Art Cyprus

Athina Antoniadou - Nicosia 1962

"Whatever happened in the kitchen........I'll never tell"

Argo Gallery
64E Digeni Akrita Avenue Nicosia


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This latest work of free standing walnut sculptures along with sketches and paintings is the beginning of my three dimensional voyage in large scale. It is a body of work that combines elements from all my past work.

As with the saints, the buildings and pots, it all comes down to growth, to giving life to "the object" as an organic entity. The paintings would be the portraits of these objects in their own contrived space and the body of work as a whole would be seen as drafts for potential design of buildings for the next century; inspiration for architects.

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Athina Antoniadou


Scholarship from the spanish government at the Facultad De Bellas Artes De San Fernando De La Univeridad Complitense De Madrid, Spain.

BFA at the California College Of Arts and Crafts, Oakland California USA.

Paris Junior College, Paris Texas USA.

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Cheque Book Cover for the Bank of Cyprus.

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