Welcome to the C.A.C. Anglers Society, which was the only dedicated coarse fishing body on the beautiful island of Cyprus. All the pictures shown below were caught here and of course the fish were returned safely.



Okay let’s see how we can help you. The first thing you need is a licence, which you can get for a single dam/reservoir or for all dams and are only available from the Fisheries Department. Most major towns have a Fisheries Department but be warned, finding someone in the office may be the hardest part of Fishing in Cyprus!
 ( if there is no one in the office try the nearest coffee I joking? ). We offer a free service to our members whereby we will obtain your licence for you. When applying for you licence you will need to have your passport number .

Okay you’ve done the hard part so now what? Well that depends on where you are staying as there are dams all around the island, Achna, Polemidhia, Germasogiea, Kouris and Kalavasos to name just a few. It would not be possible to detail them all here so I’ll just pick a couple.

Polemidhia held the world 5 hour match record (set in 1989) with over 323 pounds of fish. It had been closed for some years but re opened at the start of that year and had some of the easiest fishing anywhere in the world. You can expect lots of small Carp , Catfish and Roach , you may also be lucky enough to connect with some of the larger specimens that lurk in the depths.

One of the best all round venues is Achna which is located close to the village of Avgorou and is about 15 kms from Larnaca . This dam has very good access to go with the excellent fishing. You can expect Carp to average around the 4 pound mark with specimens well into the 20 pound range. There are Roach to 3 pounds , Perch, Catfish and some large Bass. Best tactics are on a float (unless the wind is too strong) fished within 3 rod lengths of the bank. I suggest a size 14 or 12 (barbless) hook with the magic pulling power of the humble sweetcorn as the first line of attack .


Please take care when by the waters edge. Apart from the obvious dangers make sure you take plenty of suntan lotion as it is very easy to burn without noticing it ( and don’t leave your rod unattended the Carp will drag it in!) .

Hang on a tick though, what if you didn’t bring any tackle with you or you didn’t heed the warning about leaving your rod and it’s vanished never to be seen again? Well you can of course buy some here and you’ll find that the prices compare very favourably with the British prices, or you can book a day trip. If you choose this option, please make sure it is approved by the C.A.C. as this is the only way to be certain that you will have the best day trip possible. You’ll be picked up from your accommodation, taken to the dam, tackle , baits, ground bait and licence are all provided as is lunch and soft drinks. You’ll fish for a minimum of 6 hours with one of the islands best anglers to help you should you need it before returning home. To check if your trip is with an approved company simply phone us before parting with your cash. We want you to catch , not be caught!

All the best programs have adverts , here’s ours:

The C.A.C. was set up to improve coarse fishing in Cyprus, we work closely with the Fisheries Department but not for them. We are funded entirely by subscriptions and it costs just 10 per year to be a member. For that you will receive at least 10% discount off tackle purchased from our tackle shop. You will also get 10% discount in a number of other tackle shops. We operate the only tackle shop in Ayia Napa and it was the only specialist coarse fishing tackle shop on the island. You will also get a 10% discount on all trips and tours booked through our sponsors Triton Travel and Tours. We run angling workshops for all levels but particularly for the children as they are, of course, the anglers of the future. If you want any advice or information you are welcome to contact us on (oops, seems to be gone in 2018) or pop in and see us , we are situated above Triton Travel in the harbour at Ayia Napa. 

The more members we have the more pressure we can exert to improve fishing in Cyprus.

As the water levels change throughout the year which affects both access to the water and how well the dams fish, it will pay you to contact us for the latest information. Remember advice costs nothing.


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Fishing in cyprus 22.JPG (24187 bytes) Fishing in cyprus 23.JPG (29524 bytes)
Fishermen in cyprus 24.JPG (18658 bytes) Fishermen in cyprus 25.JPG (17024 bytes)
fisheries in cyprus 27.JPG (18297 bytes) fisheries in cyprus 28.JPG (21619 bytes)
fisheries in cyprus 29.JPG (16951 bytes) If you have a picture that belongs here,
               then send it in.

These are just a sample of the fish you can expect to catch. On January 7th ‘98 3 of our members fishing at Polemidhia had 422 Carp between them with an estimated weight in excess of 1000 pounds so make no mistake that Carp are in abundance. We hope to have a crack at the world 5 hour match record so contact us if you would be interested in taking part. We have matches throughout the year . Oh yes , nearly forgot, we can also arrange sea fishing trips on your behalf

Finally (who said "thank god" ? ) another warning. Some of the dams are deceptively deep, (some are 75 metres deep) please take care (and leave the bank tidy). We want you to remember your holiday for the right reasons.

Tight lines and screaming reels.

To ask any questions or enquire about reservations for Fishing in Cyprus,
E-mail the Window on Cyprus experts here

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