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My role as an astrologer...

As an astrologer, I continuously work with tools that help people expand their awareness into realms that were previously unconscious. As an astrologer, it is my role to educate people with respect to how they co-operate with cosmic structure. As an astrologer, it is my role to bring the unique and ever-changing macrocosmic energy patterns that were imprinted onto a structural molecular level at birth, into a consciously usable tool for each individual. 

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A Horoscope or a Natal Chart is a map of the heavens at the time of birth. The positions of the planets and the aspects that they form influence and shape an individual's life and identity. The natal chart is a map of the types of experiences that an individual will be most happy and fulfilled by during the course of their lifetime. The chart, however, is only a map, not the actual terrain. Each individual has the free will to choose how they will respond to their chart. The Natal chart can provide insight into the motivations and influences that shape the personality, and facilitate greater self awareness.  

                                                 COMPREHENSIVE NATAL CHART

For those of you who only want the best, this is it! Not a computer generated report, this interpretation is created especially for you by Daniella. Your spiritual path will be discussed in great detail, including the Moon's Nodes and the asteroid Chiron, as well as your challenges and lessons on the material plane. All major areas of life will be covered, including health, identity, work, career, relationships, education and family, home and spirituality. Price: 40

                                                            SUNRISE CHART

If you are not able to find an accurate time of birth, you can still learn much about your inner motivations and personality with a Sunrise Chart. A Sunrise Chart takes the birth time to be Sunrise, and includes an interpretation of the planets, aspects and signs.                                                                                            Price: 20

                                                         PERSONAL FORECASTS

What does tomorrow hold in store for you? Find out with a Monthly Personal Forecast. As the planets appear to move across the heavens, or transit the sky each day, they form aspects with the planets in your Natal Chart, triggering and activating these energies. Personal Forecasts can help you to know what to expect and when to expect it. Exact time of birth is necessary for Monthly Personal Forecasts.
    Price: One Month Forecast 10.00                           One Year 45
                                                               COMPATIBILITY PROFILES

Are you wondering if you have met Mr. or Ms. Right? Are you considering entering into a business partnership with someone, or taking on a new roommate? Wouldn't it be nice to know in advance how the two of you are likely to interact? A Compatibility Profile may be just the thing that you need. Based on the Astrological technique of Synastry, Compatibility Profiles analyse the aspects formed between the planets and houses in the birth charts of two individuals. The results give insight into the potentials of the relationship, be it romantic, financial, domestic, or platonic.

                                                 Other Options

These are just a few of the charts I offer,contact me personally for a full list

If you would like Daniella to prepare a horoscope for you tough... sorry, she has gone.

Each chart would have cost you C40 which included a detailed tape recording of 90 minutes.

Further reading on Astrology, an interesting compilation of books.A valuable resource.

Numerology report with short NAME ANALYSIS

Names and numbers are symbols. They themselves don't make anything happen. Numbers simply indicate. The Romans said "Nomon est Omen," The name is the destiny. There is a hidden pattern or rhythm to the whole of life. Numbers and alphabets reveal this pattern to us.

Every number and letter has its own vibration and meaning. Numerology is using time honoured formulas and calculations to find out how these vibrations affect our lives and time our decisions to them.

Numerology Report: 25                                                             Go to Numerology page

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