard working, and are prepared to do anything!! Just want to have fun and meet 2002 Please contact us at 


We (myself, my wife and three children - ages 6,10 and 11) are going to be moving to Paphos in the summer of 2oo2. We will be looking for a nanny - can anyone point us in the right direction please?? 

Hey all - we are a Danish / American couple thinking seriously on mowing to Cyprus. we need therefore information abut how to get work permit etc. etc. if you have any web reference I'll be happy to get it. best regards Henrik Hotchkiss: 

Hello all that read this. I can see that I am not the only one thinking of moving to Cyprus. I too need some information on all aspects of the country from: purchasing a house to opening my own business. I am lucky as my father is Greek and I have family over there, but alas need some help from someone English living there now. Please drop me a line to: . Thanks in advance. Waiting to hear from all you helpful people over there already!

Hi I retired to Cyprus one year ago and have never regretted it for one second. If you are thinking about a move here and want information on any matter related to moving here, I would be happy to try to answer your questions.


Hi, my name is Amy i am a student in England I am trying to find out about working in Ayia Napa over the summer, how easy is it to get a job and accommodation, I will be travelling with another friend and we both have bar experience we would be there from June until September, if anyone could help with hints or advice e-mail me at  Thanks 


We are an Indian couple living in Nicosia .My husband is a software programmer by profession and i am a dental surgeon but unfortunately i cannot work here. I would like to meet people and join some voluntary organisation. Kindly send me some information. priti 87,larnacos avenus, pallouriotissa nicosia-cyprus-1520 phone-(22) 349495,(09)812859

Hello I am Farooq and live in Pakistan I want to friend ship in Greece Cyprus. I have an internet Cafe in my town. I believe on social work and help with poor peoples. This time bcoz of our economy I want to move and get Job in Cyprus (any kind). Any person can help me? I will be very thankful. I am 28 and still single. My E-mail address is 

HI all you lucky people living in cyprus i am thinking off coming to join you but need lots of info: can anybody help with things like

is there full time work, how much to live, average pay places to rent ,do's and don'ts thanks Graham contact me at 

looking for strip clubs in Limassol area, or anything of the sort. Are there any? what's the scoop. 

Hi there folks...

We are a couple in our early thirties, trying to find other younger folks in the Larnaca area. We've been here since September and as yet we've found one other English speaking person our age. If anyone is up for a few beers and a chat give us a shout at 

Hi, we're just buying a flat in Paphos, can anybody advise us on the 'duty free' reductions we are entitled to on cars & appliances?

Kaly & Karina ' '

My wife and I are looking to move to Cyprus in June of this year, My wife is Cypriot and we married here in Britain in Sept 2001.

We would be very grateful if you anything about how the immigration laws work. Any response about this would be really helpful.. Thanks in advance........ Ian..
P. S. My wife would be more than happy to answer any questions you have about the island.

Email contacts at 

Hello , my wife and I would like to come and live in Cyprus from England and if any one can help us out with information or contacts we would really be grateful. We would like to find jobs. I'm a professional musician with an experience of working in the hotels. My wife is a barber.If anyone can help please get in touch with us 

hi folks, we are looking to move to Cyprus, we are hoping to buy a home and a bar. does anyone have any tips they could pass on to us. if so could you please send them to  or  We are a group of 4 people is there any documentation we should be applying for now as we hope to move over this time next year.

many thanks Steve, Ian, Lesley and Jackie

I am an Indian, married with one 7 yrs old kid. I plan to move to Cyprus as may get a job offer there in Nicosia. I am eager to know about Nicosia & Cyprus specifically about the lifestyle, education and any Indian presence.

My email is 

hi , my name is nicholas loizou and live in the uk . at present am thinking of selling up and moving to Cyprus with wife and 4 kids (ages 10 , 7 , 6 , 4 ).would be grateful for any info from anyone. i.e. good/bad areas cheap/expensive areas. 


Does anyone know of any Fencing and Hockey clubs in Paphos. My daughter - 11 years old - enjoys these sports and we will be moving to Paphos in Summer and wonder where is the best place that she can enrol. Any ideas, anyone. Thanks. 

Hi, this is Suzanne from Holland and in July I am coming to Cyprus. I am going to work with a company in Ayia Napa. Problem is that actually I want to live in Larnaca, but I don't have any transportation to Ayia Napa and back (the times when the busses ride don't match my working hours). Is there anyone who can and wants to carpool with me, or do you have any ideas for something else?

Thanks, it would be a great help if you let me know. You can contact me at 

Hi everybody! Can anyone tell me what the quarantine regulations are for bringing a cat into Cyprus??? We will be coming from Dubai (UAE), and will be very grateful for info!

Please contact Anette at 

Mistresses Comments : Please see the rules at 

Hi i am coming to Ayia Napa, Cyprus in July 2002 with my friend Manda. We are coming as a holiday this time but would like to check out the possibilities of working out there next summer, we are not yet old enough to be holiday reps as you have to be 21 but we are both 18 and want to know if it is safe just working as a rep for a nightclub? We would also like to get in touch with young people going to Ayia Napa in July 2002. You can get in touch with me at  Thanx Becky

we have been to Ayia for the last 4 years, brilliant hols, local people great, best bar Jasmine Inn, guaranteed a great night, great staff, great time staying in antheas apt, tis year 5th June for a week say hello to Terry & Chris (tell them we sent you) Vanda & Katie from England or email me at  see u there

Hello, we are moving to Cyprus July next year. I am looking for any contacts for container shipping companies or to find info on whether it is worth buying/taking our house contents/all electric appliances/furniture etc. by container from UK or to sell up and buy all our house contents new in Cyprus. Anyone have experience of this who could give me some advice.

Contact Jeanne on: 

all as i want to say is Cyprus is a cool place with friendly people there would love to have a pen pal from Cyprus so if you want drop us a email. ps I know Cyprus very well as i work for a Cypriot travel company in the uk. Martin 079 447 88207  take care ......

I'd love to move to Cyprus, and one of these years I will!!! But for now, can anybody tell me if "Charlie" will be at the "Anapolis Apartments" Protaras, this year? We'll be out in Cyprus (again!!) in May to see all our friends in Protaras. Steve & Jane 

hi everybody. I'm a Cypriot guy 18 years old and I'm reading all your good words for Cyprus and Cypriots. I'm really happy to know that people from all over the world like Cyprus. I can help you with some questions and also i want a female pen friend (specially from Europe). So if any girl needs a help or just someone to talk e-mail me at  my name is STAVROS and now I'm studying to Greece. In summer I'll be back to Cyprus

hi 2 all aliens n Cypriots:-) i will b living in Cyprus 4 2 months during de summer n am travelling over in a few wks 2 check the place out. now I've read lonely planet n the quaint tourist guides but would like some real input from some real Cypriots about the low down on Cyprus. I would love 2 hear some peoples perspectives on their lives in Cyprus ,the culture, the places, the nightlife and anything else you guys would think would b handy 4 me 2 no b4 i set off, thanks, ber

oh n my e-mail address is 

hello Gemma here, me and my friend Leanne are heading for Cyprus later on in the year. We've never been before and need tips on wheres the best places to go where its cheap ti eat that sort of thing thanx 

Hi, My name is Lubov, I am 36 yo, Russian, and I would like to find any decent job in Greek Cyprus. I have Higher Education, In chemistry, worked in system of education the teacher of computer science. As well, I will accept any offers in hotel and restaurant business. I would be glad to get any info about any possible work (but only if Boss can make work permission). LOOKING FOR JOB THIS COMING SPRING! Would be very grateful for the information on an opportunity of search of habitation also. Thank you, and waiting for any info My address: 


Hello, I'm a nurse from Bulgaria, my husband works in Limassol and I want to find job there. Please give me information how can I do that? 

hi ya every 1!!!

jen & nikki here, were off 2 Ayia Napa again this year on 5th June 4 2 weeks any 1 going out 4 a holiday this year at that time???

give us a shout??? 

My Wife and I are hoping to re-locate to Cyprus in 4 - 5 years from now and are doing all our research now and putting all the building blocks in position. If you are the same why not pick each others brains ? 

Hi All, I would like to emigrate to Cyprus in the next 5 years but can't find any information on how to go about this, can anyone help or point me in the right direction. Please email me at 

Hello! I am British and have a 5 week old baby. I have just moved back to Cyprus. (my partner is Cypriot) I am wondering if anyone can help regarding child health care. Are there mother and baby groups, baby clinics etc? I have seen a paediatrician and found him to be worryingly outdated in his practise. Any information would be helpful to me. I am in Limassol. Contact me on 

Hi, I am Lesley, am wanting to know about the benefits and problems of retiring to Cyprus from England especially as I have a health problem which could benefit from warmer weather. I would be grateful for any advise. 

can any one tell us when the radio one road show is on this summer 2002 some one must now??????? 

Hi ! I'm a Electrician in England, I've been installing public address systems (sound reinforcement) I have over 20 years experience in the Hire, Install and Service having worked for top International touring companies as a freelance engineer and production manager. I`v also run My own domestic appliance repair business. I would like to relocate and work in Cyprus. If You want anymore information or to contact Me. e-mail:  or phone +44 1977 690 882. I look forward to hearing for anyone that can offer any work, Paul

YIANNIS KATSIARI from Liopetri, WHERE ARE YOU????? Hi everybody! I'm looking for an old friend of mine called Yiannis Katsiari (also called John) , he used to live i Liopetri. Yiannis, if you read this, or if anybody who knows him reads this, can you please let me hear from you!!! Or if anyone else knows about another site where you can find lost friends!! My email: Take care everybody!!!

//Lena :o)

11 Apr 2002

Has anybody heard of Andy Weeks? He was an old school friend of mine in Surrey, England, who I lost touch with many years ago. I believe he has been living in Cyprus for quite some time. He would be about 38 years old. If you know him, please ask him to contact me (Rosalind Spill) on  thank you

18 Apr 2002

Hi, I am thinking of moving to Cyprus (Famagusta) for work but don't know what to do about my children's schooling (aged four and six - they are now at kindergarten). Any possibility on home schooling options etc. that someone might know of? Thanks.


03 May 2002

Hi, My name is Joshua Richardson. I am presently a student in Florida, U.S.A. I have recently thought about changing my direction in life. I am looking for a lifestyle that Cyprus offers. I am looking to enlighten my spirit to a new realm of this world. Hopefully I will be able to find it there. If there is anyone that is willing to inform me on how to operate a move there. the do's and don'ts, or to just talk to me about Cyprus. I would greatly enjoy it. you can email me at ...hope to hear from someone soon...

08 May 2002

Any friendly beekeepers around Goudi/Polis area? John 

08 May 2002

Hi, How do you do? may I make friend with you, I am Chinese and I will go to Intercollege to study abroad. Can you tell me information related my study and life.

Best regards!

my Email: 


My name is Karen Kitsis. My father, a Greek Cypriot, was born and raised in Famagusta and moved to United States to attend college in the 1960s. Following the invasion and after fleeing Famagusta, his parents, siblings, and other family members all moved to United States.

I have never been to Cyprus, but am planning to go there for my honeymoon. I really have no idea what to expect. My concepts of Cyprus are based on years of family stories and memories, ones that are probably far removed from the tourist areas I will encounter in south-western Cyprus.

I would appreciate any insights any kind person would be willing to give me. I am so excited to experience part of my family's history. I am also so very saddened by the reality of war and racism that keeps me from visiting the home my father grew up in or experience Cyprus as a native-born.

Thank you very much, Karen Kitsis 

Hi my name is Naomi Louise McDonald i am 21years of age and i am a qualified nursery nurse with my n.v.q level 2 and 3 in childcare and education. also a D32 assessors course which means that i can assess nursery nurse students. I am English spoken and looking and hoping to find a job in Paphos or near. I would like to broader my child care and education career. If any jobs came across i would like to be considered for a application form.

Contact info....... 0121 377-7141. 07900545230.

Hi I am an Australian medical student contemplating doing a final year elective in Cyprus. I'm just wondering how big a problem the language barrier will be (I don't speak Greek). Any advice anyone could give would be appreciated. Thanks 

23 May 2002

Hi my name is Asaf. I am from Azerbaijan and I am 13 years old. I have been looking for some summer school. And I will hope that you will help me. My E-mail 

29 May 2002


22 Jun 2002

I am hoping to move to Cyprus in the summer of 2003 permanently and intend to buy some old property for renovation (possibly in the lower Troodos mountain region but within communicable distance from either Paphos or Limassol). My twins will be 2 and a half then so I would like information regarding all aspects of childcare, their future education and our healthcare. At present I work as a nurse and would appreciate any information on possible work opportunities. As well as working visa requirements. Any advice would be much appreciated! 

24 Jun 2002

Moving to Limassol middle of July, need some where to live, car to drive, and a social life. On 3 year contract

Hobbies. Sailing-rugby-drinking beer and fun


26 Jun 2002

Hello - I am trying to find a dictionary of some sort-that has Cypriot dialect- Does anyone know of any web sites I can go try? 

28 Jun 2002

Hallo, My name is Maria I am 42 years old and my parents live in Cyprus (my father is Cypriot and my mother is English). The more I visit Cyprus the more I want to live there and I am seriously considering building a new life there with my 11 year old son who is definitely Greek Cypriot by nature! I was wondering if anyone could tell me what the American Academy School in Larnaca is like? I am 42 years old. My husband who is English is retiring in 10 years time and he will join us then. I can't wait any longer! If anyone has any useful advice for me please get in touch. I would like to meet people of a similar age to chat to. My email address is 

28 Jun 2002

Hi, I am 42 years old female moving to Larnaca hopefully next September with my 11 year old son. Would like to meet similar. If anyone could tell me about secondary schooling in Larnaca I would be grateful. Maria. Email 

29 Jun 2002

A little advice to those who are buying a duty-free car and leaving it in bond. I have just picked my car up after a couple of months and found several bad marks where the top coat of paint had been removed. Investigation showed that it was SNAILS that had crawled up onto the bodywork and been knocked roughly off by the 'cleaner' These snails STICK so I recommend others to be wary. They should come off with salty water. Bert - 

08 Jul 2002

Hi, i am from India, planning to visit Cyprus, I heard about the beauty of Cyprus, If anybody can help me in finding much more information about this cute island, i will be grateful to them, my email id is 

08 Jul 2002

Hi, I'm moving me my wife & 3 children to Paralimni area mid to end of 2002. can anyone advise me on schooling or tuition for the younger 2 (13&14) I know there are schools in Larnaca, Limassol but I am looking for something nearer. I will be very grateful for any help or advice, and I'll buy you a beer when i'm there.

08 Jul 2002

Yes I'm the one moving to Paralimni with wife & 3 kids who didn't put his E-mail!! . The name is John & the E-mail is  Cheers

17 Jul 2002


I've visited Cyprus for the last four years, I've been to Limassol, ayia-napa, Troodos, Nicosia, Famagusta view point and even tried crossing the border... I come to Cyprus with about 13 other friends and we will keep coming for a long time yet & were still only 22.

The problem I would have is that the holiday resorts close down over your winter and only open up again for six months... If we though & a lot of others feel the same way from Ireland; if you opened throughout the year and offered skiing holidays as well as winter sun you may benefit a lot form it.. it's impossible to get a reasonable flight to Cyprus from Dublin in the winter but you get on average 18degrees and that's as good as our summer, could you imagine a 22degree day for us??

I was speaking to the bloke who sells drinks and sambos as cape greko, he reckons an Amsterdam type set-up would be great for a winter holiday, I agree.

I know we would be there 

23 Jul 2002

Hello, I am Susan Young and am looking for Pam and Roy from the Pafos area who helped me to get to and from Kissonerga-Larnaca in April. Don't know their full name and address but need to contact them as friends and in a touring matter. Please whoever reads this and knows them to tell them I am seeking and send me their address/email code. Thanks.

28 Jul 2002

Are there any Jazz players out there who fancy getting together? If so, please contact me: 

29 Jul 2002

I have recently visited Cyprus, Larnaca and fell in love with the island and . . with a Cypriot, called Loucas. He gave me the number of his cell phone, and being in Cyprus I contacted him several times. No problem there. But being back in The Netherlands I tried calling him by adding 357 before the number, but it did not work out. Please could you help me. Should I add or withdraw any other numbers? I would very much like to contact him again. I am hopelessly in love. My email address is 

try 00357 24 then the 6 digits at the end

29 Jul 2002

im looking to buy a property in limasol. Is there a news paper online that shows adverts for property? email shane_longAThotmail 

Please see or

31 Jul 2002

Hi my name is Anthony Loizou from Australia and trying to track down my late fathers family. His name was Costas Loizou with brothers Maggie & Gikkos from Kythrea (a small village). I have been told that Maggie's son is an accountant in Cyprus and I think his name could be Antony Loizou.

I visited Cyprus with my family over 30 years ago and have fond memories. Anyone with contact (email) details could contact me at work ( )Thanks Tony Loizou

04 Aug 2002

hello all i have been visiting Cyprus for many years now and think that it is the finest place on earth. so could somebody please explain to me (in simple terms) why you wish to ruin it all by joining the eu? you fought for years (rightly so) to gain independence from Britain and now you want to hand it all over to Brussels and be subjected to their petty ineffectual laws and rules. ask the citizens of other countries (except the Spanish) that have gone the whole way into Europe and they will all say it has been a big mistake. in my opinion which i know doesn't count for much. CYPRUS WORKS SO DO NOT TRY TO FIX IT! on a different matter could anybody please tell me where i can get decent maps of Cyprus particularly maps of the Akamas area and the interior? i don't mean those rubbish maps you get from the hire car people or tourist office but proper detailed 1:25000 or 1:50000 maps i know they do exist because i had some years ago. i would be grateful for any assistance here. 

Mistresses comments.. as it happens, I agree with you.
Maps were available in Estias in Larnaca

04 Aug 2002

Hi!My name is Weronika and I come from Poland. I'm looking for people who have been to Aya Napa and know a pub called "Heaven Rock Garden". I love this place and the barman's who work there and I really want to share my feelings with someone who as I is missing that great place. E-mail me: 

08 Aug 2002

I am a Primary school teacher currently working in Milton Keynes in England. My boyfriend is in the Army and has been posted to Cyprus for 2 years beginning in January 2003. I plan to follow him out there in July and hope to continue working as a teacher. I would be grateful for any advice on how to get a teaching job in Cyprus and about finding and renting accommodation out there. Many thanks Emma. My contact address is: 

11 Aug 2002

Hello, we are a professional couple with one child of school age, who wish to settle and work in Cyprus. We have also met with brick walls as so many of you have with regard to access to information. Please, we would be grateful of ANY information no matter how insignificant you may feel it is. Our email address is 

12 Aug 2002

hello, Cyprus!!! my name is Amiran Dzabunidze, i am from Georgia! my grandfather was from Cyprus! 

13 Aug 2002

Hi, i'm going to Ayia Napa in 23,24,25 August 2002, if anybody can give me info. about the night life or the best pubs and clubs, that would be great! Thank you! My email: 

Mistresses comments... we do have a forum for Ayia Napa...

14 Aug 2002

Hello Cyprus from the USA. I am interested in finding a job in Cyprus. I am currently going to school for heating air conditioning repair in the states. But would also be interested in a teaching job. Any job so I can get a work visa in Cyprus. I am engaged to a beautiful young lady in Nicosia. I want her to be happy so I want to move there to be with her and her friends. Any information on work visas would be appreciated. My e-mail address is . I will be in Cyprus come October of 2002. Thank you for your time.

20 Aug 2002

can anyone offer me a job, i am staying with boyfriend in Polis my telephone number is 00357 99781338, only genuine help please

21 Aug 2002

Hello, can anyone advise me. I would like to study for A' Levels in Cyprus especially Paphos area. Can anyone tell me the names of schools, colleges or universities which run these qualifications and will accept a mature student as I am 28. Thank you for your help. My e-mail address is:- 

24 Aug 2002

Hello from Ireland My wife and I intend to relocate to Cyprus, and start a small computer relater business, (mainly as a way to meet local people. We have heard that the way to make a small fortune in Cyprus is to arrive with a large one. This does not put us off. We intend to spend October visiting the island and looking at properties. It would be wonderful if we were able to correspond with Cypriot based folk before our arrival. Frank 

26 Aug 2002

hello my name is Natalja, I'm 19 years old girl from Estonia. i want to meet with people from Cyprus. Write me to  or my ICQ 160752907.

26 Aug 2002

Hi, Me and my girlfriend are thinking about going to live in Cyprus, but not sure about work. Can anyone help us with some ideas? 

26 Aug 2002

hi my name is gemma I'm 20 and have just returned from Ayia Napa and I loved it so much I'm heading back over in may hopefully to find a job and a place 2 stay if there is any one that can help me please e-mail me at  hoping to here from u soon thanks bye

28 Aug 2002

hallo our names are Raymond and Marilyn and what we need to know is what do you have to do to live in Cyprus, what documents we need and how we go about getting them as next year we are hoping to be in the position to buy a house that we can renovate our selves, also my husband Ray is a skilled ceiling fixer and Plasterer and dry liner so if any body out there knows of any work in that line please let us know. 

28 Aug 2002

Hi, my name is ANJA, and my husband and I fell in love with Cyprus, and just bought a house near Paphos. We are going on a two weeks vacation in September and would like to ship some stuff overseas. As there seem to be no chat-forum for Germans (I forgot to tell you that we are Germans) we ask all of you English-speaking companies if you know any shipping service who might also Cologne, Germany. Any hint is welcome. Thank you. and mail to 

29 Aug 2002

Hi, Just got back from 2 wonderful weeks in Paphos and am not happy returning to work, would like to hear of any construction jobs (Plumbing) going and any advice on moving out there and settling would be very welcome 

01 Sep 2002

Hello it's me again. I cocked up and put down the wrong email address (Ich bin ein pillock) last time. Sorry <sheepish grin>I am thinking of EMIGRATING to Pathos, and working but WHERE DO I START? Any advise would be great. Thanks Send stuff to 

01 Sep 2002

My husband and i are just about to complete on a purchase of an apartment in pafos. My only concern is that i am five months pregnant and have no idea of the medical facilities that are available. Has anyone any experience of hospital treatment in pafos or can even tell me how to go about getting a doctor. I do know i cant get medical insurance until the baby is one month old, so anyone who can give me a clue as to the expense I would be truly grateful. Also i need to know where i can get some reasonably priced furniture without breaking the bank, any ideas would be gratefully received. Thanks Jane and Markus 

02 Sep 2002

Hello, I am retiring next year and I would like to spend most of my time (and possibly make a permanent move) in Cyprus and I would appreciate any information or help with sources of information. I would particularly like to know about extended visas and residency requirements etc.I hope someone can help.Bob. 

05 Sep 2002

My name is Shannon & I'm from New Zealand. Am married to a Cypriot & live in Nicosia. Anyone out there who loves reading & wants to share the pleasure of good books? I'm interested in starting a monthly reading group? Nothing highbrow just good modern fiction??? My contact:  Thanks

08 Sep 2002



11 Sep 2002

Hi I'm KASSIM B.E. (Civil Engg.) from DCE-Delhi University,36 years, Unmarried, Male,  Civil Engineer born in Vishakapatnam (AP)from INDIA live in Delhi/Vishakapatnam, like have friends from CYPRUS "THE PARADISE ISLAND" CONTACT: 

12 Sep 2002

Hi, I am again planning to go to Cyprus, previously I was there and I worked in Cyprus for 2 years. I like the place and people. So again I am planning to go to Cyprus.  thanks jaganmohan

15 Sep 2002

hello. my name is mohamed i live in canada, but would like to live in cyprus, If any one has some helpfull information they can reach me at 

15 Sep 2002

I am a senior in college in the United States. I am currently taking an International Management course and our research paper is on Cyprus. One of the main areas I must investigate is as follows: How does the Cyprus culture view interpersonal relationships between local and foreign representatives? Are the interpersonal relationships more or less important than the financial merits of the arrangement and why? I have done research in this area but have been unable to come up with an answer. Any insight would be greatly appreciated. my e-mail address is  Barbara Gibson Macon, Georgia 31216

16 Sep 2002

Hi I'm a 40 year old women looking for women friends in the Paphos area. Hope to hear from you.Tina 

18 Sep 2002

hi I am moving to Cyprus later this year I have yet to decide if I will drive my car over, I'm looking for routes from South Wales to Limassol including any tolls and ferry crossings. I shall also be looking for work I am a qualified electrician any help would be great. My E-Mail address is 

19 Sep 2002

Hi I am from Ireland and have been living Cyprus for one year. I am a Creative Director for a design studio in the Uk with offices in Nicosia. I have a number of friends here, but finding it difficult to meet any real good 'like minded' fun people. Is there any one out there who knows of any good ex-pat clubs or badminton clubs in Nicosia or Larnaca? Please let me know on e-mail: 
Look forward to hearing from someone soon. Regards Rory

24 Sep 2002

Hi, I'm living in England and want to move to Cyprus. Have run own business, qualified Beauty Therapist, good customer care/computer skills. Interested in working for cosmetics/skincare company out there or if possible property company. Lots of common sense and well presented 29 yr old. any advice/info welcome. Email  please!!

24 Sep 2002

Calling all tennis players in the Paphos area. Hi - I've recently moved to Paphos (Coral Bay / Peyia area) and would like to find people to play tennis with. I am intermediate standard and have access to a court at the local hotel. Anyone in the area who is interested in playing please contact me at 

01 Oct 2002

Yeia Sas, I'm wondering if there are any Cypriots living in Germany, especially in Frankfurt a.M. area. I'm half Cypriot and I would like to get in contact with Cypriots living in Germany. So if there is anybody, don't hesitate to write to Andreas: . I'm 33 years and I'm working at present with a bank.

01 Oct 2002


We are a Manx couple, (from the Isle of Man!), with an eight year old son. We do not have much money behind us but are both hard working and have good jobs with the Isle of Man Constabulary. My Husband is a Policeman and I am a Support Worker. We have been to Polis 6 times now and have recently had our wedding there. Has anyone any information on working and living in Cyprus? Any Restaurant, Bar owners who would like to retire and put a very responsible couple in to manage their property? Anyone interested in a 12 month exchange etc. Any info and pitfalls would be very much appreciated. Contact Jennie and Gary on 

02 Oct 2002

we need to find someone who we have not seen since 1980. have you any ideas how we can start looking my e mail address is .if you have any idea's how to start looking would be much appreciate. the name is Michael neophitou last area living in omonia Limassol 1980 Help HELP!!

04 Oct 2002

Hi. I was just wondering if anyone in Cyprus needs a heavy duty c++ (com, atl, Borland vc++, Linux) , or java programmer, or perhaps a .net programmer (vb, c++,c#). I am of Greek Cypriot decent. I speak Greek very well, but I'm a capable (and creative) writer in English, which is, as it were, my native tongue. I excel in ood (object oriented design.) If there are any creative ideas out there I'd like to hear about them, and would be willing to contribute my two cents. Pete (Petros) Let me know at 

07 Oct 2002

Hi! My name is Tomas. I'm 31 years old hardworking man from Lithuania. I was working in Sweden, Norway, Israel and now I'm looking for hotel, agricultural or any another job in Cyprus. As soon as possible. Because I want to visit this island of paradise very very much. Please contact me if you have any vacancies by e-mail: 

13 Oct 2002

i need some info if u can furnish me i m planning to move to Cyprus soon i just want to know about lifestyle standard expenses in Cyprus do u know about a construction/real estate company called ARMONIA in Cyprus Nicosia or Larnaca if u can furnish and help in getting ANY SORTA info about the company I'll be very thankful to u awaiting a reply from u plz contact me on 

14 Oct 2002

hey there ppl! I've just bin 2 Cyprus, Ayia Napa in fact! it was great. I was just wondering if anyone knows of the kimon karaoke bar in Ayia Napa, opposite the seahorse karaoke bar? I'd like to know for good reasons, not bad! thank you gem ( 

16 Oct 2002

We are considering buying a house and re locating to Cyprus, we would have to find school for 1 child, 13. We would also work out there. Any details on work permits and schooling, particularly from people already living out there. e mail 

18 Oct 2002


I am planning to take a temp job in Cyprus. I need to know how much do I need to live there I am married and have 2 kids. I want to live good. Please break the costs down for me. Send info to . Also What religions are practised in Cyprus?

20 Oct 2002

just going on hols but hoping to make it permanent, just came across this site by chance and in a hurry so will just leave my contact email and hurry on!  20th oct 2002 bibi!

22 Oct 2002

Hello everyone My name is Lasonia and i am from the USA. I have been desperately trying to locate someone from Cyprus. His name is James Thomas. I believe he lives in Limassol or Larnaka. I love this guy and I really need to find him . So if anyone can help me locate him or give me some information that will help in my search please contact me at this email address:  ,Thanks in advance

22 Oct 2002

Denis Cummings--email address 

We are moving out to live in Cyprus next year--any helpful hints from other ex-pats--particularly re health insurance-can we take our computer from the UK with the rest of our furniture--would really appreciate advice,

24 Oct 2002

Hi my family and I will be shortly moving to Kato Paphos from England...Does anyone know if we can use our UK television in Cyprus or is it not viable...

hanks for any help Dave Kennedy 

Answer - yes you can but you need to modify it at a TV shop, they put in a chip.

29 Oct 2002

Hi to everyone who's in Cyprus at the moment, hope the weather's ok (you lucky things!!!) My and my fiancé are interested in living and working over there. If anyone has any hints or tips or do's or don't about living and working over there. Please send as much info as poss. to me! Contact Michelle or Rob at: 

02 Nov 2002

HI, myself wife and two children are very keen to permanently move to Cyprus in the very near future. I am qualified plumbing heating & ventilation. my wife Hnd in sports leisure management. would be more than grateful for any info ..

please email 

02 Nov 2002

Hi! I am a male of 50 with no family ties. Hope to move to Cyprus next year and on a permanent basis. Background includes RAF/MOD/Auto/EMC professions, but given the choice would welcome a role involving mobility & travel i.e. field / customer support / customer training role covering various countries in the region. Please contact me via e-mail with initial enquiries. Employment Agencies who feel that they could deal with my requirements are welcome also. Many thanks. Tony. 

03 Nov 2002

Hi there,

We are a couple Euro Expats living in Middle East. Nothing very exciting here but one has to work and you cant have it all. We are going on holiday to Cyprus and are wondering if there is a swingers world over there (and we don't mean playing golf - lol ) If anybody has info, please mail us. 


03 Nov 2002

Hi. My name is Helen. I am a fully qualified paediatric nurse, trained at Great Ormond Street Hospital, London. I wish to move to Cyprus to join my man who is stationed there with the RAF and I seek a childcare position on the Island. My language skills do not extend past English. I am 24 years old. Love kids, good sense of humour. Contact me via family Email on helenATmartintribe   . Message posted Nov 2002, Availability negotiable, from January.

05 Nov 2002

Hi there. coming to live in Cyprus about this time next year, can anyone tell me where i can find out about employment. I am a phlebotomist/health assistant nurse. look forward to your replies??? Pauline bishop 

08 Nov 2002

Hi, near to go for the third time to Cyprus. What I am after? O.K., see, I am from Cuba, in the middle of the Caribbean. I am a little scared of living long term out of my country and I am looking for friends with interests in my culture. I am very interested in Cypriot ways already. So you have a new friend now if you want. Hope to see you soon. MJ my add 

13 Nov 2002

Hello all, my husband and i (no i'm NOT the queen!) are coming to live in Cyprus late next year, we will be bringing our 5 show dogs with us. however although my husband has a job to go to I don't.. I am a trained phlebotomist (blood sample taker) and health care assistant i would love to work in one of the forces bases on the island but have no idea how to get in touch, or if anyone knows of any other avenues i might try clinics/hospitals etc) I would be most grateful. contact me 

14 Nov 2002

We are two young Scottish girls moving to kato Paphos in April and we have no idea where to start (well within reason! we want to rent a property and find employment. also we are confused as to whether we need work permits or not. this is our first attempt to move abroad and any info would be great!  or 

14 Nov 2002

I am a Cypriot living in Canada. I would like to talk to people from back home. Please contact me at 

15 Nov 2002

Is December a good time to visit Cyprus, specifically the period starting from Christmas and till New Year? I am a single male, 54, highly educated and looking for a good time when I am there. Any single women? Write to 

15 Nov 2002

like so many other people posting on this site, we are looking to come and live in Cyprus from UK, probably Paphos/polis area, (summer 2003), probably to retire, and wondering if we could talk with a few expats who have made the move, how they like it etc. We are going to visit Cyprus/look for house Jan/Feb. 03. Could anyone reply giving their phone number and we could contact them - thanks e-mail 

17 Nov 2002

elliniki eteria poy drastiropioite ston xoro toy ton paidikon katastimaton kai katastimaton eidon gamoy psaxnei gia neo-nea 25 evs 35 etvn gia antiprosopo stin agora tis kyproy. 

17 Nov 2002

We are very interested in emigrating to Cyprus. I and my wife are both 38 years old. We have two daughters, Aged 9 and 6. We would like as much information as possible about who we need to approach to start the ball rolling. We would also like some information on schools. We have both Cypriot and English friends who live around the Larnaca area. I look forward to receiving some feedback.

17 Nov 2002

hello i am wanting to move to Cyprus but i am not old enough to retire yet , {30 years to go } can anyone put me onto any shop fitting firms there Paphos preferred . i am fed up off working in the rain and travelling down the m 6 through Birmingham on a Monday. i have been shop fitting {carpentry} for 16 years have been with the same firm for 8 years so i am quite loyal . my wife works for the local council and she hates it to keep her going through the day she just dreams about having a frappe by the harbour. my email address is 

22 Nov 2002

wha`zzzzzzzzz up ayia napa wha`zzzzzzz up ayia napa is the place to be...parttyg all the way throw summer 2003. hi every one i am hart braker, i will be in Ayia Napa on jun 2nd me and my home boy ely, and will stay for 10 days, if any body is going to be there on my same time ( females most wanted) please E mail me at  . pec out.

28 Nov 2002

Hi... I'm trying to get an email address for an old friend who is from Cyprus but last I knew lived in California. His name is Leonidas Hepis. Any help, email:  Thanks Wade Martin USA

03 Dec 2002

Hi, My name is Claire & i have been to Ayia Napa twice i would love to work there between June and September 2003 as bar staff or a receptionist in a hotel i have excellent Customer service skills as this is essential already working as a Receptionist in London, if u know how i could get into it.

Please Please... Contact me    

05 Dec 2002

please could you send me information on working in Cyprus next summer in Protaras 

06 Dec 2002

I haven't seen two of my extended family for almost 30 years. They were studying in London in the 1970's and I don't know if they returned to Cyprus or stayed here in England. Their names are John and Andreas Georgiou and are brothers.  

16 Dec 2002

My Fiancé and I have just moved to Limassol and as yet know nobody except for those we work with. We are both still 30 plus years from retirement and would like to meet others in order to discover more about the island, pros and cons etc. So if you too lament some good conversation and laughter over a couple of glasses of wine please drop me a line. 

20 Dec 2002

hello friends, I am a smart and good looking guy of 22 years [indian citizen] . I, am in Cyprus from last 3 months on student visa, I would like to make genuine friend ship with nice people from all over the world. moreover I am also interested in getting a detailed information regarding work permit for me in Cyprus , please note that I am ready to do any type of work.... so please mail me at 

22 Dec 2002



27 Dec 2002

Hello, looking for Lorraine Heller who I met on the Greek island of Poros. I think she was at a British School in Nicosia in 1994 but I have lost her address. Anyone with any info, please mail me at  Thanks, Aaron Bateman

07 Jan 2003

Dear All, 7th January 2003. Have just returned from Paphos and am intending moving there in approx. 5 years time. Anybody who has done it (especially those with kids) I would love to keep in contact with to find out information and hopefully make friends for when I come out. I would love to hear from you. .

08 Jan 2003

I was in Cyprus with the U.N. in 1971. I work as a lifeguard at 5 mile beach west Kyrenia In 1971 there was a Greek family that own the beach I work there for 4 months. Just wondering what ever happen to that family. Would like to visit Cyprus again someday. Ron

09 Jan 2003

Hi there everyone, my name is Spike and my wife (who is Cypriot and has family near Larnaca) and I are planning to move to Cyprus. Could anyone send me info on the following: Duty Free entitlement. Paying of income tax on military pension. Costs of importing my 15 Yr old car. I know it can be done-need approx costs of shipping it to Cyprus) Cost of moving personal effects to Cyprus. Job opportunities and any effects on payment of income tax. Contact us at Many thanks Spike & Angela

10 Jan 2003

Anna, 48, English, looking for Cypriot or English friends in Cyprus, e-mail me at 

11 Jan 2003

Hello, I have friends retiring to Cyprus from England. I thought it would be nice if I could find contact groups of ex-pats, to help them settle in. Can anyone help me out? 

16 Jan 2003

Hello there. My name is Zacharias Theophanous. I am a Cypriot studying for my PhD in Information Technologist in South Africa. I plan to emigrate permanently in Cyprus in July 2003. I would like to find a job as an information technologist. Can anyone recommend any starting points. Thank you. Please e-mail me at: 

22 Jan 2003

Hi. I am a teacher of adults with learning difficulties/disabilities in England and would be interested to know if anyone can tell me what the situation is in Cyprus for these vulnerable group of people. I have found information on teaching children with special needs but not adults. I would be grateful if anyone can shed light on this. Regards Barbara.........  p.s to all you lucky people living in Cyprus thought you might like to know that the weather in England is dreadful, very wet, windy, dark and cold

25 Jan 2003

Hello, my husband and I are moving to Paphos at the end of April, 2003. My husband is going to set up a Laurel and Hardy (Sons of the Desert) appreciation society. Are any ex-pats interested in having further information or helping Bill to set up a branch (tent)?  or  Looking forward to coming to live in Emba, Paphos

25 Jan 2003

hi we are a family in the uk looking to move to Cyprus. We have 2 children 6 and 12 we know a little about the country but nothing in depth, we would like to know what is considered a nice unspoilt are to live in, and what are considered the best schools. Please Help shan

27 Jan 2003


28 Jan 2003

Hey! I'm a girl from Finland. I know that I probably never will find the boy I'm looking for but hey, least I try. I met you at Agia Napa at summer 2001 June. It believe it was the week between days 9th-16th. You were tall, dark hair and sooooo good-looking. I saw you at two different nights at the Scandinavian Love Shack. You were there with some other boy and with some girl. We talked something and I asked your name but there was so many people and music was so loud that I couldn't hear it so well. I asked you to come to V.I.P.S with me and my friends but you couldn't because your friends wanted to leave. My friend took a picture of us in front of The Scandinavian Love shack and I still watch it every now and then. So if you ever read this please, please contact me. 

28 Jan 2003

Hi! I am Darwin and i am planning to go Cyprus this year but i don't have any idea about the places there, i heard already a lot of positive and negative things about the country but i am still interested to come. I've been in the Arab Country before but there are still something missing there although, they are already a progressive country.

My one question only to Cyprus? Is there a human rights in the country? especially for women?

Any body are welcome to give information about the Country mo matter how big or small your idea's.

You can send your information at . We are happy to know your information just send us freely. Thank you in advance.

04 Feb 2003

Hi ya people! I have been offered a job&apartment in Protaras i will be arriving in June bit scared been an Ibiza girl up2now! Anyone got any advice? Tips? or anyone in the same boat?! Would love to hear from you. 

06 Feb 2003

Hi ! Not sure if this is the right forum but hey here goes. We (my wife and 5 year old) moved out to Cyprus from the UK last year we are living in Tala just outside Paphos for the moment waiting for our own place to be finished the term I keep hearing is "no problem, - avrio" whatever that means :-)

Anyway so far virtually every expat I've met is retired. Are there any expats living in the area nearer our age (mid 30's)

Look forward to speaking to you, Best Wishes Ian 


Avrio means tomorow

10 Feb 2003

Hi everybody in Cyprus, I can always remember the tour with the UN from Oct 1976 to April 1977. I visited everywhere there was to visit, and helped move refugees belongings across armed borders for the red cross. I especially enjoyed the Troodos mountains, where I found it to be like home here in Canada with the snow and all. I remember ordering five Canadian trout fish in a beautiful restaurant in the mountains. Maybe someday I will bring my wife there to show her the most beautiful place on earth. Have fun All. Ron

10 Feb 2003

Hi. I am a Holistic Therapist and Registered Occupational Therapist. I am interested in doing some work in Cyprus for a short period, preferably in summer. Do you know any vacancies as regards my profession? Thanks. 

11 Feb 2003

Hello aliens me sayed abb_ul_hassan shah from Pakistan me just want study visa fro Cyprus(larnaca) can you help me in this matter plz contact me on my e mail  what is i required for visa for Cyprus please reply me as soon as possible hope fully you will help me . i want to do diploma in accountancy in inter college so please tell me about it take care from, hassan shah.

11 Feb 2003

I am looking for Christos Christodoulides age approx 38 last known in Limassol Cyprus, worked at Kannika Beach Hotel. He went into the army in 1984, he also had a brother called George. He hung out at the CLUB CARIBBEAN in Limassol and was a friend of Andy who was related to the owner of the club. All in 1983 contact 

13 Feb 2003


17 Feb 2003

Hi I am looking to come to Cyprus soon and wondered how to find work. i am an experienced travel agent. Any ideas. my email  Regards Rebecca Milne

18 Feb 2003

Merhaba! Hi My name is Derya Vanderhoeven, I m 21 years old from Nicosia (North), I m half Turkish Cypriot half Flemish and would like to exchange with Cypriots from the other side, mostly boys. I m eager to learn Greek and make new friends.

Derya Vanderhoeven 

18 Feb 2003

Hi I m Nese from Girne / kyreania. I m looking to make friends from all over the world. so write to me.

Nese Vranken 

25 Feb 2003

HI I'm wondering if any one can help me!!! I'm looking for all the information possible on moving to Cyprus to live and work. I 33yrs old and my Husband is 40 we have 2 children 11 & 7 so we would need info on schools as well. If anyone can help please send all info to Angela my email address is 

06 Mar 2003

Hi, I'm Sandra,an Internet Public Relations officer and my husband is an artist painter/sculptor). We live in Nigeria currently and looking to relocate to Cyprus in the next couple of months...I'm 33,he's hoping a nice Cypriot will be willing to make friends with us and give us information about living/working me AT 

06 Mar 2003

We are thinking of moving to Cyprus. My wife is a nurse and i am just me (ages 56 and 52)tell us the advantages....and also please be honest with the disadvantages please feel free to comment on the above 

09 Mar 2003

Hi there We are a family that has recently moved to Cyprus (Larnaca area). We have two children that we promised to spend some quality time with. Therefore are are looking for an Interesting business opportunity that does not require 15 hours a day. Has anyone got any suggestions ? Please contact us on 

09 Mar 2003

we are a couple moving to Cyprus in April 23rd age 53 and 52. my husband's dad is Cypriot but his mum English. all the children we born in England. my husband can apply for an ID card do you know what documents he needs any any other information regarding this. we also need to buy a car would we be able to get a duty free one. i am a nurse and would like to carry on working a couple of days just to keep my hand in. would that be possible. we would like to hear from other couples who have recently moved from England and any other information's that would help. we are unable to find a company to transport a few of our household items at a reasonable price any ideas. looking forward to hearing from any one email address 

11 Mar 2003

Hi my name is grace and myself and my friend are planning to go to Ayia Napa for summer to work but don't know where to start looking for jobs or accommodation... if anyone can help please do!!!! 

19 Mar 2003


19 Mar 2003

Hello, my name is khalid from Pakistan. I had studied associate degree from intercollege, Nicosia Cyprus from 1989-1991.Now i want to to settle in Cyprus. can anyone help me. I remember marinella, my friend, if she read this ,contact me. thanks my email is Muhammad khalid

22 Mar 2003

We are hoping to move permanently to Cyprus once we have sold up in Devon - property market very quiet just now unfortunately. However, I would love to speak to a resident who can give advice, hope, and answers to many questions I have ! We are off to a Cyprus promotion thingy this morning, but most property developers prices are far too high for us. Any ideas please? I am a 57 year old granny, mad on cross-stitch, a life long stamp collector and my other half is a drummer in a local rock band - we like to think we are youngsters still !! I would like to think we could be an asset in the community if we could find somewhere to live !! email :  Very many thanks

22 Mar 2003

WoW.! What a big and interesting site. I will place a link from my web site. 

I have been coming to Cyprus for around 10 years and wish I had found it sooner.

My favourite area is Polis, coming back each time is like returning home. I see old friends, hire a car from Stathis at Fontana car hire and off I go. Troodos, Paphos, Akamas I don't care.

Anyone coming to Cyprus for the first time, do what I did. Hire a car, get out into the villages and meet the People, they will make you welcome.

I have saved this web site to my favourites as I consider it to be outstanding.

Thanks for having me. 


27 Mar 2003

Dear Sir/Madam

I am sudhakar from Hyderabad, India. I am 27 years old. i completed my PG in MA (Personal Management). Right now i am working as a Software engg (Web Designer) in a reputed company in Hyderabad. I have 5 years experience in this field. If there are any chance for jobs in Cyprus pls send me mail or send visa. This is my address.- Sudhakar Karnati, #10-107,Flat no:302, Pranav Enclave, P&T Colony, Dilsukhnagar Hyderabad.500060. Andhra Pradesh, India Mail address: 

27 Mar 2003

Hi there to all, It's Tony Nicodemous again - Just wondering if anyone out there went to the DIMOTIKON school in Ayios Pavlos between 1972 and 1974 just before the invasion. It would be great to make contact with any of the pupils from those days. Or perhaps if you know of anyone who went there. I was also in the School Choir there in 1972-3 which was televised on PIK TV - I always wonder if the PIK TV archives might contain a copy of this broadcast !!!??!!! My father also own/operated the FALIROU cafe in ODOS Falirous Street in Ayios Pavlos during that time period and I used to work in there quire often making coffees for the customers etc etc. My Aunt, Eleni Christou lives at 42 Falirou Street and she was a nurse at Nicosia Central Hospital for many years. If there is anyone out there who has any connections with what I've described please get in touch. My e-mail address is:  Thanks to all, Tony Nicodemous.

01 Apr 2003

wrong email add Hi My name is Mrs Larkin. I am seeking help. My son was imprisoned for carrying Cannabis into Cyprus. He is 38yrs and is hiv positive and needs his medication. i need help in finding out if he has been charged and what is his sentence if he will be serving his sentence there or be extradited to South Africa. i beg of some kind soul to help me find out what is happening as it cost me very very much to call and i am not working please someone help me as i am desperate to find my son his name is Mark Larkin the article was printed in the Cyprus Mail I can be contacted on  pls assist me

02 Apr 2003

Hello folks -we are moving to Paphos in 3/4 months. I have a Saab 9.5 which we would to bring with us. Has anyone any info on service /repair facilities for Saabs in Cyprus? We haven't seen many around on our visits and suspect that there is very little available. Also Saab do not appear to have any official representation. Any info will be greatly received at Alan. 

03 Apr 2003

I have Pakistani nationality now these days I am studying in College of tourism Nicosia Cyprus I want a part time job in Cyprus any place any person help me in job any time requested CV available I am very impressed here is people here is people very cooperative I have 2year experience in the computer filled and have experience certificated thanks so much any person help me.

My Qualification: Intermediate in commerce Diploma in E (com) Diploma in computer hard ware and software installation Diploma in computer in application

Now I am doing hotel management from College of tourism cypurs Nicosia .

Your sincerely, Sheraz liaqat . This is my email :  My mobiles Number: 99936641

04 Apr 2003

I'm looking for Vassos & Chiqui Kaouros-  

07 Apr 2003


Anyone knowing the whereabouts of Mr G Heaps, or the man himself can they or he contact me on:- 

11 Apr 2003

Hi there! my boyfriend has just moved over with me and he is looking for a job mainly in Larnaca. Its not a problem finding a job, the problem is, he needs a work permit. we desperately need to find someone who would give him a job and a work permit with it. He's 27 and has a British Passport and a C.V. available. He's willing to do any kind of job but his main interests are computer maintenance and technical support. If anyone has any kind of info on this or maybe a contact number for someone who provides work permits, i would be very grateful. my e-mail is . Thanks!

13 Apr 2003


17 Apr 2003

Hello I am Sayed living in Japan more than 15 years Now I want start restaurant business in Cyprus, I have restaurant in Japan, If any one help about it I will be friend. address: kobayashi-961 Inzai-shi Chiba-ken Japan-270-1318 tel:81-9078011954 email: 

19 Apr 2003

Hi, I am Daniel, I am in Cyprus for job, in UN mission, and I am looking  for a new friends, If you want. send me a message to :  Thank

22 Apr 2003


I'm a Belgian Gentleman, in my fifties, and relocate to Kiti near the light Tower in May 03 I would like to get in contact with people in that area to make social contact. I speak English, French, German and Dutch/Flemish André Huyghe : 

26 Apr 2003

Hi Everyone,

I would like to move to Cyprus this year, and set up a branch of my company there. Does anyone have any info on how difficult it would be to set up a business in Cyprus, i.e. business registration, work permits and visas?. I am using a British passport. please contact me on  Dated April 26th, 2003

04 May 2003

Hello. I am an 18yr old girl.. and am currently studying in college. I am interested in working in Cyprus when I have finished my education and am considering teaching England. I would like to stay in the Protaras, Paralimni area and would be grateful if anyone has any information on how to go about doing this! Email me with suggestions on  Thank you. Amy x Of course I am willing to do any job that pays!!

05 May 2003

Hi everyone, My name is Vincent and am looking to get a friend from any part of Cyprus as i intend to visit in September 2003.Please send me email on; 

06 May 2003

hi me & my m8 have just got back for Limassol & i want to move over there if there are any bar or waitressing vacancies please email 

07 May 2003

I'm getting on a bit and my wife and l would love to live in Cyprus. My wife is employed in the hotel trade. The hotel chain has various outlets in Cyprus for which she could easily transfer to. We would be grateful for any help and advise regarding living in secure rented accommodation in Cyprus. Being diabetic, l would like to know about the health care situation? e-mail me on  or leave a massage on my mobile 07949 457136

08 May 2003


We're arriving in Pissouri to live in August. I am taking driving lessons in UK but will not have time to take my test here. Does anyone know of an English speaking driving instructor in or near Pissouri, please? Am looking forward to living in this most beautiful part of the island. 

09 May 2003

Hi there I am a retired British (well Scottish) Police officer and have long wondered about re-locating to Cyprus. I am relatively young (50) so may consider some form of work. My wife is a Nurse Manager with Midwifery experience in the past. Any information about the perils or paradise in moving to Cyprus with information on how easy or difficult it is to find work will be very much appreciated. Thanks email me (Rod) on 

12 May 2003

I am a friendly, genuine, and single - 23y/o guy, working and living in Nicosia, Cyprus. As I am new to Cyprus and I do not having many friends here the social life has been a little lacking! I miss having a few drinks with the Guys, and of course I miss having a romantic date with a lovely lady to look forward to. Any Sociable people out there who may be interested in making new friends drop me an e-mail and maybe we can get out there and take advantage of what the Cyprus social scene has to offer! 

12 May 2003


13 May 2003


14 May 2003

hey everybody! I'm going 2 Cyprus in a couple months on a 7 day trip.. i just want to party. can ne1 gimme bits & bobs bout wot the nite life is like?


16 May 2003

Hi My name is Lisa, my family and I are moving to Cyprus in September. I have two children ages 10 and 13. I am thinking of putting them in a local school rather than a fee paying one. Has anyone got any experience of doing this with their own children, any advice would be great. How long did it take them to overcome the language barrier? Do all Cypriot schools take English children? Hope to hear from you soon Kind Regards Lisa 

16 May 2003

i m saleem .i go to Cyprus for stdy mba in inter college .plz tell me information about Cyprus living jobs and lifestyle thank you 

19 May 2003

Hi. My name's Alyson. Living in Riyadh, Saudi Arabia at the moment but thinking about coming to Larnaca for 3 months or so to sit out this bombing/shooting thing we have going on. Trouble is we have two cats that I need to sort out. Anybody have any experience on taking animals into Cyprus (and maybe then on to the UK)? Does anyone know a good English vet? Would be grateful for any info./help. 

19 May 2003

Hello, my name is John I am looking to relocate to Cyprus in the very near future. I have my own businnes in the UK and I want to move it to Cyprus, working from home. Can anyone tell me about getting residential status, visa requirements etc. contact email: 

20 May 2003

Hi I wrote a couple of months ago about needing info on moving to Cyprus. Thanks to Angie for replying but if any one can help I will be very grateful

Angela  Or 

20 May 2003

Hello, my name is Raphael. I'm a Russian man. I want to find any job in Cyprus. Can anybody help me? It can be even non-specialised work for start. I'm an agronomist. Thank u beforehand. Mail to 

22 May 2003

I'm not sure if this is the right place to ask this, but anyway... My name is Jeanel and I was born in Larnaca. My family moved back to the U.S. shortly after I was born. Now I am 21-years-old and my mom and I are planning a trip back for the first time since 1982. My first question is, does anyone know where we should look for the best priced airfare from the U.S. to Cyprus for a trip in August? My second question is, is there anything we should make sure we see or do in the two weeks we are there? Thanks! 

Hi, I hope someone can help me, Im looking for my father who is Greek. At the time 1964-1965,he met an English woman named Janice Wood. Who was based in the RAF in Limassol. His name is Michaelaus and he was a taxi driver. When i was born we stayed in Limassol for 2 years. He was originally going to call me Andrayos but i was named Andrew Wood. My father would now be in his late 60's or early 70's.If anyone can help with any links or information please email 

Hi all, wonder if anyone knows any used car site for Cyprus on the net. Would be a big help thanks 

Am moving out to Chloraka, Paphos in September this year - would love to hear from 'retired' ladies out there - I am a widow and from Leicestershire - would love to be able to help out at animal charity and to meet dog owning people - unfortunately for various reasons cannot bring my own dog with me and will be pretty lonely without her - any suggestions/help/ideas welcome. Please e-mail me - 

Hi haven't seen any aliens on Cyprus since I've been going there, but if there is anyone who would like to write to an "alien" or wanted to employ me for a time, I would be very pleased to hear from you. I am a bilingual secretary with excellent computer skills. I'm British and have just come back from the States. Thanks a lot. Please write Email: 

Hi my name is Sophie and last August i had the best holiday ever. I went to Limassol, this wouldn't of been my first time though as me and my family go over every year because my dad is from there. But i was wondering if anybody is on holiday in Limassol or has already been there this year? Because the thing is i met the most nicest person there eve, his name is Guy, he has blonde hair and he looks like a bit of a character. He works in Rumours RnB bar in Pot Yermasoyias (the main tourist area in Limassol) if anybody has seen him and is likely to see him again can you tell him t try and get in touch with me. And if possible if you speak to him can you email me on  Thankyou x x x

Cyprus is fantastic I've been about eight times, its great for every one young and old, my email is 

dear all, just returned from coral bay again for the second time in 2 years, we are coming back again in august to look in to schools for the children, I have a 11 year old with special needs does anyone know if there are any special need units in schools, I also have a 7 year old without special needs and need to find her a school, we are hoping to move here in the next couple of years, also need to know the the provisions for special diets, as my child has phenlyketonuria and would like to know if i could get prescribed foods in Cyprus or would i have to get them sent over from England. if any one could help please contact me. Tina at 


We've just bought a house in Palodia, North of Limassol. For the next few years we intend to use it for holidays, eventually perhaps for retirement.

We are very keen to chat with people that live in the Palodia/Limassol area ....

Please contact us by email at 

Look forward to hearing from you.

Lesley and Andrew

hi everybody this is usman toor (20 years old) from Pakistan. I wish to have some friends only in Cyprus. because i have plan to visit Cyprus soon. i hope it would be nice to have friends when i will be arrive in Cyprus. if you are foreigner but living in Cyprus or if you are living permanently in Cyprus then plz feel very free to contact me. I have got admission in college in Cyprus. so i hope that i will be there with good friends. ok bye

Hi all, my name is Jami. My parents have recently bought a house in Larnaca, which has spurred my partner and I into thinking about moving to Cyprus from the UK. So at the moment, we're looking into employment opportunities. I'm a Law Degree educated, 26 yr old, half Cypriot female and I work in an investment bank. English is my first language and I am learning Greek. I'll very happily look at employment in a different career other than banking or law. I have managerial skills and am a very good communicator. I'm creative, proactive and skilled in dealing with people on all levels. My partner is a 27 yr old male, UK trained Psychiatric Charge Nurse, and again is a skilled, multitalented individual with management experience. He is also learning Greek. If you have any advice, tips ( a spare job!!) then please contact me at 

my name is bashir i come from Iran my job i working as a tour leader for German language and English too and i was working 20cuontrs i looking for job another place i can speak English too. my email  

I am male 28. I am Pakistani, I am Graduate. I have a Experience 8 years, Dubai, UAE. I am looking for a job any kind of work. About the Administration/Clerk/Labour/Helper/ Email: 

23,JUNE 2003, Hi i am a Pakistani i want to proceed to Cyprus in the next two months. any one who wants to make me friend please e-mail me at . thank you.

Hi, I'm Chris. My hubby & I are looking to move to Cyprus in approx 5 years. He'll have recently retired from his prison service job, I'll be looking to set up a private physiotherapy practice and continue to work part time. Any tips on how to make the transition a smooth one would be greatly appreciated. Please email me on  Many thanks.

27/6/03, My name is Ameer Ali Padiyath. presently working as marketing Manager Amman, Jordan. I got 10 years experience in sales and Mktg. field , I am a degree holder. i would like work in Cyprus pls contact my e-mail , those who need my extremely valuable service in above field the i can send my C.V concerned address. I am Indian nationality.


Hi, I am Kiran from India. I have completed M.Sc in Agronomy. I have an experience of 1 year as Assistant Agronomist and Farm Manager. If u have any information regarding job opportunities in Cyprus, please contact me. My mail id  04027731506 Thanks, Kiran

my name is Michael ghebretatios I need some information on post graduation in civil engineering and least of addresses of universities for masters degree in construction management. here is my e mail  thank you.


Hi, I am 22, and i am looking to work with airlines i was work with Malev Hungarian airlines for 4 years in different countries as sales manager,,, you can contact me (  +(966)(5)9132510 Thanks for your help Have a nice day & Good luck

Hi there. I am a English lady (42) with a 13 year old son looking to leave England and move to Cyprus starting this September 2003. I am available for teaching English privately or would like a job with a tour operator or would consider any job offers. I would also be interested in receiving information about a public school for my son and accommodation for us both. Please email me with any vacancies or offers. Best wishes, jayne Email: 

i am trying to find i girl from Abbertin Scotland. Her name is Caroline Kydd .She used to work as casino manager on board "princess Danae " 1999 if someone knows anything about please drop a line. 


hello, my name is Kev and I will be visiting Ayia Napa end of this July 2003....I just need some info on the place and a good feed back on the night life and beaches there!!!!!!! thankx 


Hello I'm a Cypriot and an American. My mother is from Crete. She was accepted by the British as a resident alien some time ago and has never gained Cypriot Citizenship even after marrying my father who was ,at one time, get this- British by Birth. Alright enough of that . This isn't really about my mother. I'm Gay though very masculine and I would like to know how accepting the locals are of that. Would I be protected by any laws if not totally accepted? Although I haven't been able to convince my parents to allow me to stay in their house unmarried in Cyprus I would still have the issue of the draft should I want to rent or buy in Cyprus. I know women have sexual freedom in Cyprus. Do gays? And though I wouldn't dodge the draft feeling somewhat patriotic, I would try to avoid serving if I could. My parents are 40 years older than I. Are the rest there backwards too?

German (native Hungarian) female (34), part-time living with her family (our son is 5 years old) in Larnaca, would like to make new friends in Cyprus. Who is interested in conversation, sports, literature, yoga or also has a child about the age of my son? Please email me on  I am looking forward to hear from you...

Hello, I currently live in Dubai. I am British and have a wife and 2 children aged 10 and 6. I am probably going to relocate to Cyprus but I don't know much about the place cos I've never been there. I'm not sure whether to live in Larnaca or Limassol so any advice would be very much appreciated. Also if you could tell me the pro's and cons of living in Cyprus that would be of interest too. My email address is  Many thanks.

Dear All, 7th January 2003. Have just returned from Paphos and am intending moving there in approx. 5 years time. Anybody who has done it (especially those with kids) I would love to keep in contact with to find out information and hopefully make friends for when I come out. I would love to her from you

This is chrism again i am looking for a used Saab to buy. if anyone can help me contact me on 99 456 224

We are two fun loving females and would like to work and live in Cyprus for next years season but would love some info from anyone happy to help of jobs and accommodation. We are both 18 years but will be 19 when we want to depart crappy England for the beautiful island of Cyprus. Any info will be very much appreciated. 

Hi everyone! My hubby and I, (plus 2 kids aged 7 and 5) have bought a wee holiday apt in Paphos. We would love to hear from other families who have done the same thing. Our apt will be complete Dec 2003,so any advice on buying furniture, shopping etc would be greatly appreciated. Look forward to hearing from all friends out there! Regards 

hello, my name is Alex Harvey and i am currently looking for a job in Cyprus (Limassol) in a mechanical engineering position or landscape gardening or even street lighting maintenance, if you or someone you know could help then i'll make sure there's a drink in it for you, contact me at  CHEERS!!!!

Hello there everyone, We are a family of 4, Mummy, Daddy, Tyler 7yrs & Callum 4yrs. We are having a house built in Ipsoupoli, Ipsonas, Limassol which should be finished next summer (2004) we shall be moving to Cyprus permanently so need any info. on local government funded schools (not private) for our two lovely boys. My husband Jon is 38yrs, and will be looking for employment, he's currently a Scaffolder based at Esso Oil Refinery. We would be grateful for any suggestions/recommendations and info. which might help us on our way. We are currently having Greek lessons which we find extremely hard going! Hope to hear from someone! our email address : 


My name is Alan Nicholls, My wife and I are moving to Paphos shortly. I am a Raf trained multi disciplinary medical scientist and I am looking for work in a private hospital or local hospital in the Paphos area. I would be very grateful for any info My Email address is Thanks Alan

Hello, I am a Belgian gentleman, in my fifties. I know Cyprus very well and want to relocate now to Larnaca or Paphos. I am looking for a part-time or full time job as Marketing Manager, PR or any other responsible job with international character since I speak fluent Dutch, English, French and German.  Mobile +32.475.682902

i am hotelier, from morocco,40 years old, i have a good experience in the hotel industry restaurant, bars, banquets & Moroccan cuisine) my working experience in different countries give me the chance to handle different positions & attend many management training courses in morocco & abroad, now i am looking for a new position in Cyprus or any other European country for more details contact me at: 

Hi all, We are a family of five with three children aged 11, 8, and 3 months. We are considering moving to Cyprus and would appreciate any advice on schools, jobs, 

Looking for information on people I met on a Beach near Kyrenia 5 miles west. I was a lifeguard there for 4 months with the UN I have pictures and just the first names. These people own the beach house and restaurant. The lady who ran the restaurant her name was Maman there were some local kids name George and Maria all Greeks. I had a fun time best summer I ever had. All this happen in summer of 1971. Any information would welcome from CANADA. 

if you have toe pleasure of visiting napa you must go to a bar called monkey business it is the best place to go before clubbing.

Hiya all Could any one in the Protaras area please help me find the telephone number and address of the Loveboat, main street in Protaras its very important as my uncles working there and its very important i get hold of him as im moving there very soon...any1 who can help email me at  Thanx

Hi all my wife & i are moving to (Pissouri) We have no clue on any cost's IE Medical cover council tax if any car prices house hold insurance and any thing else that will come out off are pension. Please contact us at  (SOON PLEASE)

Hi my name is Rachael i have been to Cyprus over every year from 2002. I love it thee we have considered to move there but don't know how or where to start! perhaps you could help! email at 

i am hoping to move to Cyprus but also need to find a job! - I am currently working as a legal secretary if there is any legal work of any description there please could you let me know! Also hiya to the owner of Loveboat still looking like prince Nazim! email at 

My name is Amitha, Live in Sri Lanka. I have an idea to move to Cyprus. but i need find a job there. if any body can help me to grant me a job or give any legal way to find a job for me that is grateful. Currently I'm working in an International Cargo Airline as a Secretary / Computer Operator. Pls reply me to  Thanx & Regards. Amitha

I am a man of 29 yrs., married & a Nigerian. I want to settle live & work in Cyprus. I have no friend to invite me for this. Pls. I want to use this opportunity to asked spirited people in Cyprus to invite or get me an employment which will give me the necessary chance to come over in Cy. My phone no. is 23408034536694 or email , 

Greetings all you Cypriots and others, I am John and thinking of coming to Cyprus to live. I would like to know about the culture, economy and people in Cyprus? I have a masters degree in psychology, master scuba cert. and I am good at carpentry. My email address is {} .

Hi there, I was wondering if anybody could give me some information re moving to Cyprus from Canada. What the cost of living is like, schools, health care etc. I am of Greek descent and its been a long time since I was last there. Any info would be much appreciated. You can reach me at 

HI FROM VANCOUVER ISLAND, CANADA!! My dad is a Greek Cypriot and he lives in Paphos today.. during my many visits to Cyprus, I have had some of the best times of my life there, including the most passionate relationships in the sun!! I was wondering how some of my past "friends" are doing today and wonder if they think about me as much as I think about (him). My name is Veronica (from Montréal at the time 1984-1993) and if "jimmy" ever finds out about this message, would someone get back to me??  or..  

I am coming to Cyprus during Oct 03 for a short visit would like to ask a few questions about Cyprus from some locals. My email address is  Thanks

I am buying a place in Larnaca and want to import my car from the UK.
Can anyone help me with details of where I can find out proper information about import taxes ??
thanks in anticipation 

hi my name is tina, are there any women in the pathos area, that have any information on women sports. Or any one who just wants to make new friends. 

Hi, Cypriot people, s i really like to make friendship one of from u. please any one read my message please mail me soon till then good bye and God bless u and all. take care bye wasim khan. 

Hi there, me and the wife are wanting moving to Paphos, Cyprus and would need employment so does anyone know of anybody needing a husband and wife team that have various skills. 

Date:07 Oct 2003


I'm Pat (57), my husband and I are moving to Cyprus in March 2004, our apartment in Paralimni is still being built but will be complete by then. Any advice on who to use to transport our home contents out there. Any advice on jobs would be appreciated. I have worked as a Credit Manager for a World Famous group of Hotels since 1986 and have much experience within the Hotel environment Duty Manager, Guest relations, income audit, bought and sales ledger . Looking to work for at least sixteen hours a week. would like to hear from anybody who has moved to Cyprus recently and all about any problems we might encounter. All advice listened to. Many thanks.

I'm looking for a job during then summer of 2004. I'm studying to become a civil engineer, but any work will do. Any one knows where to apply. 


hi everyone just left cypress after a month and now back in sunny London... but would love to come back and buy a place in the north... can anyone help me.. please /?????????????? email 

Hi I'm from the uk and want to move to Cyprus in march 2004. can anyone tell me about work and residence permits contact  thank you

Hello everyone, we are a family of four and looking to live in Cyprus, my partner is a professional singer by night and landscaper/Gardner by day, I am a qualified health worker. We would like information on visa's, permits, jobs accommodation, schools ect. If anyone could help and put us on the right tracks we would be very grateful many thanks.  

send list of 2003 business event in Cyprus to me via this e-mail 

Greetings ! My husband David and I (Sue) are looking into moving to Cyprus in 2004, we are fed up with the rain here in the UK. I am a born pessimist and want to know the goods and bads of being English living in Cyprus. We are not old 57 and 49 ! How does the health system work is it good, what happens when you get old !? We have loads of information from books but would like to hear from people that have been there done that and got the tee shirt !!! 

hello i am Andy i love Cyprus both sides sorry! but true all the people are both good and friendly at least to me and my girl friend .we would to come and live in Cyprus possibly the north . i am a chiropodist and she has runs a chemist shop for 30 years. if any one can offer help or advice or knows people in the north , as i know their are still friends both sides of the line we would be grateful .e-mail 

Hi there, We're a British family with two teenage girls (aged 13 and 15). For the past five years we've been living in New Zealand, but we're considering a move to Cyprus to be closer to the UK as parents grow older. We visited Cyprus in 1995 and found it fascinating. We would be very grateful for any information or advice on integration into the school system, private or international schools etc. Also information on importing our much-loved mongrel dog, Alfie. It would be good to have contact with one or two families in Cyprus with children the same age as ours to help us with general information and ideas. Also needing information on cadet force activities (one of the girls is into the Air Training Corps) and music (the other plays and competes with the piano accordion). Many thanks, Alison and Malcolm Irving 


hello, my name is Stephen Poyiatzi, My dad was from Lyssi and my mother from pyrga and I am trying to trace my family history. My Greek name is Stefanos. My Dads name Kyriakos and I noticed your name is poyiatzi also, are we related. My email is 

hello every one my name sunel, from sri lanka, i like to come to Cyprus, in December, to find the job in Cyprus, and i have 5 years experience in as a bartender in Dubai, my age 29, i don't have any body in Cyprus, so when i come your place i need to some one meet, if any one can help me please send me a massage, love sunel 

Hello there. My name is Ruperta Ramos, a Filipina, single, 25 years of age. My friend (Cynthia) and I really wants to work in Cyprus. Will be glad if anyone could help us find a good job there. I' am a commerce degree holder (Accounting major) and presently I am working on a international recruitment agency - going to Middle East. Pls e-mail me at  THANK YOU!



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