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What is Astrology, A short, clear, explanation

Astrology is the study of the heavens (the Sun, the Moon, the planets and the signs) for the sake of understanding what our past and present circumstances are and also to predict what will happen in the future. With this knowledge we can prepare ourselves and make the best of use of future circumstances in our lives.

Astrology answers the question of fate vs. free will by giving us the means to work with our fate and not to avoid it as some people may think. There is no absolute fixed destiny in our horoscopes and we do have the opportunity to change some things. We have the choice to plan, to prepare and to act in order to improve our lives and this choice is enhanced by the use of astrology.

Astrology uses the symbolism behind the planets and the signs in such a way as to make known to us what is happening on a universal level and how that will affect our lives now and into the future. "As above, so below" goes an old maxim and this is the basic philosophy behind the so-called influence of the stars in our lives. Through the studies of the heavens we can come to a conclusion about where we are and where we might be going. The patterns in the sky may be likened to a code with a message for us to read and benefit from. The "messages" that an astrologer reads in the heavens are not the direct influence of the stars on earth but a symbolic language which when translated into plain language indicates what the nature of an event is or will be like.

In astrology we measure time in a different way, a more variable and flexible way. Timing is crucial in astrology. Each planet is timed according to its’ orb round the Sun and is linked to specific events that happen on Earth. Each one of us will experience time in a different way either due to our moods or due to the circumstances, good or bad, that we find ourselves in. Astrology connects time and space together in a way that suggests to us the interconnectedness of all things from the past to the present and into the future. Although this sounds rather mystical we must not forget that there are some strong opinions for it in the modern scientific world.

The work of an astrologer is varied and it very much depends on what his interests and natural inclination is. To work with astrology one has to study its’ symbolic language and be able to apply it to real life. Astrology can be of real help to most if not all of us. It is a very useful key to the understanding of our lives. Once the language of astrology is learned then the long journey of knowledge and discovery is embarked upon.



We hear the words New Age or the Age of Aquarius a lot in our recent times and most of us have a fairly good idea what those words mean. This is an article on the Astrology behind those words.

Aquarius and its' corresponding planet Uranus is usually associated with revolutions including war, technology, science and the effect that all these have on our lives. When Uranus was first discovered the American and French revolutions were well on their way. It is not by accident that important phases of this planet through recent history have had a marked and dramatic effect on life on our planet Earth. A very powerful recent example is the upsurge of the Internet and the revolution in global communications with the entry of the planet Uranus in Aquarius in 1995 where it will stay until the year 2003.

The fact that the personal computer has become a part of our lives is no secret and it is also well known that without communication the world would grind to a halt. It's all about the element Air as Astrologers would say since this sign Aquarius is an air sign. In Astrology we associate air with communication, travel and air-based technology which mainly deals with radar, noise and visibility sensors, radio voice etc., etc. Some astrologers are saying that the Age of Aquarius is now well on its way and others are saying that it will not be here before the 22nd century. The example of the importance and powerful effect of the element of air (Aquarius/Uranus) can be best appreciated if we remember that we receive our news and many other kinds of information through the airwaves of the radio and the television. Politicians use this medium in order to get their messages through to the masses and in reality we make our decision to vote for one or the other politician through what we receive from radio and TV stations that are usually funded by one political party or another…


We should be prepared for the unexpected as Uranus and Aquarius love drastic and sudden change taking everyone by surprise. At times we will be faced with the dilemma of progress versus ethics e.g. (cloning of Polly the sheep) and at other times we will be grateful for the discoveries which make our life easier and more comfortable. The years up to and well into the 21st century will evidence a 180 degrees turn of countries and persons thus bringing about a breakdown of beliefs and political systems as we have known them for a long time now. If we also consider that the planet Neptune associated with dissolution, religion and socialism enters Aquarius in 1998 it will not be difficult to see why for instance we have recently seen the rise of socialism and labour in Europe. Cyprus will not escape this influence and we will witness the changes in the political system starting with the next presidential elections which coincide within two weeks of the entry of planet Neptune in the sign of Aquarius in late January 1998.

Neptune is also associated with subversion, confusion on a mass scale, delusion, an ideal of a perfect society and people who promote such ideals. The entry of this planet in Aquarius will bring to light the worst and the best of many nations and large groups and organisations. We will see the dissolution of large institutions (e.g. companies and important political parties, the UN etc.) and the reorganisation of these on a more progressive level which will cater for the needs of the people in a new way. Neptune is also the planet which 'rules' oil and therefore we can expect a major change and/or crisis this year and 1999 in nations who have not had a clear policy on these matters. The effect of both Uranus and Neptune in Aquarius will bring about amazing changes and events which we could only dream of both in the field of science as well as in the field of the paranormal e.g. alien visitations, UFOs etc. We will also see unusual partnerships between people, countries and organisations and all this will lead to a powerful focus on group work where the will of the many will prevail rather than the will of one person whatever his position.

All major religions will also be greatly affected and we will also experience some very positive and unexpected changes in the methods and rituals used by some religions. Music will become a part of the Christian orthodox religion and the Catholic and Orthodox churches will re-approach each other with very positive results in the end.

The arts also come under the rulership of Neptune and this is another area where we can expect to see some very strange and unusual developments. We may see a group of artists who will produce work which will effect world politics. A great artist will emerge and he will inspire many others.

Finally we can expect some very interesting changes in the medical and health professions with the change of legislation and the use of other unorthodox methods in order to help and heal people. Previously illegal substances will be used more openly e.g. cannabis which incidentally will become a more acceptable way of life for many people. Many governments will become more tolerant with this issue in the very near future i.e. by the end of this century. The medical profession will become more tolerant towards other alternative methods. People will be drawn to live near places with healing properties as health in the course of time will become top priority for most if not all of humanity.

All the above are clear indications of the coming of the age of Aquarius. These early signs of long term changes will force us to start looking into alternative ways of dealing with life on and for the sake of the earth.

 Dinos Constantinou - January 1996

Astrological Counsellor


What is a horoscope


A horoscope is a map of the sky at the time, date and place of birth and that’s why it is also called a birth chart. This chart includes your ascendant or rising sign which can be different from your sun sign or star sign as is better known. This chart also includes the positions of Sun, the Moon and the planets relative to the earth. It is the most important tool of the trade for all astrologers.

Types of astrological services

There are many ways astrology can help a person. It all depends what it is you want to know. You may wish to find the answer to one or more specific questions. Or, you may want to see what the general trends of your life will be for the coming 12 months. Some people want advice on the best course of action on a variety of matters like, relationships, career, health and healing, spirituality and karma, etc.


I offer workshops with the main focus on astrology and a better quality of life. They are usually one or two half day workshops and the places are restricted to a small number in order to give everyone time to speak, share and participate without a hurry. I am open to suggestions and requests for specialised theme workshops. Some titles from the past have been, "Real life astrology", "Timing is of the astrological essence", "The psychology of astrology in our lives", "Better relationships", "Astrological Business management", etc etc


I give talks to societies, open or closed groups, or common interest groups throughout the island as well as abroad. The list of subjects includes, "What is astrology", "The astrology of the politics of Cyprus", "Predictions for a new age", etc

Types of horoscope analyses

Natal chart plus yearly forecast: this is the most common form of astrological practice. You get a character profile, a look into the past which is optional and predictions on the main areas of your life. The session lasts just over an hour. Cost CYŁ40,00

Business chart: this analysis is based on the horoscopes of the various dates and times which were important for the development of your business. It is a study of the cycles of the heavens and how they affect the business world i.e. stock markets, investments and other trends which may have an effect on your business. This is a specialised form of counselling and it may well help you to time your moves and decisions in a way that can only be of help and therefore of profit to you and to your company. Whether you are buying or selling, whether you are a commodity merchant, a shop owner, in the hotel and tourism business or in any other form of business you will benefit from the forecasts and foreknowledge offered by working with Financial Astrology.
Cost CYŁ70,00

Horary astrology: this is a time honoured branch of astrology which makes it its’ business to answer specific questions. One question or one subject will be discussed in detail and an answer provided.
Cost CYŁ25,00

Synastry ie comparison of charts: this is another technique for analysing human relationships. From this you will see where you are compatible and to what extent with your partner or friend. Great for new or about to begin relationships but also useful for those who need some answers about their existing relationships whether they be lovers, friends, partners etc.
Cost CYŁ40,00

Astrocartography: this is useful if you are thinking about moving to another country. It’s also useful if you are planning to go on a holiday abroad or you simply wish to see what it would be like if you had any kind of contact (even for business) with another country. It’s a new revolutionary method in astrology which allows us to find the effects a certain place on earth will have on a persons life. Amazingly accurate.
Cost CYŁ30,00


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