Esarhaddon of Assyria


It seems that Esarhaddon had it made, everyone paid the crocodile not to eat them, protection rackets are not new, and in those days had a much more acceptable name...tribute


Sidon was treated as Babylon; it was utterly destroyed, the immense booty transported to Assyria, and a new city built near the site, called Kar Esarhaddon, in the erection of which the vassal kings of the west gave assistance.

In the list of these kings appears Baal of Tyre, who, either at this time or in Sennacherib's reign, had yielded to Assyria.

The same kings, together with the kings of Cyprus who renewed their allegiance on Sidon's downfall,and contributed materials for the building of Esarhaddon's palace in Nineveh.   The list is instructive, as showing the states which at this date (about 674 B.C.) retained their autonomy in vassalage to Assyria.    

bulletBa'al of Tyre,
bulletManasseh of Judah,
bulletQaushgabri of Edom,
bulletMucuri of Moab,
bulletCil-Bel of Gaza,
bulletMetinti of Askelon,
bulletIkausu of Ekron,
bulletMilkiashapa of Byblos,
bulletMatanbaal of Arvad,
bulletAbibaal of Samsimuruna,
bulletBuduil of Ammon,
bulletAhimilki ofAshdod,
Twelve kings of the seacoast;
bulletEkishtura of Edial,
bulletPilagura of Kitrusi,
bulletKisu of Sillua,
bulletItuandar of Paphos,
bulletEresu of Sillu,
bulletDamasu of Kuri,
bulletAtmesu of Tamesu,
bulletDamusi of Qartihadashti,
bulletUnasagusu of Sidir,
bulletBu-cu-su ofNure,

Ten kings of Cyprus in the midst of the sea, in all twenty-two kingsof Khatti
(Cyl. B, Col. v. 13-26; ABL, p. 86).

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