Villas at Kamares Village near Paphos for Sale Withdrawn

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4 bedrooms with pool - Cú225,000
3 bedrooms with pool- Cú180,000
4 bedrooms with pool - Cú195,000
4 bedrooms l - Cú225,000

Five miles from Paphos town and 4 km from the beach
is Leptos Kamares Village.

It is built on four hills and forms a complete community with facilities such as tennis courts, a club house games room, lounge function room, restaurant, cultural centre and supermarketThe landscaped gardens are well kept and delightful ,flowers flourish in this climate. The whole village has wonderful views of the surrounding countryside and the sea, In 1993 Kamares Village was awarded the Prix D'Excellence of FIABCI (International Real Estate Federation) as one of the five best projects in the world. In 1994 Kamares Village was a finalist in the leisure projects category of the Award and in 1996 received the Gold award as the best residential development in Cyprus by the International Property Magazine.


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A super 4 bedroom, 3+ bathroom villa on a 1600 sq.m. plot,Has a double garage with remote control, BBQ terrace, remote air conditioning, fully automated irrigation system, etc ,etc.A really comfortable villa.
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Cú225,000   Enquire further here


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3 Double bedrooms and 2 bathrooms in this low level villa, no stairs, just convenience, comfort and a pool.
These are the plans
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 This one has 4 bedrooms and as you can see is on 2 levels.

Awaiting further details and plans


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  Again a 4 bedroom property, we are awaiting further description


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